Queenpins Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Bad Housewives” / Queenpins

Genre Comedy
Directed by Aron Godet, Gita Pullapilli
Cast Kristen Bell (Connie), Vince Vaughn (Simon), Paul Walter Hauser (Ken), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (JoJo), Bebe Rexha (Tina), Dayo Okenyi (Earl), Joel McHale (Rick) and others.
Студии AGC Studios, Marquee Entertainment, Red Hour Films
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

In the US, many shoppers actively use coupons to get discounts on items from supermarkets. Those who scrupulously collect coupons can save a lot on monthly shopping. And those who guess to resell them at half price can earn a fortune.

Connie (played by Kristen Bell) is a former Olympic athlete, now unemployed, who has wasted large amounts of money on reproductive health services. Trying to cope with stress, she collects coupons, buying an incredible amount of goods at a huge discount to take home. One day, Connie pays attention to where the cherished flyers come from – it turns out that absolutely all large companies print coupons at the same factory in Mexico. Having persuaded a friend who is experiencing financial difficulties (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), the heroine is going to organize an underground business. It remains only to go to the trick to establish a scheme for the supply of coupons, find buyers and manage to hide your income.


Although the film is based on real events, the audience in the final will not be shown the real criminals who pulled off the scam. And in the media, you can only find a brief retelling of the story of the investigation by a large manufacturer of goods, which suffered a loss as a result of fraudulent activities. It is known that there were three delinquents (in the film, the third is the singer Bibi Rex, who plays an implausible hacker), they forged discount coupons (in the movies, the heroines trade in originals), then they sold them through their website, and the money they received was invested in the purchase of expensive cars and weapons.

This explains why the Queenpins characters sometimes act recklessly, don’t know how to deal with a large influx of money, and make completely stupid decisions. The chaotic actions of the heroines, on which large sums begin to pour in, become the basis for a light comedy. At times, the film even tries to show the social problems of the actors, but stops halfway, so as not to spoil the relaxed atmosphere in any way. Perhaps the tape just still lacks seriousness on the part of the creators, who for some reason decide to supplement the story with toilet incidents and intimate ridicule.


All the curiosities go to actor Paul Walter Houser, who is doomed to portray ridiculous characters, although the artist himself copes well with dramatic material (an example of this was the film Richard Jewell, directed by Clint Eastwood).

In the film Queenpins, Houser plays a specialist who prevents various damages to the supermarket. He mainly catches older customers who are trying to get a discount on hot items. This character has no personal life, so he happily devotes himself to the case of criminals, trying to solve the “outstanding” scam. His partner and more solid player is the character of Vince Vaughn – this is a postal inspector who is better versed in modern technologies, but poorly understands the psychology of buyers.

The heroes of Paul Walter Houser and Vince Vaughn organize their investigation, gradually getting close to coupon dealers, the same, thanks to their inexperience and ridiculous accidents, manage to remain in the shadows.

Actually, this is all you need to know about a film that relies on recognizable actors – they will show a story based on real events in a very simple way.

Pros: film adaptation of fraud, in which the reckless behavior of the heroines is based on the details of a real story; investigation of the case Cons: incidents and ridicule that goes to one character; implausible hacker and other frivolous details Conclusion:

a light comedy about a scam, thanks to which coupon lovers managed to make a fortune.

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