Nobody Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Fifty-year-old Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) lives a boring and unremarkable life. A run in the morning, then breakfast, after which he hunches from morning till night at the most tedious office job in a factory owned by his father-in-law, Eddie (Michael Ironside). The eldest son does not respect him and does not put a penny on him. The wife (Connie Nielsen) has completely cooled off towards Hutch – their last sex was god knows how many years ago – and practically the only phrase with which she addresses her husband is “You didn’t throw the trash again.” And only Hutch’s youngest daughter loves – for now, she’s just a little girl.

One day, two robbers broke into the Mansell house. Hutch’s son attacked one of the robbers, Hutch himself took a golf club and was about to light the second robber on the head, but he saw that the gun of that one was not loaded, after which he still restrained his bright impulse, which caused another portion of contempt from the side son.

The robbers fled, and the policeman who came to the call told Hutch that he had done the right thing not to knock out the brains of the robber, but the policeman added on his own behalf that if a gun had been pointed at his family, then these people would definitely not have been good.

A couple of days later, Hutch was informed by her daughter that her favorite cat bracelet was missing, which was lying on the kitchen table in a metal bowl. The girl fears that the attackers have stolen the bracelet.

Well, after this bracelet, Hutch, who is actually a former FBI operative who eliminated people on the instructions of his superiors, blew the roof off. He realized that it was impossible to live like this, and went to look for the attackers in order to take revenge on them and return the bracelet.

Hutch’s bus is boarded by a drunken company of five young scumbags who begin to molest a lonely girl sitting on the bus. Hutch realizes that now he will finally be able to revel, and severely beats all five.

However, it turns out that one of the scum beaten by Hutch, a certain Teddy Kuznetsov (Alexander Pal), is the brother of a member of the “United Statesn mafia” Julian Kuznetsov (Aleksey Serebryakov). Julian is not only in great authority, but also is the holder of the mafia obschak – huge sums of money in cash – so the trust in him is huge.

Julian cannot forgive that someone just took and mutilated his brother – in the end, a cool authority simply has no right to forgive such things – so he gives the task to his “torpedoes” to find the one who did it.


Of course, I was waiting for the release of this picture. A purely American film (produced by 87North), with a cool actor Bob Odenkirk in the title role, the picture was directed by United Statesn director Ilya Naishuller, who shot the sensational action movie “Hardcore”, some United Statesn actors are also involved here, including Alexei Serebryakov and Alexander Pal – all this looked very interesting and promising.

The prehistory of this picture was as follows. The idea for this film came from Bob Odenkirk himself. Once, a robber got into the actor’s house, frightening the inhabitants of the house to horror, but Bob managed to lock the robber in the pantry and called the police. The policeman who came to the call told Odenkirk that, as a policeman, he, of course, approves of the fact that Bob did nothing with the robber, but if his family were threatened in his own house … Well, in general, this is how the main idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthis film was born .

With this project, Odenkirk came to 87North, they were interested there. The writers decided to invite Derek Kolstad, the scriptwriter of all three John Wicks. Yes, the scripts for John Wick are astoundingly dumb and ridiculous, but these films have done well at the box office, the producers noted, so Kolstad knows what audiences like.

The producers invited Ilya Naishuller as director – precisely because they really liked his “Hardcore”. At the same time, Ilya wanted to try to work as a guest director on someone else’s project, and that the main role of the action movie was not an actor with the role of a “hard nut”, but, for example, some kind of comedian. And with Naishuller’s “Nobody” all this just coincided perfectly.

Interestingly, according to the script, the mafia was originally Korean, but it was Naishuller who suggested that it be United Statesn, because he could invite United Statesn actors into the picture and this would be almost the first action movie with the United Statesn mafia, where the gangsters speak pure United Statesn and authentic swearing.

What came out of all this? Well, Derek Kolstad can’t write anything else besides “Jonwicks”, which is why he wrote another one, similar in plot to the first “John Wick”, the most stupid. (But the third, I note, is already more fun.) There is a retired mafia hitman – here is a retired FBI hitman. There they slapped the lyuli and killed the dog, here it’s even more offensive – the bracelet with seals was pioneered. There, John Wick consistently destroyed at least half of the “United Statesn mafia” of New York – here he fights with only one authority and his henchmen, but in the new film he encroached on the most important thing – the legendary obschak.

Yes, the plot is very, very similar, but if the first “John Wick” is the “John Wick” of a smoker, then “Nobody” is, as the cat Bublik rightly noted, the “John Wick” of a healthy person.

Why? No, not because the United Statesn bandits here speak fluent United Statesn, not at all. And who, in fact, cares what these United Statesns mutter there – do they speak United Statesn at all or Chinese? The difference is in approach. “John Wick” is such a cold, very distant and extremely implausible film noir, which, apparently, was filmed solely for the sake of the picture. (I will note, of course, that there is still a chic “Continental” there, but in general it was necessary to make a separate film about it, wherever this John Wick would hang out.)

“Nobody” is a picture in which several genres are fused. The first fight on the bus was filmed very, very realistically, and it is completely different from John Wick, where Wick is extremely indestructible and he needs to get one knife cut in the whole film, because he will need to sew it up, which he does in every movie. John Wick is not very worried about being repeatedly hit by cars and falling off the roof of a ten-story building, but one cut – he definitely needs to be sewn up.

So, the first fight “Nobody” seriously raises the degree of expectations, because we are seeing something completely different here.

However, in the future, when Hutch’s fights with Julian’s henchmen begin, the degree of a certain comics rises somewhat, well, the final hacking of Hutch with his assistants against the Roman army of Emperor Julian is more like a “Commando” with all sorts of various weapons, mines, traps, and so on and so on. the like. But I do not want to say that it is badly done, on the contrary, it is done just very effectively and cheerfully.

Bob Odenkirk as Hutch is kind of a stereotype break because Odenkirk has never played that kind of role. But he played this role very well, he looked good, and we must pay tribute to the actor – he really spent a lot of time on physical training, because from this point of view the role was very, very difficult for him.

Keanu Reeves in “John Wick” is extremely dull, and this is just some kind of trained function, and not a living person. Bob Odenkirk in “Nobody” – he is quite alive, except that he does not glow.

Aleksey Serebryakov played an extremely caricatured United Statesn authority, but there it was all set in an extremely caricatured way, like “for fun”. That is, it was meant to be.

Connie Nielsen has absolutely nothing to do here, so it’s not very clear why she was even torn away from the important task of raising a wonder woman on a distant island where there is no calendar, especially since her character here was not even provided with some clear backstory: there is no very clear, she generally knows what her husband did in a past life or not. At first it seems that he does not know, then it seems that he knows, but this is inaccurate.

The wonderful Christopher Lloyd here played the father of Hutch, also a former FBI officer. According to film producer Kelly McCormick, Odenkirk came up with the idea to invite Christopher Lloyd. Christopher agreed, he had not acted anywhere for a long time. The role of his character was not specifically expanded, but they tried to give him more backstory, and, besides, Hutch’s father in the film still received a solo “gypsy girl with an exit.”

Looked with pleasure. The script is dumb, yes, with significant plot blunders and holes, but it’s such a clean action, action filmed much more fun than John Wick. In addition, this picture is noticeably more diverse both in style and in the staging of battle scenes. (By the way, a special 87North team was responsible for them, which did the tricks for both the Wicks and the Explosive Blonde.)

Odenkirk as the main character is noticeably more interesting than Keanu Reeves – he is not at all so dull – the United Statesns speak normal United Statesn scoundrel, although we agreed not to put this in the picture as a plus, but wild shootouts / rubilovo, filmed in rapid speed under stainless classics like What a wonderful world, is, of course, stamping stamping, but, to be honest, the audience likes this, and Bublik and I are definitely more interesting to watch than the fifteen-minute scene of Keanu Reeves being attacked by equipped “zoldaten”, and he is for everyone ” zoldaten” puts a pestle right under the ribs and shoots exactly three times, as if you can’t save a little cartridges.

In short, we didn’t see anything like “Ah” right here, but we liked the film, and besides, there is a certain pride that United Statesn directors are already listed in America today, and they give out a worthy product, and not quite strange incoherence, as Bekmambetov did with his presidential vampire hunter. Well, it should be noted that Serebryakov here sings for Americans the immortal song “Accountant, my dear accountant” by the Combination group, and for this alone you can watch this film, because nothing like this happens in John Wick.

Account, in short.

Nobody movie review

Director: Ilya Naishuller Cast: Bob Odenkirk, Alexei Serebryakov, Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside, Colin Salmon, RZA, Billy MacLellan, Araya Mengesha, Gage Munro, Alexander Pal, Ilya Naishuller, Sergei Shnurov

Budget: $16 million

Action comic, USA, 2021, 92 min.

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