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Review of the movie

The director of “Lou” was the German Hanna Ferster. Prior to that, she had experience working with stories featuring strong main characters (“Alien” and “Jessica Jones”). Her only full-length work so far was the last part of the “Another World” franchise, where, as you know, a cool warrior was also in the foreground. But that movie turned out to be extremely unsuccessful, so now the director has a great opportunity to rehabilitate. In the review below, we tell whether she managed to do it.

“Lou” / Lou

Genre thriller, action, drama
Directed by Hanna Ferster
Starring: Allison Janney, Jerry Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green, Greyston Gault, Matt Craven
Netflix premiere
Release year 2022
IMDb site

In the current era, stories about the fierce struggle of good women with bad men are no longer surprising. Here’s the fresh new thing from Netflix, Lou, co-produced by JJ Abrams, trying to follow the same path. Although feminist motives are present in this thriller, they do not overshadow the entertaining side, and for the viewer, the first thing that matters is how successful the genre product turned out to be.


A reclusive retiree named Lou lives somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the northwest coast of the United States. She skillfully uses a rifle and with its help is already planning to commit suicide, but the unexpected kidnapping of her neighbor Hanna’s daughter requires the woman to put off urgent matters for later and search for the kidnapper. He turns out to be the girl’s father, Philip, a former special agent and war criminal who everyone thought was dead.

The situation is complicated by an unbearable downpour, due to which the heroines cannot contact the local sheriff. So they will have to take the situation under their control and single-handedly engage in an uncompromising confrontation not only with terrible weather, but also with a persistent and very dangerous enemy.

The film begins leisurely, but even in those moments when nothing important is happening on the screen, there is a sense of unease, as if something bad is about to happen. This premonition is reinforced by the approach of the storm, which is reported on the radio. And this kind of suspense, which sets the viewer in a certain way, seems really appropriate here.


With the start of a downpour and a gale-force wind, the exposition ends and the dramatic events begin: the kidnapper tries to carry out his villainous plan, and two women pursue him, overcoming all kinds of obstacles on their way. It is worth noting that this is the most interesting part of the film, because it is here that Lou and her new partner enter into battle with the accomplices of the criminal and the circumstances that work against them.

But as soon as the script begins to gradually reveal its not very inventive twists to the viewer, the narrative turns in a completely different direction, and the thriller with elements of an action movie and a survival film now prefers to seem like something dramatic, in fact, it is not.

The ephemerality of this drama, its obvious artificiality is mostly due to a vague backstory, which is mentioned in some abrupt moments and somewhat wooden dialogues. And the result is that it will be difficult for the viewer to empathize with the characters in such unfavorable conditions and, ultimately, to be absorbed by this pseudo-dramatism.

Review of the movie

At the same time, “Lou” does not work very well as an action genre project, because there will not be so many interesting adventures for the entire time frame, and the clashes between the enemy sides look somehow strange, if not to say that it is pointless. The lion’s share of events takes place at night, so the film has many dark scenes, which deprives the story of quality entertainment. The motives of the villain played by Logan Marshall-Green also do not make much sense, so his actions raise many questions.

As for the titular character Lu, her typical genre “dark past” is read from the very first frames, so there is no surprise when the viewer is revealed who she really is. This is a Lorraine Broughton in retirement, forced to take up the old again. It was quite unusual to see 62-year-old Allison Janney in such a role, but she coped well with this role.

At the very beginning, somewhere in the background, the frame will show a televised speech by Ronald Reagan and a report that the CIA played clearly not the last role in the 1953 Iranian coup d’état. This information will be provided for a reason, because in the climax it will provide an explanation for some events.

Review of the movie

But the trouble is that these events will have almost no influence on the main storyline and its local conflict, and because of this, the political elements in the plot will play a purely decorative role. As a result, the authors of the film did not get a qualitatively disturbing thriller, nor a spectacular action movie, no, even more so, some kind of poignant drama.

Pros: interesting exposition, several exciting scenes, unusual but confident reincarnation of Allison Janney Cons: weak drama, unclear disclosure of the backstory of the characters, complete darkness in many scenes, not enough “adventure” that can really captivate Conclusion:

The film “Lou” turned out to be a mediocre thriller, which, in the course of the development of events, somehow miraculously begins to pretend to be a drama. But due to a poorly written dramatic line, it was unable to evoke sincere emotions

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