Review of the documentary science fiction miniseries Alien Worlds

Pros: Mixed series about wildlife and space exploration; in each of the series, several topics related to different areas of knowledge and technologies are touched upon at once; interesting and diverse guest commentators; good CGI, showing life on other planets Cons: For those who are waiting for a series about wildlife, Alien Worlds may seem too chaotic; the rendered scenes are actually not very many, and they are repeated several times during the Alien Worlds series / “Alien Worlds”

Genre Documentary series, fantasy
Voiceover by Sophie Okonedo
Netflix channel
Release year 2020
Series 4
Site IMDb

In fact, Alien Worlds / “Alien Worlds” is far from the first attempt to show what life on other planets might look like from the point of view of modern science. Similar series and films have already been produced by BBC Two (Natural History of an Alien, 1998), Discovery (Alien Planet, 2005) and National Geographic (Extraterrestrial, 2005). Moreover, in the UK, Extraterrestrial was even released under the title … Alien Worlds. Well, everything new is well-forgotten old, moreover, enough discoveries have been made in both astrophysics and evolutionary biology over the past 15 years to complement and expand the stories told in the media products mentioned above.

Review of the documentary science fiction miniseries Alien Worlds /

Four episodes of Alien Worlds 2020 “explore” life on four different exoplanets. Atlas is heavier than Earth, has twice the gravity, and has a thicker atmosphere, resulting in very unusual flying herbivores and group predators. Janus is a planet in tidal capture with a star, on one side of it there is eternal day and desert, on the other – eternal darkness and cold, constant winds blow through the terminator, but life is possible here too. Eden is a planet orbiting a double star, receiving more energy, but with an axis of rotation tilted to the ecliptic, there is a lush life and much more pronounced seasons. Well, Terra is a planet near a dying star, inhabited by highly developed creatures who are engaged in terramorphing.

Review of the documentary science fiction miniseries Alien Worlds /

Naturally, in order to show unusual creatures living on other planets, the creators of the series called in astrophysicists talking about the search for exoplanets, projects for communicating with alien intelligence, cosmic radiation, the theory of many inhabited worlds, etc.; and terrestrial biologists who talk about the universal laws of life that will operate on any planets, supporting their theories with real examples of symbiosis in wildlife, polymorphing, mycelial networks, creatures living in extreme conditions here, on Earth, etc. Interesting mix.

Review of the documentary science fiction miniseries Alien Worlds /

In fact, the breadth of topics that are raised within a single 45-minute episode of Alien Worlds is truly impressive. For example, the first series deals with the search for exoplanets, training falcons, paragliding, adaptability, sexual dimorphism and much more. In the last episode, which deals with a highly developed civilization trying to escape the heat of a dying star, you will learn, for example, about the collision of the Progress M-34 space truck and the Mir station, and visit the bridges of that very legendary Arecibo radio telescope, completely destroyed on December 1, 2020.

Review of the documentary science fiction miniseries Alien Worlds /

In each of the Alien Worlds episodes, except for episodes filmed on Earth, interviews with scientists and researchers, filming of animals (in one of the episodes they reveal the secret of how and where exactly some of these scenes are filmed, you will definitely be surprised), etc. , there are scenes taking place on other planets, showing fictional alien animals in the process of feeding, hunting, mating, etc. Well, the creators of the series are definitely not denied a wealth of fantasy, Alien Worlds can be a good guide for aspiring science fiction writers or game concept artists. Naturally, such rendered episodes are not cheap, their duration leaves much to be desired, and during the series some fragments are repeated two or three, and sometimes even more times. It’s a little frustrating.

Review of the documentary science fiction miniseries Alien Worlds /

Alien Worlds is an interesting mix of sci-fi and sci-fi reality, and the series does a great job of showing how different areas of knowledge are connected. That’s the way children should be taught in schools. Who knows, maybe watching this show with kids will awaken their interest in learning some subjects. On the other hand, those expecting another wildlife series with an alien flavor might be a bit disappointed. The manner of presentation, jumping from one subject to another, may seem too chaotic to them.


An integrated approach to the study of the problem of life in other worlds. A series that can show children how everything is interconnected and get them excited about learning

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