Passengers Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning behind the movie Passengers and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

Passengers is a movie that is quite popular, it has a deep meaning, which is better to study before watching. The film can be perceived quite differently if you carefully study the entire plot. The film takes viewers to the year 2135, a spaceship flies to a distant planet to settle 30,000 earthlings there.

What is the movie “Passengers” about?

In order for the settlers to be there alive, they were frozen. They are in suspended animation, because the flight can take more than a hundred years. However, in the thirtieth year of the flight, it happens that the spaceship breaks down, the fuse in the capsules blows and the hero of Chris Pratt wakes up. For a whole year he lives alone, but can not stand it and decides to wake up one of the passengers on his own. He sets her up, because she will have to die in a starship, they will not be able to fall asleep back, and they will fly for another 90 years. The girl does not understand why the man woke her up, because now she has only complete hopelessness in the future. She can not agree with his act, find at least something good in awakening. She could not convince herself that he woke her for personal happiness.

The main conflict in the film is that a person has to spend all alone, while he had to be surrounded by people who were more fortunate. In addition, his awakening is completely meaningless, he managed to break the security system and led an idle life in a special apartment for passengers. Before waking the girl, he thought for a long time, because he understood that he would lead her to certain death on the ship with him. He will have to act very selfishly, destroy her life.

However, he decided to pretend that he had nothing to do with her awakening. After they accepted the situation in which they found themselves, they became closer. After a year of relationship, James is about to propose to Aurora, but she finds out the truth. As a result, the girl plunges into a complete conflict, she does not want to know anything about who ruined her life. However, Horn intervenes in the love line, it was he who provoked all the events and the ship is on the verge of death.

Thanks to an external conflict, the heroes are united by a common idea, they have to come to terms with their position, they have a meaning for existence. Their task is to save the ship and all other passengers. Thus, awakening and doom fade into the background.

The meaning of the film “Passengers”

However, there are many hidden meanings in this film. The film refers us to a very old episode of Prometheus, when, according to an African legend, God was alone for a very long time, he got bored and created a man. Chris Pratt essentially acts on his own, waking up the heroine Jennifer Lawrence. However, the girl begins to simply go crazy with hopelessness; she is sure that there is no need to wake her up. The only thing they have to do is get into a situation where they join forces. In fact, God creates a person, he suffers for 1000 years, he understands that his life is meaningless, that death awaits him at the end.

However, when the Antichrist appears, God and man defeats him. Finally, the girl and the protagonist himself understand why exactly they were awakened. Their task was to save 1000 other people, that is, they had a special purpose, however, initially the main character woke up Aurora. He violates a special rule, according to which – do not do to another what you do not want them to do to you. This rule is not only in religious, but also in philosophical teachings. In fact, James just wanted to improve his life. However, it turns out that if he had not violated this religious rule, then all people would have died. Jim sacrifices the girl, he does not allow her to get the life she dreamed of – to live on a new planet. However, she was given a different life, she is happy with her problems.

In life, the same situation is no exception, because often people do things, they are completely confident, thinking that they are doing everything right. Sometimes we ourselves cannot find an explanation for our actions, but we understand that this is exactly what we must do at the moment. No one can fully know whether he is doing the right thing or not, but at the subconscious level, that in this situation this is the only way out.

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