“Bad Boys: All or Nothing” / Bad Boys: Ride or DieMovie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

On June 6, the comedy action film “Bad Boys: All or Nothing” with the same Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the roles of Miami cops started rolling out in cinemas. This is the fourth installment in the action-comedy Bad Boys franchise, and the second in a row, directed by the Belgian duo Adil & Bilal. In the review below we tell you what kind of trouble detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett got into this time and how interesting it is to watch how they heroically get out of it.


normal one-time entertainment quite in the spirit of the franchise; the film delivers exactly what is required of it; the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has not gone away; some nice cameos;


absolutely standard predictable plot; a sufficient number of script conventions; in terms of staging action scenes, the film is definitely inferior to modern representatives of the action genre, such as “John Wick” or “Extraction”; in places there are excesses with comedic idiocy;

Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Genre Comedy Action
Directed by Adil El Arbi, Bilal Fallah
Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Eric Dane, Ioan Gruffydd, Joe Pantoliano
Premiere cinemas
Year of manufacture 2024
IMDb website

This day came! Finally, the exemplary family man Marcus Burnett waited until the moment when the confirmed bachelor and his partner Mike Lowry settled down and decided to get married. However, active dancing at the wedding cost Marcus a heart attack and a subsequent short “meeting” with the deceased captain Conrad Howard in a bizarre other world. And it was not in vain, because the latter is accused of corruption and connections with drug cartels.

Not wanting to believe such nonsense, Mike and Marcus undertake to clear the good name of their former boss, but soon they themselves become victims of the cunning manipulations of a mysterious enemy. Because of this, they find themselves on the other side of the law and turn into fugitives (not very skilled ones, by the way). In the best traditions of Dominic Toretto, unlucky heroes can trust only those who will definitely be invited to a festive barbecue in the event of a sunny happy ending. “Bad Boys” have always been famous for their slight, and sometimes even extreme stupidity, which has become their well-recognized feature. However, where Michael Bay did not always see the shores, the Belgian duo Adil & Bilal, it seems, managed to find, if not ideal, then at least an acceptable proportion of frivolous idiocy and incendiary action, well-aimed jokes and at the same time shots at insolent bandits.

Indicative here may be the scene in the gallery, where, in the midst of a brutal shootout, Martin Lawrence’s character takes advantage of the moment and, in appropriate slow motion, greedily grabs into his mouth the candies scattered from the shot and the drink pouring from the bullet-ridden container. It would seem that the tension here should be maximum, since you can die from a bullet, but the situation is relieved by successful comedy. This is an excellent local example of how to combine action and humor. This episode also brings to mind the frantic Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey, when cocaine dust literally rains down on her during a fight. Let’s take another example. Burnett, inspired by a trip to the other world, changes his behavior, and even as if he was really actively using psychotropic substances. And now this already looks like a not very successful comedic device, because the character is more annoying with his crude caricature than amusing.

In general, this is how you can characterize the entire film: some moments in it seem successful and appropriate, others could not have hurt to get rid of in the editing room. For example, when Will Smith already receives slaps instead of distributing them out of old habit, it’s funny. When the camera dynamically switches from the front of the characters to the first person shooter shot and vice versa, it’s spectacular. And when a grenade flies straight at them, but after the explosion there is not a scratch on the guys – this is at least strange. Or the alligator that swam out somewhere from Roadhouse still seems like a dubious character.

But the main thing is that the fourth “Bad Boys” represent exactly what is required of them – unpretentious and at the same time quite exciting entertainment with fun, shooting, a standard and completely devoid of surprises plot and even a bonus in the form of several pleasant cameos (Michael will appear in the frame again Bay).

The film does not try to reinvent the wheel at all and is not shy about being what it was originally intended to be. That is, at the exit the viewer gets exactly what he could have counted on before watching.

If in the endless “Fast and Furious” or in “Mission: Impossible” the authors each time try to surprise with some new, ever larger and wilder scenes and stunts, then the creators of “Bad Boys” do almost everything the same as last time . But they do it conscientiously, so this is exactly the case when such obvious predictability is beneficial.

“Bad Boys: All or Nothing” is far from an outstanding movie, but that doesn’t stop it from being a good one-time entertainment, especially for those viewers who know exactly what to expect from this crazy singing couple.


Everything is very simple and obvious: fans of the previous “Bad Boys” – go to the movies. Everyone else shouldn’t even try.

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