Meaning of Deutschland by Rammstein & The Story Behind

The composition “Deutschland” by the outrageous band “Rrammstein” is a piece of music that made a lot of noise. The controversial song caused a storm of criticism. After listening to the track, the emotions of the fans just go wild. Even more discussion is caused by the video for the song “Deutschland”. Let’s see what kind of reaction from the fans the performers expected when they recorded this video. Let’s analyze the song to understand its true meaning.

The meaning of the song “Deutschland” “Rammstein”

The track “Deutschland” is a composition about the past and future of Germany. “Shed a lot of tears.” The history of Germany is a series of gloomy events. The country’s path to a prosperous state was not easy.

Residents also had to go through many trials and difficulties. Military actions, political contradictions prevented development, moving on. “Saying goodbye to the mind.” It cannot be said that all the decisions of the ruling elite were correct and well thought out. Sometimes they acted recklessly. Sometimes it was difficult to call their actions logical and consistent. Every decision and event had its consequences, some of which became sad.

“United with the heart.” People acted, lived as their hearts told them. But not always their emotions were positive. However, they understood that in difficult times it is important to stick together. This is the only way to overcome difficult circumstances. People did not always agree with the ruling strata of society. This song is also about the fact that the top of the country and ordinary people were far from each other. Sometimes the ruling power did not hear and did not understand the wishes of citizens.

“We’ve been together for so long.” The whole life of the lyrical hero is connected with his state. He loves his country with all his heart and wishes her only prosperity. But he is a little afraid of the future. “Your breath is cold.” The state does not always support the character. Sometimes they don’t appreciate it. But this does not offend the lyrical hero. He understands that this is all temporary. Different people have different opinions. And that’s okay.

You can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try. There will always be someone whose life position will be different from yours. “And the heart is on fire.” Despite all the contradictions, the fire of future achievements burns in people. Forgetting about pain, misunderstanding, resentment, they believe in the best and hope for happiness. They build grandiose plans, dream of their prospects. It is worth remembering that there is always an opportunity to make your existence more joyful and bright.

“You, me, we, you.” Everyone can change their life, make it better. It depends on each person what his country will be like. Past present Future. Everything matters to history. Everything is connected.

The performers in the song “Deutschland” told the audience about their country. “I want to never leave you.” Their hearts belong exclusively to Germany. They link their future only with this state. The performers helped the fans to look at their country from a different perspective, to show its strengths and weaknesses.

The meaning of the clip “Deutschland” “Rammstein”

The video for the song “Deutschland” contains references to historical events in Germany. The creators of the video also mentioned the current problems that the country is facing. The images that fans see on the screens are not chosen by chance. The performers emphasized that their state is not only multicultural, but also tolerant.

In the first frames, fans see Roman soldiers who are blocked by a woman who is the personification of Germany. Events unfold in the 16th year. It was then that the Battle of Idistaviso took place. In this battle, the Roman legions managed to invade the state and win.

The Roman Empire had been at war with the Germanic tribes for many years. As a result, this confrontation led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Fans then see footage of a medieval battle taking place. This event is associated with the Thirty Years’ War.

It is impossible not to note in the clip a fight that happened between the performers. She refers fans to the internal political contradictions that took place after the defeat in the First World War.

The following shots are reminiscent of the tragedy associated with the Hindenburg airship disaster. The country simply did not have helium to fuel the aircraft. Then the responsible persons risked filling the airship with hydrogen, which was explosive. Disaster was almost inevitable. This event was the beginning of the end of the airship era.

The performers tried to show how the highest organs of government of the GDR were cut off from ordinary citizens. The clip then takes the fans to modern-day Germany. The past is intertwined with the present. The creators of the video are trying to guess the future. In a few minutes, the performers showed the fans the history of the state from ancient times to the present day. Rarely has everything been calm in the country.

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