Spies in Disguise Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is an HTUV super agent who can handle any task. He always wears a tuxedo, drives super expensive cars and is terribly self-confident. However, his next task – stealing a suitcase with a combat drone from arms dealer Katsu Kimura – Lance failed. That is, he captured and delivered the suitcase, but there was no drone inside: the terrorist Killian (Ben Mendelsohn) somehow managed to steal it from Lance. In addition, Killian is able to change his appearance, which allowed him to frame Lance in front of HTUV security, which is headed by Marcy Kappel (Rashida Jones).

Now they want to arrest Lance, he is forced to hide, and then Sterling remembered that one funny guy named Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) worked at HTUV, who recently tried to tell Lance about his invention of super camouflage for special agents, but he could not show anything sensible, so he was fired.

Lance found Walter just at the moment when the kid managed to create a tool that turns a person into … a dove. Pigeons are a familiar element of the urban landscape, no one pays attention to them, so the dove is the perfect camouflage for a superspy, says Walter.

Lance might not have agreed to turn into a dove, but it turns out that he accidentally drank the potion, after which he no longer had a choice. And another drug that should return the super agent to its former appearance, Walter has not yet manufactured.

Now Walter and Lance, along with a group of city pigeons that have joined them, must find Killian and neutralize him.


Blue Sky Studios, who released this cartoon, the creators of the Ice Age franchise (the last one was like the fourth), they also released such good animated films as Rio and its sequel, Horton, Ferdinand and Robots. In all these films, various funny little animals acted, and if people were present there, it was purely for formality.

“Camouflage and espionage” (in this case, United Statesn distributors quite well beat the rhyme of the original title Spies in Disguise, undercover spies) is almost the first cartoon where people seem to play the main role. But, by the way, one of the main characters quickly turns into a dove, so funny birds still come to the fore.

From a story point of view, the film is very, very secondary. The main characters – Lance and Walter – were directly copied from Will Smith and Tom Holland, and the characters were somehow copied from their famous screen roles: Lance is almost pure Mike Lowry from Bad Boys, Walter is Peter Parker from Man -spider: Far From Home”, especially since during their pursuit of Killian, Lance and Walter arrive in Venice, where the main action of Far From Home takes place, and even a bunch of drones migrated from there to this cartoon.

A polished superspy who single-handedly copes with a crowd of armed villains, a primitive set-up of a superspy who now, despite his previous impeccable service, they want to arrest – all this happened two hundred thousand times.

A vile villain with a robotic arm, who at one time was Abidili, he somehow got a superweapon that was inaccessible to the armies of the whole world, and now he wants to destroy all the super agents of the HTUV special services – yes, quite longing.

Well, except that the character of Walter turned out to be at least somewhat original because of his stubborn unwillingness to create a deadly weapon: all his developments are aimed at neutralizing the enemy without threatening his life. And the main strategic distraction weapon is the release of sparkles, on which cute cats are drawn. And this weapon really works!

However, when you watch a film, you don’t think about secondary in any way. The super agent is effectively drawn, Will Smith voices him completely selflessly. The pigeon that the polished superspy turns into is well done, and Will Smith perfectly conveyed the confusion of Lance, who got into such an unusual body. And there are a lot of really funny moments with this dove.

Walter Beckett is funny, awkward, charming, slightly childish, and his stubborn desire to create only weapons that can help accomplish the assigned super-spy task, but at the same time do no harm to anyone, commands respect, and I think that it was a good idea from the outside. the creators of the picture.

It all looks easy, fun and dynamic. Critics whine that, they say, the jokes are flat, they are not interesting for adults, they are incomprehensible to children, and that, they say, not a single child laughed in the audience during the viewing. Well, I really don’t know in which halls which children didn’t laugh (if only they didn’t really cry), and during the viewing, Young Catalan and I literally laughed out loud several times – it was very funny.

Yes, this is not a new word in animation at all, this film is far from the psychological depths of Toy Story and the amazing sophistication of Cars, but it is a fun and funny cartoon, which, in my opinion, has a right to exist. We will not review it, but what we watched with great pleasure is an indisputable fact.

However, I note that he rolled weakly, showing only 1.7 KKU (normal ticket office – from KKU 3). It’s a pity.

PS Selectively listened to the United Statesn voice acting. It seems to be translated quite adequately. Walter turned out well (Daniil Bledny), Lance (Dmitry Polyanovsky) loses to the original, but, by the way, I won’t throw a stone in any way – it’s done on a level, it shouldn’t spoil the impression.


Camouflage and espionage / Spies in Disguise movie meaning

Director: Nick Bruno, Troy Kwon Cast: Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Ben Mendelsohn, Reba McIntyre, Rachel Brosnahan, Karen Gillan, Dee Jay Khaled, Masi Oka, Carla Jimenez

Worldwide gross: $171 million
Animation, USA, 2019, 102 min.

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