Meaning of Dicke Titten by Rammstein & The Story Behind

Recently, a new video for the Dicke Titten video has appeared on the Rammov channel. The title of the video is intriguing. It literally translates to “Big Tits”. It is clear that the theme of the clip is rural. And the first association after watching the video is a parallel with the Gaza Strip group.

Meaning of “Dicke Titten”

If you immediately go to the meaning of the song, it immediately becomes clear that the main character has been living alone for many years. In the midst of gray everyday life, he is afraid to lose his mind and hair. He dreams of getting married. Meaning some frau.

But gradually he loses hope of finding a partner who would be his equal. He believes that Frau does not need to do anything. She should not be beautiful, or smart, or rich. It’s just enough for her to have a large bust and be a pretty attractive milkmaid. Big breasts – for him it’s just otpadno. But luck does not smell. The character is still lonely, although not picky.

The meaning of the video “Dicke Titten”

At the beginning of the clip, we are shown a group of rednecks, performed by Rammstein themselves, moving along a country road in the company of a girl. At the same time, a wreath hangs on the cow, and the Rammas themselves play festive music on wind instruments. In general, one gets the feeling that some important event is being prepared in the village, or perhaps it is already happening. What is seen in the frame in the south of Germany and Austria is called dial-up (“return from mountain pastures.” The essence of this return is that the inhabitants of the Alpine regions drive all their available cattle to the mountains for the whole summer. The cattle graze there under supervision In the same place, the production of all kinds of cheese and dairy products is organized.And in the fall, after the end of warm days, the shepherds drive all the cattle from the mountains (back to the village).The whole procedure of herding turns into a real festive procession. Cows are decorated with wreaths of flowers, ribbons and bows. At the same time, the lines get off to cheerful music and the dances go back.

Both the places and the celebration itself look quite spectacular. This is probably why foreign tourists like to visit here so much. The locals benefit from this, so they use this cow carnival to promote cheese, beer and other local products.

Rammstein strives to portray al update in a simplified, schematic way. There are many people, but only one cow. In one of the shots, a sign flashes by with the name of the settlement where everything is happening. This item is similar to the name of the band Rammstein.

By the way, on August 28, 1988, sad events took place here. Not far from the venue of the carnival, during an air show at a fruit festival (with the participation of magicians), one of the planes crashed right on the audience. 70 people, including three pilots, were killed. According to various sources, from 300 to 400 people were seriously injured. The rammas send viewers back to that sad day (through such a seemingly funny scene).

The plot of the clip, meanwhile, begins to gain momentum. The village where the Rammas were heading is teeming with life. A portly woman beats meat, washes linen. The men deliver milk on tractors.

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