Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One Ending Explained

Review of the film

The Mission Impossible series of films remains one of the main attractions to go to the cinema. Tom Cruise personally monitors the level of quality of each part and does not forget about the dangerous stunts that he performs on his own. “Retribution” is the seventh part of the franchise, and following the new-fangled tradition of Hollywood, it was divided into two films. We tell in the review below how the new adventures of agent Ethan Hunt turned out.

“Mission impossible. Reckoning. Part one” / Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One

Action genre
Directed by Christopher McQuarrie
Starring Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Pom Klementieff, Hayley Atwell, Vanessa Kirby
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) continues to serve in the special unit “Mission Impossible”. His new task involves finding a key that is rumored to give control over a special electronic entity. This entity can control absolutely all digital devices and allegedly even possesses its own mind.

In pursuit of the two halves of the key, Ethan will face a dangerous enemy from the past. It also needs to withstand, it seems, all electronic devices in general. And in such conditions, the agent can trust only the closest people, because absolutely all correspondence and negotiations can turn out to be fake.

“Mission Impossible” as a series of films rests on several pillars that are easy to understand, but quite difficult to implement. Each part should be filled with dangerous tricks, political tension, some kind of global threat and the almost alien charisma of Tom Cruise.

Let’s say right away that there are no problems with the latter in “Retribution”, Cruise also shines on the screen. Although it’s noticeable that he’s not so fresh anymore – and the main poster for the film, which shows Hunt looking young, is somewhat misleading in this regard.Review of the film

“Retribution” manages to maintain a constant high level of tension throughout its almost three hours of running time. And this is an achievement in itself, because the scenarios of the Mission Impossible franchise have always been somewhat far-fetched. The seventh part is distinguished by the fact that it turns simple and understandable electronics into the main weapon against the main characters.

Such a move breathes new life into the script and even somewhat destroys the standard artistic paths of action movies with which Hollywood has been working for many years. Because all these negotiations between agents and surveillance through cameras in “Payback” cease to be a reliable source of information.

In the new film, Hunt opposes the entire digital world – and in this you can even see a certain metaphor for modern society, which is too dependent on technology.Review of the film

The authors of the film did not forget about the classic action either. There’s more than enough of it here, it’s cleverly staged and perfectly structured in terms of tempo. At the same time, he does not fall into a completely pathetic and senseless action. For which the film crew is a separate plus.

This is most clearly visible in a specific scene, which consists of a chase in Venice. The chase in “Fast and Furious X” was almost similar in terms of circumstances. Only there everything turned into an almost toy confrontation, in which tension was created at the expense of artificial script elements. In “Retribution”, the authors in pursuit use many creative elements and unusual conditions, thanks to which everything feels as natural as possible.

Review of the film

The movie doesn’t try to squeeze 120% out of every scene. On the contrary, he feels somewhat down-to-earth – and this in the circumstances of the threat to the whole world and the approach of the Third World War.

The authors of the “Mission Impossible” franchise did not just shoot an action movie, but allowed the audience to touch a fictional and maximally thought-out reality, in which many moments intersect with our world. Hence the maximum confidence in every scene of the film. Even when Tom Cruise runs on the roof of the train, yes.

Review of the film

However, other actors do not allow Cruise to draw all the attention to himself. Hailey Atwell, who played another “femme fatale” (but with a human face) Grace, stood out here. All moments with Grace are imbued with the charm of the actress, and in addition, she creates an interesting contrast with Hunt, who is always serious and determined to solve important issues.

And I would like to single out the heroine Pom Klementieff. She almost does not speak here and acts as a rather “combat” antagonist. But her every appearance on the screen is a real show. Klementieff is able to convey all the unrestrained energy of her heroine with facial expressions and gestures.Review of the film

There is appropriate humor in the film, and peculiar “game” moments with puzzles, and a general depressing feeling that everything has long been decided and planned for the main characters. There are absolutely no unnecessary moments here.

Except that one key important conversation in the middle of the film can be called somewhat far-fetched. But its perception also depends on how strongly you believe in the main threat of the film’s plot. And “Payback” does everything to make you believe in it with all your heart.

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Pros: high dynamics of everything that happens and without unnecessary pathos; an unusual and quite relevant threat in the center of the film; competent work and some deconstruction of the artistic paths of fighters; the cast shines throughout the duration of the film Cons: the central threat of the film (and some of its scenes) may seem a bit far-fetched to some; Unfortunately, Tom Cruise is still getting old Conclusion:

The first part of “Retribution” is a standard action movie in which everything is good and nothing is repulsive. For almost three hours, the film immerses you in the world of political intrigue and exciting scenes. And he does it so masterfully that it is impossible to tear yourself away

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