Oppenheimer Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

Each new film by Christopher Nolan is an event in itself. The director has long established himself as a first-class visionary, capable of making an intense and complex action out of any plot. Nolan doesn’t spare his audience, instead giving them unforgettable stories that also look great from a technical standpoint. And “Oppenheimer” became another triumph of Nolan, perhaps the most important in his career. We tell in our review how the film turned out.

“Oppenheimer” / Oppenheimer

Genre historical drama
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Starring Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Matt Damon
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

Young student Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) is not very interested in practical experiments in the field of physics. He is primarily attracted by theory and the search for what science is not yet able to understand. Due to this vector of thinking, Oppenheimer is considered arrogant, arrogant and “in his right mind” – and the scientist himself is only happy to fit such a description.

His merits in quantum mechanics, which he was the first to bring to the walls of US universities, help him get into the project to develop the atomic bomb. A bomb that could potentially end all wars forever.

We live in such a strange time that there is no way to discuss Oppenheimer without touching on the topic of Barbie. The release of such dissimilar films in the same week has long been the cause for various jokes. To some extent, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” perfectly complement each other in the context of world cinema and modern culture.

Still, two more dissimilar films would be hard to find. Where “Barbie” laughs and entertains, “Oppenheimer” drives you into a stupor, chains you to its stunning events and seems to be trying to break something inside you. This is a movie that does not take into account the potentially sensitive nature of the viewer, but tells everything without much pressure. And this is its great magic.

We all know what the creation of the atomic bomb ultimately led to. This story is well known to the public today, and the consequences of the “Manhattan Project” are still being dealt with around the world at the risk of nuclear war. So to spoil “Oppenheimer” somehow critically will not work. But this is where the additional tension comes from. We all know exactly what will happen. But no one can even guess before watching how Nolan will present everything.

Review of the film

Christopher Nolan does not betray himself, so “Oppenheimer” is a difficult film to perceive because of its structure. The director actively plays with timelines, characters and even the perception of the event. That is why the color scenes in the cinema reflect the subjective perception of reality by Robert Oppenheimer himself. And black and white moments show the objective state of affairs, which, however, is sometimes no less terrible than the nightmares in the head of the creator of the atomic bomb.

Immediate advice: remember names and faces, there are a lot of them in the film – and all of them are important.

Nolan’s films are regularly criticized for the fact that in them the characters and their personalities always occupy secondary places. And all stories are subject to unusual concepts and specific events. Applying such an approach to “Oppenheimer” will not work. This is a film about a bunch of very complicated people who end up creating an “event” that far surpasses them all. And what broke many of them.

Nolan manages to convey the complex world of quantum physics almost like something magical. At one time, it was the magic of science that captivated many scientists, and for its sake, many students continue to go to technical universities to this day. But this magic eventually turns into millions of ruined lives. Oppenheimer himself cannot escape from this conclusion.

Review of the film

Throughout the film, to some extent, we observe the breakdown of a great and talented person. Science here is in close contact with politics, the army and a potential new round of war. Therefore, the idealistic aspirations of the main character, who wanted to move science beyond the limits of knowledge, are denigrated, degraded and reduced to a banal agenda at another meeting behind closed doors.

“Oppenheimer” creates such tension that it practically seeps from the screen into the real world. There is not a single unnecessary scene or phrase, everything works in maximum symbiosis with each other. Even somewhat passing and boring moments (for some other movie, it is important to note) Nolan turns into an integral part of the overall picture.

Which reaches its climax at the moment of the explosion of the atomic bomb, which can be called both a scenario and a technical achievement. Be prepared to be blown away by the majesty on the screen. However, be prepared for quite loud sounds as well. After all, the vibration from it reaches a decent distance beyond the cinema hall, which in Ukraine, as you understand, can cause completely wrong thoughts.

Review of the film

There are no objective disadvantages in “Oppenheimer”. This is a movie that becomes part of the foundation of your consciousness. You want to watch it (ideal picture and sound only contribute to this), you want to think about it, you want to dedicate your thoughts to it in any of the formats available to you. After all, this is another victory of human genius over the boredom of life.

Except that some naivety of certain thoughts in the cinema (for example, about the end of all wars) can prevent immersion in history. But the final dialogue here puts everything in its place. And a happy ending, both for the heroes of the movie and in our lives, is not foreseen because of this.

Robert Oppenheimer became death and destroyed the old world, creating something terrible and unknown, in which we all live today. And “Oppenheimer” allows you to look at this real nightmare under the prism of the sublime magic of cinema. That’s why we all need it, don’t we?

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Pros: top-notch cinematography; the greatness of the visual and sound component; the acting performance of almost all the heroes deserves the highest praise and awards; rational horror within the plot; the explosion of the atomic bomb as a separate gloomy extravaganza Cons: some naivete of certain thoughts of the film Conclusion:

Oppenheimer is probably Nolan’s most human film. It is made about people and for people in this terrible world. Perhaps that is why it finds such a strong response. And maybe it’s also because everything in it is just too perfect

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