The Mother Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

On May 12, the action drama Mother was released on Netflix, in which superstar Jennifer Lopez confronts a squad of devious villains to protect her daughter. In the review below, we tell how the actress looks on the screen in the role of a merciless killer and whether the film can boast of cool battle scenes.

“Mother” / The Mother

Genre thriller, action, drama
Directed by Niki Caro
Starring Jennifer Lopez, Omari Hardwick, Gael Garcia Bernal, Lucy Paez, Joseph Fiennes
Netflix premiere
Release year 2023
IMDb site

A former US Army soldier, whose name has not been released, got in touch with the wrong guys, got pregnant, and is now serving as an informant for the FBI in an arms-trafficking case. After an unsuccessful attack by an ex-conspirator, the heroine gives birth to a girl, but must give up the child in order not to expose her to danger.

So the newborn will go to a good family that will take good care of her, and the disconsolate mother will go to the harsh snows of Alaska to disappear from the radar and hunt deer in the snowy forests. 12 years pass, and the ghosts of the past catch up with the steadfast recluse. She is forced to go on the warpath again to protect the most precious thing she has left.

Review of the film

In recent years, Hollywood star, pop diva and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez prefers to act in unpretentious rom-coms (“Start at the beginning”, “I’ll marry you”), which can have admixtures of other genres, such as the relatively recent “Unstoppable Wedding”.

But “Mother” was positioned from the beginning as a serious action drama, with the 53-year-old star as the main shock force with minimal support from her husband (almost a cameo Omari Hardwick from “Army of the Dead”).

And indeed, Lopez is in good shape, holds her frame well and confidently portrays a warrior who is ready to do anything for her child. But this turns out to be catastrophically insufficient for the plot to look even a little believable and logical. Add to the weak script an unacceptably small amount of action (albeit well-filmed), a protracted timeline — and you get almost two hours of meaningless narration.

Review of the film

It is not scary that the local scenario is shamelessly simple and secondary: at one time, at least Schwarzenegger and Statham saved daughters from scoundrels. However, despite the blatant formulaicness, “Mother” is not able to provide what is required of it in the first place – incendiary action, preferably in large quantities. It’s pathetic crumbs here.

The tape cannot at least divert the attention of the viewer from his own inability.

Only a few scenes look really interesting. For example, the chase in Cuba, when J. Lo gets behind the wheel of an old Volga GAZ-21 to Latin music somewhere from the Fast and Furious soundtrack. Good dynamics are felt here, in addition, the authors manage to use an interesting associative montage in the climax.

Review of the film

At some point, the story turns into a story like “and the mother wants to teach.” This part significantly slows down the development of the action. It is needed in order to hopefully justify some moments in the ending.

The final battle looks short, but it reminds me of the scene on snowmobiles from the second “Strong Nut”, and everything is shot here with high quality.

In everything else, the story is a vague collection of typical genre clichés, the apogee of which is the deliberately distorted face of the main villain performed by Joseph Fiennes. The latter probably spent more time in the make-up chair than in front of the camera.

It’s hard to believe, but even in such a not at all glamorous and gloomy setting, the main star manages to shine in a couple of frames in a beautiful evening dress. The actress seems to have a desire to appear in front of the audience as a well-known celebrity fashionista, even if only for a short time. So it is with the film: it seems to be trying to be a cool action movie, but more like an attempt by Ben Affleck’s wife to remind you that she is still the same Jenny from the block.

Pros: several good action scenes (especially the chase in Cuba), the performance of Jennifer Lopez can be credited to the actress, high-quality cinematography, beautiful winter landscapes Cons: the weakness and secondary nature of the script, the absolute absurdity of the plot and the illogicality of the characters’ actions, stencil villains, catastrophically small the amount of action, the length of the story, and it is better not to mention the dramatic component at all Conclusion:

“Mother” is not suitable even as entertainment for the evening, everything here is so sad, illogical and predictable. Therefore, we state that before us is a weak girl power action movie with an old-school flavor, which has almost nothing to offer fans of the genre

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