Monster Hunter Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Monster Hunter” / Monster Hunter

Genre fantasy action
Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson
Starring Milla Jovovich (Artemis), Tony Jaa (Hunter), TI (Link), Ron Perlman (Admiral), Diego Boneta (Marshall), Meagan Good (Dash) and others.
Студии Constantin Film, Impact Pictures, Capcom Company
Year of issue 2020 (in Ukraine 2021)
IMDb website

Although Poul Anderson periodically tries to shoot films of different genres (such as the action thriller Death Race or the 3D combat version of Dumas’ novel The Three Musketeers), the director still returns to his favorite business – to adapt video games. Starting in 1995 with a Mortal Kombat adaptation, Anderson focused on Resident Evil, turning the survival horror into a series of films that ran from 2002 to 2016.

Having finally exhausted the topic of genetic modifications and the dead (the new American-German Resident Evil will be released in the near future without his participation), Anderson takes on the film adaptation of yet another game franchise from Capcom. The director gives the main role to the only possible candidate – his wife Milla Jovovich, who occupies a central position in his filmography.


In Monster Hunter, Poul Anderson’s script begins with a short quote about the existence of yet another new world somewhere beyond our existence. Without going into details, the director shows a squad of hunters from a world that is alien to us, moving on horseback on a ship, which, as a result of an attack, loses a crew member.

In our world, nothing strange happens until the captain of the American army Artemis (Milla Jovovich), along with the team, goes in search of the missing soldiers. During the mission, the heroes fall into a sandstorm, transferring them to the car of the missing military, from which only the charred remains remained. Artemis and her subordinates realize that they have entered another world inhabited by gigantic monsters that they know nothing about. It is there that the team is found by a hunter from the ship, which has remained on its own.


The film does not stand on ceremony with lengthy introductions and almost immediately moves to action scenes, having managed to quickly characterize Artemis and her subordinates. The only thing we need to know is that the main character has military skills and dexterity, which is why she copes with all sorts of dangers so well. She quickly adjusts to the fact that the huge monster Diablos appears in front of her, hiding in the sand (Nerskilla and Rathalos also appear in the film), and desperately longs to survive in order to return home.

Artemis does not become a monster hunter immediately, and not entirely by her own efforts. Her guide to the new world is a nameless character (played by actor and stuntman Tony Jaa), who speaks a language foreign to the heroine. Their interaction becomes the main element that adds variety to the film – in addition to the monsters, the communication of two different characters appears in it, joining forces for the sake of survival. It’s also full of ridiculous fight scenes between them, filmed just to fill up screen time.


However, the character of Tony Jaa has existed in the new world much longer than the heroine of Milla Jovovich, so in the script he not only creates relatively funny situations, but also teaches how to hunt down monsters. When the heroine Jovovich significantly pumps her physical skills, a diverse arsenal of recognizable weapons will appear in the frame.

Poul Anderson does not keep you waiting long, the characters almost immediately enter into fights, thanks to which the film is filled with action scenes in which Milla Jovovich shines. There is nothing really impressive in them, but the fast movement of the characters and good CGI when watching the movie on the big screen do their job – in the moments of action, Monster Hunter really captivates without trying to complicate the visuals with additional meanings.


Oddly enough, the film starts well with this combination, but it lasts exactly until a character named Admiral (played by Ron Perlman) appears in the frame, whose appearance is too comical to be taken seriously. Almost at the very end, he is very belatedly destined to reveal the story of the new world, which sounds too abrupt and absurd for a full-length film.

In truth, with the arrival of the Admiral, the film acquires a leader and a number of additional secondary characters, but at the same time it loses all meaning (but there is a nice bonus in the form of an assistant cat that many people love, however, he does not take part in the main events). Paul Anderson seems to be fine with the weak storyline, so he ends the film right in the middle of the battle, openly saying that Monster Hunter will have a sequel. And knowing his passion for filming, perhaps not even one thing.

Pros: monsters and weapons; CGI in action scenes; the interaction of the heroes of Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa Cons: the history of the world, which in the end gives the character of the Admiral; broken ending; meaningless fight scenes of those on the same side Conclusion:

all in all, Monster Hunter is movie-going entertainment not likely to be enjoyed on the small screen. The film seems to be bearable until the plot gets to the end.

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