Mission: Impossible – Fallout Ending Explained

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in his middle years is still cheerful and ready for new impossible missions. But there are still no missions and no, so Hunt is sitting in the lair of some European hole and he has all sorts of nightmares like his own wedding.

But one day a Messenger appears to him and brings a Message. Hunt identifies himself with a drop of blood and is informed that his sugar levels are dangerously high. Hunt also learns completely shocking news. It turns out that after Hunt caught the head of the “Syndicate” Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), the “Syndicate” itself did not break up at all, but mimicked. These undercover agents now call themselves “Apostles” but act like complete retards as they wreak havoc around the world. They work for money and this makes them especially dangerous because they don’t pay taxes.

The Apostles have a new client. Who he is, what he is, where he is from, what kind of music he prefers – no one knows. They only know that his name is John Lark and he lives in London at 13 Circus City. He hired special agents for a completely ambitious task. Lark once wrote a terrorist manifesto and called for a change in the existing world order. Because the milkmen in London, to be honest, are completely crazy. And people were stunned. Therefore, all governments must be destroyed and more people must be killed. Only in this way, Lark believes, can one achieve nirvana among the survivors.

Lark has kidnapped Norwegian nuclear physicist Nils Delbrook (Kristoffer Yoner), who can build a mini-bomb from a plutonium core in seventy-two hours. “Apostles” commissioned by Lark are trying to get three of these cores from the Eastern European mafia – these cores were stolen from the United Statesn military base in Kolyma.

Ethan’s task, as usual, is impossible: he must prevent the “Apostles” from getting the cores and stop Lurk’s attempts to brew his damn toadstool. But if Ethan or members of his team are captured or killed, the director of the CIA will deny any involvement in the actions of Ethan’s team. In short, the Motherland will leave you, son, as usual.

Well, Ethan is no stranger to it, so he starts to act: he finds a terrible arms dealer from Berlin, who pathetically brings plutonium in a Zhiguli seven. During this meeting, the mysterious “Apostles” appear and capture Ethan Luther’s assistant (Ving Rhames). Ethan faces a moral choice: either he will save Luther, but then the “Apostles” will get plutonium and destroy millions of people around the world, or he will run away with plutonium, but then Luther will die.

Of course, Ethan makes the only possible decision – to save Luther, because otherwise, who will he then be chasing for another two hours?


Of all these missions, which either fell into complete insignificance or rose up like the legendary Phoenix bird (let’s just say that this did not happen with Bourne, Bourne consistently rolled down to the true depths of the franchise), I like the previous one, the fifth one, the most mission, where about a tribe of goyim. The scenario there, of course, was very so-so, but with missions, the approach is simple: either you are captured by what is happening and do not pay attention to the obvious idiocy of the script, or you notice these idiocy, which means that you are not captured by what is happening.

In the new “Mission”, which, like the previous one, was staged by Christopher McQuarrie, everything is tailored according to proven patterns. The chief guard from Solomon Lane’s last mission was again brought into the battle, a new deeply conspiratorial chief guard was added to him, and none of the spectators would ever guess (satanistic laughter behind the scenes) who he is and why Volodya did not shave off his mustache, they finally removed him from the team To hell with Analyst Brandt, because Jeremy Renner in the last film could not guess why the hell he was in the frame at all, Tom Cruise again came to the fore and plays all the same learned tricks like half-smile, move his head, half-smile again and again lead, but in the other direction.

Simon Pegg’s character dangles somewhere on the backside and is very lost in his coolness, Ilsa Faust from the last film (Rebecca Ferguson) again plays against Ethan, then for Ethan, then love has not yet passed, otherwise the tomatoes have wilted, Alec Baldwin’s character has gone downgraded, and Hunt was assigned to a nasty CIA guy with a badly cut hair, played by Henry Cavill.

The plot here does not even make sense to discuss – complete insanity with completely wild logical holes. And if usually in action films the modesty of the plot is checked by unwinding it from the end to the beginning and at times you are convinced that there really is nothing added up at all, then here the scriptwriters have reached new heights: here nothing adds up from the very beginning. Some complete lunacy.

But, by the way, “Mission” is “Mission” for that, that no one bothers with the plot. The main thing is what? Run, jump, chase, jump from skyscraper to skyscraper, have an ugly fight in the toilet, call an “evacuation”, wait for the timer on the nuclear bomb to count down to almost zero, and cut the wires at the last second. And the final kiss. Benji and Luther.

No, don’t get me wrong, family values ​​are also included here. Danger again threatens Julia (Michelle Monaghan), so Ethan will save not only the whole world, but also his ex-wife, for whom he still has tender feelings. (For nothing, perhaps, he suffered so much in the third mission.) So he will save the whole world (no one really doubts, right?), And Julia, and her new boyfriend. Well, Bublik the cat is happy to announce that Bootsy the cat will also be saved.

What is the main thing in “Missions”? Chases, skirmishes, jogging, jumping, rich interiors, beautiful views of nature and architecture. Less talk guys, more action.

It’s all right here. If we completely discard the plot component and the fact that Tom Cruise in terms of acting here uses only his stamps that have already been imposed on his teeth, everything else is fine. Great joke about how they scammed Niels Delbrook, cool story about jumping from an airplane, running around with shooting, Hunt running on rooftops, very funny (and extremely unreliable) filmed car and motorcycle chases, all sorts of gadgets, traditional rubber masks, CIA, MI -5, intelligence is smaller, but for some reason there is not a single gram of the KGB. This was kind of embarrassing.

Of course, as is usually done in such cases, a carefully crafted “Tom Cruise does all the deadly stunts himself” campaign was launched in all Brain Depletion Remedies. It’s completely traditional entertainment: Tom Cruise and his PR people think that such noodles on the ears are good for the box office. And they are absolutely right in this: this noodle has been hung on the audience for more than a dozen years, and it works great for everyone who is not very aware of how the process of Hollywood film production is organized, and who does not think about the question of what kind of hangover old Mapother IV (this is I’m talking about Tom Cruise), who receives ten to twenty million for a film plus interest from the rental, suddenly he will take risks on the set for some reason when there are professional stuntmen who receive money for their work. They also don’t think about what the insurance companies will say when they have to insure the film’s main star who performs dangerous stunts. And I know what they will say – people from Hollywood movies told me.

But we must pay tribute to Cruz’s PR people: these rumors are always spread very skillfully, the corresponding articles in film publications are inspired very carefully and, as they say, “many believe.” On all sorts of rake like those extremely unreliable photos from the filming of the fourth “Mission”, where Cruz sits, dangling his legs, on the roof of a skyscraper in Dubai, and he himself is a little higher than a six-meter antenna, they were already advancing, therefore the video with the plane, on which Cruz “flyed” on horseback in the last mission, and the current video with his “jump” from skyscraper to skyscraper, in which he allegedly broke his ankle (just think, we were told that on the set of “The Last Samurai” his head was almost chopped off – many they believed), they were already made with a high level of reliability, and this video was even shoved into the Graham Norton show (I’m even afraid to guess how much it cost). The story is cool, yes, “many believe” – ​​this is the most important thing.

As a spectacular entertainment with beer, it rolls one hundred percent, but it’s better not to go overboard with beer, because they will save this world for two and a half hours. To be honest, I almost fell asleep at the end, although I’ll separately note that everything is in order with the dynamics of the narrative, they don’t chat for half an hour, they act more. But it’s kind of long, to be honest.

I liked the previous “Mission” more, but this one worked as quite worthy … how is it … a six-replica? The cash register was very good, so we are waiting for the semi-riquel. But just don’t bring Hunt to the fore anymore. When he is more and more on assignments, it somehow turns out more interesting.

Well, I must add that Henry Cavill here is generally useless. Neither a horse nor the Red Army. Looks like when without a raincoat and red shorts – he somehow does not add up.

The rest, my dear Marquise, is quite watchable. Just turn off your head – and everything will be fine. In what we with the cat Bagel and subscribe. Amen.


Mission: Impossible – Fallout movie meaning

Director: Christopher McQuarrie Cast: Michelle Monaghan, Simon Pegg, Tom Cruise, Sean Harris, Rebecca Ferguson, Wes Bentley, Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett, Ving Rhames, Vanessa Kirby, Christoffer Yohner

Budget: $178M, Worldwide gross: $791M
Action, USA-China-France-Norway, 2018, 147 min.

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