Love and Monsters Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: Unusual version of the post-apocalypse; generally good visual effects; funny secondary characters: the main character’s dog, the robot Mav1s and the girl Minnow; references to other films about the end of the world Cons: Some (many) scenes of the film look stupid; traditional and rather hackneyed plot Love and Monsters / “Love and Monsters”

Genre fantasy, adventure
Directed by Michael Matthews
Starring: Dylan O’Brien (Jowel Dawson), Jessica Henwick (Aimee), Michael Rooker (Clyde Dutton), Ariana Greenblatt (Minnow), Milani Zanetti (Mav1s), Hero (Boy), etc.
21 Laps Studios, Paramount Pictures
Year of release 2020
Site IMDb

The film Love and Monsters was conceived as a teen post-apocalyptic comedy with romantic elements, something like a mix of Mad Max and Zombieland interspersed with family films of the 80s and 90s. Well, this is how it turned out in the end.

To avoid death from a stray asteroid rushing towards Earth, humanity unites and sends an armada of nuclear missiles to the celestial stone. And destroys the asteroid! But the trouble is, the remnants of jet fuel from thousands of simultaneously launched rockets are poisoning the atmosphere of the planet, turning insects and amphibians into giant monsters that devour people. High school lovers Joel (Dylan O’Brien) and Aimee (Jessica Henwick) break up during the insectocalypse. Love and Monsters takes place 7 years after the end of the world, when Joel finally decides to surface and go to Aimee’s hideout, located 140 km from his bunker. He will have to live on the surface for seven days. The problem is that Joel is completely unprepared for this journey, he does not know how to shoot at all, and in moments of danger he falls into a stupor and literally cannot move.

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Love and Monsters is an Australian film, which explains where its creators came up with the idea of ​​giant insects and amphibians conquering the Earth. In Australia, this happens literally every day. Well, it seems that Australians have already come to terms with the hordes of creatures that want to kill them, and have even learned to treat it with humor. Actually, the episodes with a variety of monsters, and not all of them are definitely dangerous, are some of the best in the film, in addition, from the point of view of visual effects, they are even done well.

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Love and Monsters is a very predictable film, and if you have watched at least a couple of post-apocalyptic comedies, you will easily guess what will happen at each next moment. Somewhere in the middle of the picture, when Joel meets Clyde and Minnow, it seems that this is just a Zombieland clone, but then a bucket of molasses and teenage romance is poured on the audience. However, at some moments the film can even surprise, as, for example, in a very touching episode with the last robot on the planet, Mav1s.

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The main roles in this film starred Dylan O’Brien, whose reputation was pretty much tarnished by a series of teenage post-apocalyptic films Maze Runner, and Jessica Henwick, whom you probably know from her roles in the TV series Iron Fist and Defenders. Alas, the main characters themselves turned out to be somewhat flat and banal here. The supporting characters look much more interesting: the funny couple Clyde and Minnow (young Ariana Greenblatt plays simply with inspiration), the dog Boy (the smartest Australian shepherd kelpie) and the aforementioned robot Mav1s. These characters are really memorable, like some of the monsters, the same giant snail or the final boss of the film.

In general, Love and Monsters personally reminded me of another stupid but sweet film about the post-apocalypse – The Postman / “The Postman” with Kevin Costner, recognized by film critics as one of the worst films in history and received five (!) Golden Raspberries. Yes, “The Postman” is indeed too pretentious, stupid and does not hold a candle to the book on which it is based, nevertheless, from time to time I enjoy reviewing this picture. She gives hope. This is exactly what we need in 2020.


Despite the banality and predictability, Love and Monsters is not as bad as it might seem at first glance

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