Scream VI Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the movie

The Scream slasher series has always walked a fine line between metanarrative statement about the horror genre and outright farce. There’s no denying the franchise’s cultural importance, but watching each installment feels like a lottery where the pleasure is always somewhere next to the shame and rejection of what’s happening. In the end, everything depends not even on the personal perception of the audience, but rather on luck. We tell you in the review below how lucky Scream VI was to turn out to be even a little bit of a good movie.

“Scream VI” / Scream VI

Slasher genre
Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillette
Cast: Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Courteney Cox, Mason Gooding, Jasmine Savoy Brown, Hayden Panettiere
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

The story of the film focuses on the heroes who managed to survive the events of “Scream” in 2022. Samantha (Melissa Barrera), Tara (Jenna Ortega), Chad (Mason Gooding) and Mindy (Jasmine Savoy Brown) have left Woodsboro and moved to New York. But the shadow of events related to the killer Ghostface still haunts them. And when the murders begin again, but already in the big city, old acquaintances will have to adapt to new conditions in order to survive.Review of the movie

In the case of “Scream VI” there is no point in choosing words for a long time and inventing complex constructions, so let’s say it right away.

Scream VI is a very bad movie that doesn’t work on any of its points and is definitely not worth your time.

But here it is important to correctly distinguish between the usual rejection of the essence of cinema and its rejection on a critical level. After all, the “Scream” series has long stood on shaky metanarrative ground, trying to make fun of horror films in general, and itself, while remaining a worthy filmmaker.

2022’s “Scream” proved that a similar approach could well work in modern times, successfully entertaining and maintaining a balance between silliness and wit. But with “Scream VI” something seemed to go completely wrong.

This is partly the fault of the new location. Horror films are almost always set in small towns and remote communities, not because of the whims of production companies. The latter not only have an atmospheric appearance and fuel the suspense, but also remove many questions about the plausibility of the plot. For example, the level of “why does no one ever help all the victims of a maniac?”.Review of the movie

But New York is a completely different matter. City streets filled with people and cars destroy the entire atmosphere of mortal danger. Suppression of disbelief, on which many horror films are based, does not work at all in Scream VI. And because of this, a huge number of the film’s problems begin to surface.

The characters here always choose the dumbest decision in all possible situations. The killer seems almost supernatural in places, but in some scenes he seems to share an absolute lack of intelligence with the main characters. Every scene looks as tortured and stretched as possible. Especially in this regard, the local subway trip stands out, which according to subjective feelings lasts about a third of the film, although nothing particularly important happens during it.

There is always an understanding in the head that each part of the “Scream” series cannot be taken too seriously. That each of them will always be a little about grimacing and smiling in the eyes of the audience. But “Scream VI” lacks these grimaces and smiles very much.

What is happening seems too serious. Because of this, the numerous references to classic horror story techniques seem more like fan delusion than a real appeal to the audience. References to all the previous parts of “Scream” do not make the situation particularly better either.Review of the movie

“Scream VI” is perceived as a fanfic of average quality, which absolutely does not understand why the franchise finds a response in the hearts of people for so many years. The film is made by fans and for fans, but an outsider at this festival of senseless murders and savoring violence (which, let’s face it, was really well done in the cinema) has practically nothing to do.

The film seems to overvalue the strengths of the series, which were never supernatural revelations anyway. But “Scream VI” does not reveal even them. In its attempts to be a postmodern piece about the stupidity of many slashers and horror films in general, the film itself slips into outright stupidity.

Probably, fans of the “Scream” series will appreciate it, because they don’t expect anything new. Whether it’s a joke or not, at the very beginning of the film one of the heroines speaks in plain text how and where the story of “Scream VI” will develop. This moment gives hope that the script will be able to laugh at itself and lead everything into an interesting stream. But this is not happening.Review of the movie

No amount of Courteney Cox and Jenna Ortega can fix it. Their acting talents seem to be dimmed by the questionable quality of absolutely everything in Scream VI. And the script, in which every dialogue seems to radiate idiocy, does not do the actresses any better.

In the last twenty minutes of the film, half of the audience laughed out loud during the viewing, although nothing demonstrably funny happened on the screen. And this fact, apparently, also speaks quite eloquently about the quality of “Scream VI”.

Pros: Well-executed violent moments; it may seem to someone that “everything is so bad that it’s even good” in the film Cons: absolute emptiness and idealessness of the script; metanarrative elements do not work; the stupidity and haughty pretentiousness of every scene; repetition of the same moments that had happened dozens of times before in the “Scream” itself; acting of local stars, which cannot even be called “tolerable” Conclusion:

Probably, the writers of “Scream VI” really wanted the audience to find the film ironic, witty, or at least funny. But as a result, you just want to forget it, like a terrible dream. After all, remembering it is almost as painful as watching it

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