Meaning of I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

“I hate everything about you” is one of the most famous songs released by Three Days Grace. It is written in the nu metal genre and is one of the representatives of alternative rock. The song was famous after the release, but at the moment it has gained particular popularity thanks to Internet platforms. Let’s figure out why it became so popular, and also try to understand what meaning was put into it by the authors.

The story behind of the creation of the song “I hate everything about you”.

“I hate everything about you” was released nineteen years ago, but still has not lost its popularity and relevance. It was the band’s very first single, “Three Days Grace”, quickly topping the charts and becoming legendary songs.
The author of the words was the vocalist and guitarist of the band – Adam Gontier. He also co-wrote the song with Gavin Brown, the band’s producer.

The song is included in the album Three Days Grace (as a single). It was used to draw attention to the album, as it quickly gained a lot of popularity among listeners and received mostly positive reviews from critics. “I hate everything about you” is nearly four minutes long, making it the third longest song on the Three Days Grace album.

Since 2003, “I hate everything about you” has garnered numerous streams on multiple sites and apps. The video for this song has also received a lot of attention on YouTube.

Interesting facts about the song “I hate everything about you”.

  • The song gained popularity very quickly and peaked at number four on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and number two on the Modern Rock Tracks.
  • It ranks at number fifty-fifth on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • “I hate everything about you” has been used multiple times as a game soundtrack.
  • The video for this song has received over three hundred million views on YouTube.
  • The video, directed by Scott Winning, features three stories about three teenagers. The first is the story of a young man who finds his girlfriend with another guy. He starts spying on them, driving around all the places they go to. The second is the story of a girl who is going through a difficult breakup. Even though she was clearly not very happy in them, she suffers. The third is about a boy who is being bullied and abused by his father.
  • The song has become one of the trends in tiktok.
  • Prior to the release of the album to which this single was attached, Three Days Grace was known as Groundswell.
  • The group became popular thanks to the song “I hate everything about you”.
  • Critics received the album and this song positively, but advised the group to add originality to the songs in order to become more popular.
  • The song “I hate everything about you” turned out to be very difficult. There are many different translations, but they do not allow to fully reveal the idea.

The meaning of the song “I hate everything about you.”

It is quite obvious that the song tells about painful and difficult relationships that destroy the lyrical hero from the inside and confuse him more and more. He seems to hate his beloved, absolutely everything in her is disgusting to him, but he can’t refuse this painful attachment, realizing that he still loves her.

In all the verses of the song, the lyrical hero tries to convince himself that he has not yet begun to miss his beloved and that all the sensations that he experiences will not be stronger than him and will not force him to return back. Every time he stops to think about the fact that he really hates absolutely everything in this person, every little detail. She annoys him, pisses him off, makes him feel uncomfortable, but for some reason he still loves her.

But this problem exists not only for the lyrical hero, but also for the heroine herself, to whom these words are addressed. She, too, is in the same confusion, has the same mixed feelings about him. But they both cannot break out of this vicious circle, because they are too accustomed to consider their hatred for each other as love.

It is curious to note that the lyrical hero calls the meeting with his beloved a “dose”. They have become something like a drug for each other, from which it is impossible to get off. This is precisely the dependence on each other, painful and toxic.

Such painful codependency is not the norm. The musician, showing this kind of relationship, directly says that this is not normal. It is very difficult to get out of a relationship based on mutual hatred, which for some reason is mistaken for love. Moreover, they will bring pain to everyone who participates in them.

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