Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The plot of the tape Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is based on various factors, including references to the childhood of Tarantino himself. The film is sometimes difficult in perception for the audience, first of all, the film is intended for those who are familiar with the history of the development of cinema in this country. It is believed that the tape is based on real events, but only partially.

What is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood about?

Set in the 1960s, actor Rick Dalton struggles with a creative block with the help of his best friend, who has often been his stunt double. Dalton settled with director Roman Polansky, at that time he was making films that were completely alien to the actor himself and to Hollywood in general. The old westerns, in which Dalton usually starred, are no longer needed by anyone, and therefore Rick, in fact, loses its significance. He lived all his life in the shadow of Dalton, it suited him, but he did not want to be left without a job.

Friends must realize that there comes a time when they will have to take on any job. Dalton is trying to infiltrate the circle of new stars, in addition, they show another plot branch in parallel, which is connected with the Charlie Manson gang. His sect was called the Family, this is a real story about the bloody crimes that took place in Hollywood, the criminal killed the Hollywood stars. Manson gathered people around him, preached a special line for them. He was associated in one person with both Christ and the Devil. At the same time, hippies traveled all over California, organized orgies, and used drugs. Manson decided on a certain day to make his own doomsday. The gang attacked people who lived in and around Hollywood. Among those killed was Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate.

Meaning of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Several storylines, first of all, the main theme of the picture is friendship between representatives of different eras of cinematography. This is a friendship that is possible between different generations, there is always an opportunity to develop relationships. Also one of the topics is recognition, that is, all actors and creative people suffer greatly if they are not recognized, unpopular. Many of them may not objectively evaluate themselves, compare with the success of other actors.

Throughout Tarantino’s film, the idea that it is very important to evaluate yourself correctly and fit into a certain time is very important. It’s also a theme that runs throughout the film, it’s the clash of old and new. There is a dislike for everything connected with hippies. As for the explanation of human fate, everything here depends on how much the viewer himself got acquainted with the tragedy that occurred in 1969. Sharon Tate is the wife of the director, but the woman dies at the hands of scumbags and the Manson sect, there were guests in her house at that time, many people died, but one of them was she, the pregnant wife of the famous director. She was very beautiful and famous for her time, but she died due to mentally ill fanatics. However, in reality, Tarantino shows that the girl survived and enjoys her motherhood.

The main theme, which also goes through the entire film, is that you need to believe in yourself, in your strengths, you can’t give up and accept the times that come. When the main character enters Polanski’s house, he finds himself in a new world, for him this is the closed door of Hollywood, and he himself believes that he is not worthy of it. However, when he became himself, it turned out that everyone remembers him, everyone grew up on his films, it means enough to talk, and all superstars turn out to be ordinary people. Many of them are quite simple in communication, they are not some kind of idols. In many ways, our attitude towards them is what we ourselves build in our heads.

Explanation of the ending of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Tarantino takes the real story, but plays it up as he sees fit. As a result, the storylines connect already at the end of the film. The hero was seriously stabbed, he was sent to the hospital, where he met Tate, but did not suspect the danger she was in. Tarantino just presented this whole story with a special ending that is beneficial to him. As a result, the actress remains alive, Tarantino loves happy endings, and he does not accept the murder of a pregnant actress. It also shows that old and new Hollywood do exist together.

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