Midnight Mass Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Midnight Mass is a new mini-series on Netflix that mystery fans will love. It is the story of a town where supernatural phenomena begin to happen. The series is captivating from the first episode, and its finale remains in your memory for a long time.

Midnight Mass movie meaning

Genre Drama, Mystery, Horror
Creator Mike Flanagan
Starring Zach Gilford (Riley Flynn), Hamish Linklater (Father Paul Hill), Christine Lehman (Annie Flynn), Henry Thomas (Ed Flynn), Kate Siegel (Erin Green), Samantha Sloan (Bev Keane), Igby Rigney (Warren Flynn), Rahul Kohli (Sheriff Hassan), Annara Simon (Lisa Scarborough), Annabeth Gish (Sarah Gunning), Alex Essoe (Sarah’s mother) and more.
Netflix Channel
Year of release 2021
Series 7
IMDb site

The action of the series unfolds on an isolated fishing island Crockett with a population of 127 people. Life here is monotonous and predictable, the only entertainment is Sunday mass in the Catholic Church. Many islanders dream of leaving this cramped place – that’s exactly what Riley did, having managed to build a successful startup. After an accident, the hero goes to prison, loses all his fortune and returns to his parents’ home. At the same time, a charismatic priest arrives on the island, who changes the atmosphere of the village – people witness real miracles, many regain faith. No one pays much attention to the fact that after his appearance at night inexplicable strange things begin to happen.

Midnight Mass is the author’s project of showrunner Mike Flanagan, working in the genre of horror. He adapted Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep, as well as The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor.


It’s worth saying that the first episode of “Half Moon Mass” demonstrates one of the most intriguing plots among all the novelties presented by the streaming platform Netflix. There are some interesting graphics here that make it difficult to determine the genre range of the series. Also, the first episode brims with the quality of the production, color correction and musical accompaniment, which very subtly complements the story.

Midnight Mass has some tense moments, but the series is not a 100% horror movie. At first, it unfolds as a typical story of a closed community with annoying activists, local drunks and teenagers running away from home at night. Then Flanagan, in the best horror tradition, hints that as night falls, everyone should be wary – something ominous is stirring in the darkness, and it’s the herald of change to come.

For a while the showrunner tries to hide the main mystery, and while the audience speculates about the mystical manifestations, Flanagan again involves them in the ordinary life of the island: this is how the characters’ personalities, challenges and personal tragedies are gradually revealed.


Suddenly the series becomes an interesting discussion about faith and atheism, the meaning of life and the fact that everyone has a different idea of death. The characters deliver emotional monologues, engage in arguments, listen to sermons and try to find the truth that never lies on the surface. The creators of the series touch on the themes of religious fanaticism and false revelation, which justify inhuman cruelty. They also talk about the unbearable burden of guilt and how difficult it is to forgive just one person – yourself.

At times, the reasoning about eternal things drags heavily, philosophical conversations crowd out the action, and the biblical quotes juggled by the unambiguously negative character are tiresome. But closer to the finale, the series returns to intriguing twists and turns – the last two episodes are simply impossible to tear yourself away from.

Midnight Mass will not scare you with every episode, but it will definitely surprise you. This story will remain in the memory, unlike other mystical plots, which are forgotten after the final credits.


The idea of the series; a successful beginning and the main intrigue; interesting discussions in which the characters are revealed; from the last series you can not tear yourself away

At times, philosophical conversations are prolonged


A series with one of the most intriguing beginnings among Netflix mystery projects, which will also be remembered for its ending.

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