Meaning of In corpore sano by Konstrakta & The Story Behind

This year’s Eurovision became the record holder for underrated songs. The original France, the vocal Pole, and the atmospheric Lithuania and Sweden received very few points. Is it possible to call underestimated the song of the Serbian performer Konstrakta, who took the fifth place? It is unlikely, because indie pop at Eurovision is always lost against the background of traditional pop and folk. In addition, Konstrakta became the oldest performer who got into the top five of this century. Therefore, we consider it a success.

About the performer

Anna Djuric was born in Belgrade on October 12, 1978. At the age of 20, she took on the pseudonym Konstrakta. It is associated with her profession as an architect and love of mathematics in rhymes. Her husband is also an architect, the couple has two children – Nikola and Lena. She began her creative career in the MistakéMistaké group. In 2007, the singer joined the band  Groove Land! , which became popular in Serbia in the 2010s. Until 2022, she participated in the selection for Eurovision twice.

In 2019, she released her first solo song called “Elastic Band”. The next single was released in collaboration with the singer Emina Yahovich, who turned to a shaman after a divorce. The song was called – “I do not have a shaman.” In the same year, she appeared in the film “Heavenly Theme”, which was dedicated to the Serbian singer Vlad Divlyan.

In February 2021, the single “In corpore sano” was released. Initially, it was part of the singer’s project called “Triptih”. It was with this song that the performer decided to participate simply because it is the only one from the triptych that complies with the rules of the competition: it lasts three minutes.

She was assisted in the creation of the song by her former bandmate Milovan Bošković. Initially, the song was an outsider in the national competition, but suddenly became the leader in the final. On the show, the performer struck with a performance during which she washes her hands on stage. By the way, in Croatia, the single for a long time took first place in the local Billboard.

About the song

Translation of the song is rather complicated. The singer herself says that this song is about the atmosphere of fear, in which health remains the greatest value. It focuses on the recent pandemic and the healthcare system in Europe. The title of the song is based on the Latin phrase “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

The song sings about the need to monitor the condition of your skin: dark circles around the eyes can be suspected of liver problems, and spots around the eyes – about an enlarged spleen. She also sings about how artists need to be healthy and how having a medical card doesn’t mean you’ll be followed. The song mentions Meghan Markle’s hair, our nervous system and heart.

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