PAW Patrol: The Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

PAW Patrol: The Movie

Genre cartoon
Directed by Cal Branker
Cast: Will Brisbin (Ryder), Ian Armitage (Rider), Kingsley Marshall (Marshall), Lilly Bartlam (Sky), Callum Schonicker (Rocky), Sheil Simons (Zuma), Keegan Headley (Hug), Jimmy Kimmel (Marty McRiker) , Dax Shepard (Reuben), etc.
Студии Spin Master Entertainment, Nickelodeon Movies, Paramount Animation
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

Parents who raise primary school children and preschool children know best about the detachment of talking puppies participating in rescue operations. Many of them have probably heard more than once about the four-legged police officers, firefighters and pilots – these are the characters of the Canadian animated series PAW Patrol, which appeared on Nickelodeon in 2013.

Almost immediately after the release, the animated series became the highest rated preschool television program in the United States. It also had viewers all over the world who enjoyed watching puppies of different breeds rush to the rescue, completing missions on land and under water. The adventures of the detachment stretched over 8 seasons (that’s more than 180 episodes), 3 special episodes and 1 full-length cartoon, which will hit theaters in mid-August.

This, of course, is not Walt Disney or Pixar – here is a very simple plot, in which there are no jokes and references that are understandable to a predominantly adult audience. And this is good in its own way, because as the story progresses, the children will not have to explain anything, they will spend time in the company of their favorite characters and make sure that the rescuers put things in order in the big city. (By the way, if the children are not familiar with the animated series, it’s okay, here each character gets an idea, and events develop without reference to the released series.)


It all starts with the fact that Mayor Humdinger – a fireworks lover and a famous cat owner – starts festive events in the metropolis that should glorify his greatness. Humdinger is so carried away by his own plans that he completely forgets about official duties. He takes possession of a device that destroys clouds, and also starts a crazy reconstruction of the city, creating emergency situations. Only experienced rescuers who have already encountered Humdinger’s antics can help here. This is a squad of trained puppies led by a boy named Ryder.

It turns out that the extravagant antics of Humdinger are not the only problem for rescuers. Shepherd Dog, one of the leaders of the puppy squad, is afraid of returning to the city, remembering how he was left alone on the street. The racer will have to deal with traumas from the past, so help will be needed not only for the inhabitants of the metropolis, but also for those who are always ready to give a faithful paw.

The creators of the cartoon add a new character to the familiar characters – the inquisitive dachshund Liberty, who helps the Puppy Patrol navigate the city, where anyone can easily get lost. She will eventually become part of the team, having received her personal transport from Ryder.


Of course, the plot of the cartoon will seem too simple to adult viewers, but for the sake of children, you will have to endure, especially the introductory part and the musical screensaver. You also need to get used to the fact that dogs laugh literally after every playful remark, prompting the audience that it was just tomfoolery.

Further, when the patrol moves into the city, the action will become more exciting and eventful, the puppies will have urgent calls that delight the children. Adults will certainly be amused by the behavior of the mayor – he will give live interviews, speak from the podium and direct his shows, chasing the long-haired assistant from behind the scenes. And what can we say about the monstrous changes in the architecture of the city, which seem to the mayor a good idea.

It is also worth noting that the computer animation in the cartoon looks pretty in its own way (and much better than in the animated series), so the impressions after the “Paw Patrol Movie” remain pleasant. Yes, and an additional message about how well-mannered people need to behave in the city is read without problems.

Pros: favorite characters of children on the big screen; bright villain; the story of a puppy that got lost in the city Cons: only suitable for a certain audience Conclusion:

“Paw Patrol Movie” is a cartoon created specifically for young viewers, where adults will be a little bored.

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