Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Rabbit Petrik: Escape to the city” / Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Genre family comedy
Directed by Will Gluck
Cast Domhnall Gleason (Thomas McGregor), Rose Byrne (Beatrice Potter), David Oyelowo (Nigel Basil Jones), James Corden (Peter Rabbit), Margot Robbie (Flopsy), Elizabeth Debicki (Mopsy), Colin Moody (Benjamin Bunny) and others
Студии Columbia Pictures, 2.0 Entertainment, Animal Logic
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

So, the modernized version of the books by Beatrix Potter was continued – the Columbia Pictures studio released the second part of the tape about an eared rabbit in a jacket, which constantly creates problems for people (by the way, in the Ukrainian box office they continue to call him Petrik, not Peter, as indicated in the original story ).

In general, the film was supposed to be released on the big screens more than a year ago, but the pandemic delayed the meeting with the furry hero (the premiere was postponed from spring 2020 to summer 2021).

The beauty of the story from the movie Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is that you can easily get into it even without reading the first part. Here the plot revolves around life in the suburbs, where five rabbits (and a few other animals) coexist with a young couple in a cozy country estate. The newly minted farmer Thomas and the writer Bea recently got married, and the restless rabbit Peter decided to settle down so that they could coexist peacefully (the conflict of the first film was based on the confrontation between Thomas and Peter, who diligently ruined each other’s lives).


The situation changes when the whole family is invited to London – there Bea is offered to sign a contract with a major publisher who can popularize her fairy tale about rabbits, based on real life with eared friends. This is a good chance, but the good news suddenly becomes a cause of contention. Peter is upset that he is seen only as a negative character. He escapes to rethink his actions and hangs around the city alone until he meets the leader of a local gang. Now Peter can get involved in dubious cases, because few people believe in his good intentions.

It is noteworthy that the main character gets into trouble, but now he sees the difference between innocent dirty tricks and bad deeds, Peter even feels guilty for some pranks. Apparently, the writers learned their lesson after the negative reaction of the audience to the controversial scene from the first film (the rabbit throws a blackberry at the farmer, he swallows the berry and the man goes into anaphylactic shock) – there is nothing like that in the second part.


The creators really avoid controversial moments, but leave the perky atmosphere of the film. It’s pretty fun to watch the four-legged heroes behave almost like people, immersed in thought and in a modern way solving their bestial affairs. Here Peter Rabbit wanders the streets of London, indulging in sadness to the song “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, while Fox picks up a new physical activity, thanks to which he suppresses food aggression. There is also an esthete pig here, who takes care of himself, making comments about someone else’s appearance.

And what about the rabbit fur – Animal Logic studio made the fur cover of the characters so fleecy that you want to touch such a beast by its fluffy ears. Thanks to this effect, as well as the funny antics of animals, while watching there is no unpleasant feeling that computer animation does not fit well with live actors.


The only thing that repels from the film is a long and simplistic plot. The comedy has a rather drawn-out introduction about nothing, which makes “Petrik the Rabbit: Escape to the City” seem like a very simple and overly childish story, with nothing but cute talking animals jumping around vegetable beds, and a nervous farmer experiencing for your harvest.

To my great joy, the film still sways and becomes interesting. The adult viewer will get a little bored during the introductory scenes, but then, like the children, he will be fascinated by the organization of cunning escapes, criminal raids on dried fruits and well-coordinated teamwork done to save friends.


And, of course, it is impossible to take your eyes off the locations where the main characters run through. Every pavement, nook and cranny and shop with a colorful counter is just a finished postcard with a flawless English aesthetic that can be enjoyed apart from the plot. No less wonderful here is the suburb with a neat mansion surrounded by all sorts of flowers. In a word, in this film, as in the adaptation of the story of Paddington Bear, the creators pay due attention to detail.

In the second part of the film there are many good ridicule of the life of adults. Rabbits, like children, interpret the routine in their own way and notice the really funny little things (whether it’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge waiting for a special day, or ordinary soap that costs a lot of money, but still attracts customers with a lavender scent).


The characters of actors Domhnall Gleason and Rose Byrne are sometimes boring, but they also have conflicts with their share of humor in the second film. They cannot resist the charm of the publisher, so they try to show off in front of him, and then they completely succumb to persuasion about the commercialization of creativity.

The movie “Rabbit Petrik: Escape to the City” has everything for both adults and children to have fun in the cinema. The continuation of the story turned out to be easy and fun entertainment, from which you should not demand too much.

Pros: funny moments in which animals behave like people; animation that is combined with live actors; details of English aesthetics; good bad jokes; can be watched without familiarizing with the first film Cons: too simple beginning; the characters of actors Domhnall Gleason and Rose Byrne are boring Conclusion:

a fun movie that will first captivate children of primary school age, and a little later will enchant their parents.

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