Spider-Man: Far from Home Explained – What’s Up With the Ending?

The events in the new film take place after the Avengers finale, in which the superheroes finally defeated the orderly of nature Thanos and restored the dispersed population, but lost Tony Stark. Peter Parker (Tom Holland), aka Spider-Man, is sad: Tony Stark was an idol and mentor for him. And Peter is tired of all this superhero fuss: he is still a schoolboy, he has views on the unapproachable beauty classmate MJ (Zendea), and then the class has to go on a trip to Europe, so Peter has a chance to try to win the beauty’s heart : well, who can resist when you are handed a beautiful trinket on the top platform of the Eiffel Tower?

Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) supports Peter in his endeavors, but still recommends not forgetting to take a superhero suit with you – otherwise who knows how everything will turn out there? At the same time, Peter is somewhat worried by the fact that Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), a security specialist in Tony Stark’s corporation, frequented Aunt May’s house.

It was Happy who told Peter Parker that Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) wanted to talk to him. Peter understands that Fury wants to give him some kind of superhero task, but Spider-Man is not up to superheroism – he is much more worried about the upcoming trip. However, Happy tells Peter that no one can ignore Nick Fury.

Indeed, the world is in danger again. Some very strange destructive forces appear in different places of the planet. One such creature, made of water and wreaking havoc, appears in Venice, where Parker’s class has arrived. He is confronted by some new superhero, whom the schoolchildren have named Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). But he may not be able to cope alone, so Spider-Man still has to put on his superhero costume …


Unlike the rest of the superhero characters in the Marvel universe, the films with which I watched almost all (with the exception of “Black Panther” and “Captain Marvel”), Spider-Man did not enter me, as they say. I didn’t like the first film at all, I also terribly annoyed Tobey Maguire – well, I don’t like him! I tried to watch one of the sequel films – it seems to be the third one – it also somehow didn’t work, I quit.

But when Spider-Man began to appear in The Avengers in a very nice performance by Tom Holland (he was in the films Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame), I thought that, probably, it makes sense to try to see something from the new solo Spider-Man – to give, so to speak, one more chance.

Looked. And to my surprise, I just really liked it. Easy, cheerful, fun, witty, excellent special effects, excellent and very unexpected plot twists – I haven’t been so reeled at a movie comic for a long time. Still, the old Avengers got fed up as such, and pretty much tortured with their pathos, which from film to film became more and more reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete, and here it’s just something very fresh and very youthful, and the cat Bagel and I are very, very we approve.

In terms of lightness, it is also somewhat reminiscent of the very cute movie comic “Ant-Man and the Wasp”, but this new Spider-Man is many times cooler!

The film turned out – very, very diverse and multifaceted. One storyline is a kind of eurotour: American schoolchildren go to Europe, youthful loves, funny adventures, silly teachers and so on. However, all this reminded me rather not of “Eurotour”, which almost all reviewers mention, but of an older comedy – “If Beauty Killed”, a hit of the early nineties. (Well, let’s be honest, it was a hit only in United States, and for some reason it almost failed in the States.)

The second storyline is a new cool superhero Mysterio, who came from a parallel destroyed Earth, saving our Earth from the elemental monsters of the Elementals, generated by black holes. In the same place, it is quite touchingly shown how Mysterio becomes a new mentor for Spider-Man – instead of Iron Man.

We will not reveal the third storyline so as not to spoil it, but it was introduced more than spectacularly and here it was possible to applaud the creators of the picture: it was both famously invented and absolutely wonderfully embodied. I can only say that it was connected with illusory worlds and that part of the film where Spider-Man is immersed in these worlds – it is really mind-blowing, just brilliant!

Tom Holland as Peter Parker is very good. Natural, very charming. As I said, I liked him in The Avengers, but here in the solo performance he turned out to be just excellent, that’s his role for one hundred percent! (What, Tobey Maguire, ate, ate?!)

Zendaya was a great choice for the role of MJ. Not at all a typical excellent student-beauty: her beauty is not doll-like, but exotic, and her character is very interesting – she likes to tease others with a completely serious expression on her face. Liked it a lot too, great performance. By the way, Zendaya is a super-popular singer, her videos have tens (and even hundreds) of millions of views. Here is one of them to give an impression.

Jake Gyllenhaal played Mysterio very well – a difficult guy with his own history. He was convincing as a wise mentor, and was also quite convincing during the further adventures of this couple, and I fundamentally disagree with those reviewers who claim that this character, they say, did not have sufficient motivation. In my opinion, everything was shown there quite clearly and logically.

The most charming Marisa Tomei is always nice to see, but, unfortunately, she only has three short episodes here: Bublik and I categorically demand more screen time for her character in the next film!

Well, Jon Favreau portrayed Happy in a very funny way, and here he came to the fore several times.

It turned out to be an excellent movie comic, just excellent, Bublik and I enjoyed it a lot. A fascinating plot with unexpected twists, a nice story with American schoolchildren in Europe, cool special effects with all these battles and confrontations, very good acting – class, just class!

Now you can’t drag us away from Spider-Man by the ears, we will definitely watch!


Spider-Man: Far from Home movie meaning

Director: Jon Watts Cast: Samuel L Jackson, Marisa Tomei, Tom Holland, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, Tony Revolori, Angourie Rice, Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jacob Batalon

Budget: $160M, Global gross: $1130M
Fantastic action movie, USA, 2019, 129 min.

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