Sky Rojo Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Red leatherette” / Sky Rojo

Genre crime drama
Creators Alex Pina, Esther Martinez Lobato
Cast: Veronica Sanchez (Coral), Lali Esposito (Wendy), Yani Prado (Gina), Asier Echeandia (Romeo), Miguel Angel Silvestre (Moises), Enric Oker (Christian), Luis Saera (Alfredo), Chani Martin (Fernando) etc. Petticrew (Izzy Brannik) and others.
Netflix channel
Release year 2021
Series 8
Site IMDb

Showrunner Alex Pina launched the first season of Paper House in 2017. A few years later, the Spanish adventure thriller became the most popular non-English multi-series project on Netflix (however, in early 2021, the French series Lupin broke a new viewing record, beating the high ratings of La casa de papel).

It is likely that the new Alex Pina series will also attract the attention of streaming service users, this time not only with a crime story, but also with explicit scenes that were not in the “Paper House”. The protagonists of “Red Leatherette” are sex workers who escape from a brothel, trying not to fall into the hands of pimps who are persistently pursuing fugitives.

It all starts with a brief backstory from the perspective of a woman named Coral (known in Spain as an actress Veronica Sanchez), who introduces the world of the sex trade in every detail, almost directly addressing the viewer, who sees the details of her working days. For Coral, as well as for her two friends, life is divided between the moment before and after a quarrel with Romeo – he is the owner of a nightclub in Tenerife, who completely controls their freedom. The girls defend themselves and strike him hard, after which they flee the scene, committing several more crimes in a panic.


Judging by the visuals and editing style, the Red Leatherette showrunner was inspired by the work of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, which can be seen literally from the first frames. To the yellow-orange landscapes of the deserted road, on the side of which the brothel is located, Alex Pina added the caustic neon interiors of the club – this is where the narrative line constantly returns, even if the main characters are far beyond its borders.

Pimp Romeo (played by Asier Echeandia, the actor previously starred with Penelope Cruz with director Pedro Almodovar) enthusiastically talks about the philosophy of his business, the essence of which lies in forced prostitution. Along with him, the club is monitored by two brothers who are tasked with pursuing runaway girls. One of them suffers from anxiety, which is replaced by bouts of anger, which adds to some episodes of criminal comedy.


The plot in the series very quickly gains momentum and literally by the second series turns into a dynamic chase. Almost all episodes of “Red Leatherette” are shot in the spirit of action, which does not go down due to the short duration of the episodes (the shortest episode lasts only 23 minutes, the longest – 32). The heroines act in a coordinated manner and tirelessly come up with various escape routes, eluding offenders over and over again and along the way telling about how they got into the terrible world of human trafficking.

By the way, the showrunners want to reveal this topic in a serious light, showing what girls have to go through when they are forced to work in the sex industry by deception. But there is something ambiguous in this message of the series, since the creators of “Red Leatherette” primarily focus on the aesthetics of a brothel, showing a beautiful picture, behind which unpleasant circumstances are hidden. And then they arrange crazy adventures for the runaway heroines, during which the characters try to get rid of their past, continuing to conform to certain stereotypes. In a word, the scriptwriters seem to be trying to sympathize with the victims of violence, but at the same time they understand that the audience will surely like a more cheerful presentation of the story.


The escape-chase-escape moments in the series are really captivating. All thanks to the fact that all eight episodes quickly approach the big denouement, to which any other series takes much longer and more tedious. This is a race to the bottom, and over time it becomes interesting how it will end when all the participants in the conflict make the last move.

And here, in the final series, many will be disappointed. The series ends right at the climax, so the events of the real finale will have to wait with the release of the second season (it was filmed immediately with the first). Surely there will be even more crazy events in it, but such stories are not always successful if they are too long.

Pros: constant action; visually, the episodes resemble the films of Rodriguez and Tarantino; short episodes that are easy to watch one by one Cons: duality of the plot; story stretched for a second season Conclusion:

colorful and frank Spanish series, filmed in the spirit of a fun action game that can captivate with chases.

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