Mare of Easttown Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Mare of Easttown” / Mare of Easttown

Genre drama, detective
Creators Brad Ingelsby
Cast: Kate Winslet (Meir Sheehan), Julianne Nicholson (Lori Ross), Jean Smart (Helen Fahey), Angourie Rice (Siobhan Sheehan), David Denman (Frank Sheehan), Neal Huff (Dan Hastings’ father), Guy Pearce (Richard Ryan) ), Kaley Spaeny (Erin McMenamin), Evan Peters (Colin Zeibel), Sausie Bacon (Kerry Leyden) and others.
HBO channel
Release year 2021
Series 7
Site IMDb

Kate Winslet plays Meir, a police officer who investigates a girl’s disappearance and responds to the usual theft calls. The heroine lives in a small town where everyone knows each other, so they often turn to her for help. Meir maintains good relations with everyone, but the reputation of an experienced detective begins to crumble before our eyes – she is under pressure because of an unsolved case, and in addition, she has not yet fully survived the death of her son. At a moment when Meir feels growing tired, another incident occurs in the city – someone kills a 17-year-old single mother, getting rid of her body in a forest park.

The action of the series takes place in the province of Pennsylvania – it is cold, monotonous there and, no matter how hard the characters try to improve their lives, it is rather dreary. The camera often shows a row of neat and identical houses lined up along the road – in them, just like in one-story dilapidated buildings, people keep their secrets. For some, this is just a minor love affair that happened many years ago, and for some, a secret that can destroy someone else’s life.


The atmosphere of the city sets the tone for a detective story, but the series itself is not like slow-moving Scandinavian investigations in which only one important event occurs per episode. Everything here is quite intricate and unexpectedly dynamic, because the plot does not focus on the crime, but follows Meir everywhere, plunging into her personal traumas. At times, episodes have moments that seem insignificant to the overall story, but even in a routine trip to the pediatrician’s doctor, details from the past are revealed that will help to understand why the main character is withdrawn or plunged headlong into the investigation, leaving little to no space for herself.

The heroine seems rude and soft at the same time. She is accustomed to handling criminal cases that require great restraint, and at the same time, it is natural for her to show sympathy for the inhabitants of the city, whom she considers close friends. This is not easy for her – in a place where everyone is connected to each other, it is difficult to hide something, especially your weaknesses. Meir somehow copes with this, however, to investigate the murder, a young detective (played by Evan Peters) is sent to the city to help with a criminal case. This, of course, calls into question Meir’s professional skills and gives her another reason to build up irritation.


Without a doubt, all of the above has already happened somewhere, and the series itself is vaguely reminiscent of True Detective or even Sharp Objects. However, the first episode has the right foundation for the upcoming suspense, which grabs attention despite the predictability of the melancholy city (where there are problems with drug addiction and teenage violence).

Showrunner Brad Ingelsby (best known for writing the Ben Affleck-starring drama The Way Back) paints a picture of emotional destruction as he constantly switches between family drama and police investigation. And this, thanks to a high-quality production, involves much more in the story than the plots of other fresh series. In addition, Mare of Easttown has another advantage – in seven episodes, the reason for the murder, as well as the prerequisites for the emotional upheaval of the heroine, will be fully disclosed. No broken endings and no attempts to stretch the detective story for several seasons.


Of course, there are also controversial points that spoil the overall impression of the series. These are unexpected plot twists that become red herrings before revealing secrets. Obviously, they are simply necessary for a certain tension, because the series cannot always be based solely on psychological drama.

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At the same time, the success of Mare of Easttown (on Rotten Tomatoes the series received a rating of over 90% from both critics and the audience) is largely the merit of Kate Winslet, who did an excellent job with the role of a provincial detective.


When watching the series with the original audio track, you can hear that Winslet got rid of her native British accent and spoke like a real American (by the way, using a specific Delaware County dialect). But even without this, the work of the actress seems really worthwhile – she manages to portray the accumulated fatigue, endlessly reinforced by a new portion of stress. Kate Winslet’s facial expressions convey the depth of the character, and her movements (up to lameness from the injury), along with harsh mannerisms and casual clothes, make the heroine very real. Winslet proves that Detective Meir has reasons to immerse himself in work and go through difficulties in communicating with his family (by the way, the mother of the main character is played by actress Jean Smart, who manages to bring a subtle, but appropriate share of ironic humor to the gloomy series) .

Pros: playing Kate Winslet; detective story and psychological drama; the trauma of the main character is revealed in parallel with the investigation of the murder; completely finished story Cons: red herrings designed for intrigue Conclusion:

a series about a dreary American province, which, despite the similarity with other detectives, captivates with the plot and the main character in the excellent performance of Kate Winslet.

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