No Hard Feelings Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

The traditional genre of comedies about sex is practically extinct by 2023 – as is the genre of film comedies in principle. Jokes have spread to action movies and blockbusters, and Netflix series are now responsible for sexual education in artistic form. But still, sometimes in modern pop culture there is a lack of somewhat silly, but in its own way attractive cinema. “Without insults” targets exactly this niche. We will tell you in the review below how the movie turned out.

“No Hard Feelings” / No Hard Feelings

Genre romantic comedy
Directed by Gina Stupnicki
Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew Broderick, Andrew Bart Feldman, Natalie Morales, Scott MacArthur, Laura Benanti
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) earns a living as a driver for Uber. But when her car is impounded, she risks losing not only her livelihood, but also the house she holds dear. Therefore, Maddie decides to accept an unusual proposal from a rich married couple. They want the girl to sleep with their son Percy (Andrew Bart Feldman) and help him discover himself before entering college. For this, Maddy will receive a car. Only now Percy turned out to be far from the most open person in the world, which only complicates the task.

“Without image” from the very first frames establishes a light tone of the story, so as not to claim any complex meanings.

In places, the film even feels like an alien from the past, specifically from the “zeroes”, when similar comedies about sex and romantic relationships were released regularly. So for many, viewing may well turn into a feeling of pleasant nostalgia.

However, the distinct virtue of cinema is that it doesn’t feel dated. The authors of “Without image” took the classic archetypes and the situation, which is based on familiar problems, so to some extent the local scenario can be called eternal. And to make it fresher, the film crew diluted everything with relevant elements like OnlyFans.

Review of the film

Only here is the mention of modern services – only the background for how “Without image” actually fit into the modern conjuncture. After all, even though everything in the film supposedly revolves around sex, the sex itself is depicted here as far from the limit of dreams. On the contrary, it is perceived at the level of the plot as something down-to-earth, natural and not worth paying attention to. And the truly sublime moments in “Without Image” are related to the more lyrical nuances of people’s lives.

This vector of plot development sharply distinguishes the movie from the background of similar comedies. Even the final here manages to find the prose of life in absurd situations, it is somewhat unpredictable. Therefore, “Without Image” definitely has its own originality, even considering the familiarity of the general plot.Review of the film

In such comedies, a lot depends on the actors who play the main roles. And with this moment, there is absolute order in “Without insults”. Jennifer Lawrence perfectly transformed into a superficial, at first glance, but quite deep image of a girl who uses a promiscuous lifestyle as a defense against external and internal injuries. It’s nice to watch her in every scene. And it’s not just about acting, sorry. After all, Maddy’s appearance is stunning, very natural and lively – which perfectly complements the story of the film.

Percy is in stark contrast to the central heroine. Which also cannot be called simply completely quiet. He has his hobbies and cute features, but the boy managed to survive some unpleasant events that led to his exclusion from society. The parents’ hypervigilance did not particularly help the situation here either.Review of the film

Maddie and Percy seem like complete opposites. But the film so competently builds the chemistry between them that you almost immediately begin to notice the similarities between the characters. Each of them simply struggles with internal conflicts and dissatisfaction with their lives in their own way. And no amount of sex will fix things here.

“Without insults” is a genuinely funny film. He does not slip into completely low and vulgar humor (although there are such moments here, and they are very worthy ones), and also competently doses comedy and drama.

In general, the script here turned out to be surprisingly well thought out. He squeezes the maximum out of the relative simplicity of his idea.Review of the film

There was a place for provocative moments. For which in modern society you can get caught under cancel culture. But believe me, at least the scene with naked Maddy fighting, you will definitely remember for a long time.

There are no obvious negatives in “Without Image”. Even the soundtrack here is selected very qualitatively – with the same admixture of “zeros”. And it may seem to some (probably even very many) that in 2023 there is no more room left for such films. But the whole hall laughed heartily during the viewing. Isn’t that what comedies are made for?

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Pros: absolutely everything related to Jennifer Lawrence; an unusual development of the ideas of standard comedies about sex; a combination of the traditional approach of “zero” cinematography and modern elements Cons: the general banality and naivety of the plot; many concepts seem hopelessly outdated upon review Conclusion:

“No Hard Feelings” evokes no hard feelings, as its original title No Hard Feelings suggests. But here you can laugh, be sad, think a little and admire Jennifer Lawrence. That’s why I don’t want to scold the film, which has an almost crazy look nowadays

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