Léon: The Professional Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of the movie “Leon” and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

This film in 1994 literally blew up the audience. The mass use of digital technologies was still in its infancy, flash drives and DVD discs existed only in the project, and therefore people watched the film in cinemas and on VHS video cassettes – but even on these media, Leon conquered all countries of all continents.

What is Leon about?

“Leon” by all indications – it seems to be a classic action movie. There is a classic killer (who for some time now has become fashionable to simply call a “killer”. There is a corrupt policeman who, with a gang of thugs, is able to kill his family, including children, since he was not “unfastened” from selling drugs. alive, an innocent victim, touching nymphet Matilda, performed by Natalie Portman, already brilliant at the age of 11.

But how many deviations from the genre in its classical sense in this film!

Police Commissioner Norman Stansfield, or Stan, performed by the no less brilliant “scoundrel of all times and peoples” Gary Oldman must protect Law and Order. But how is it customary to say? “To promise – does not mean to marry”? And the villain in his performance turned out to be just classic! As in the Soviet films of the 30s, spies and pests were portrayed, in which everything was written on their cynical faces, and one could not follow the intricacies of the plot in order to guess who the guy in the black hat was. But with Besson, you follow. Because in the course of action, the scoundrel also reveals many facets of his scoundrel personality. And his invulnerability, the terms of which were meanness and cunning, all the same will pass before the cunning of Leon. He, dying, dragged the scoundrel behind him. This triangle “Matilda-Leon-Commissioner Stan” is the engine of the film. All others

Meaning of Leon

Although Tony is a truly sinister figure. So it is accepted in society that the external signs of respectability overshadow the true essence of a person. Well, really? Lives like this Tony, the venerable father of the family. With his completely legal business … but under the “roof” of which there is a cocaine trade. And the supplier of dope is the Chinese community with its own national criminal traditions. But all their “brotherhood” or what in another country would be called “prison subculture”, “criminal romance” crumbles to smithereens when another criminal, already in a police uniform, takes him by the throat, demanding to give Leon’s address. And he “surrenders” his very best killer.

And what happened? And what happened is that the girl, burning with a thirst for revenge for the murdered family, is trying to get even with Stan. And, as expected, she was disarmed and, perhaps, killed right there – if it didn’t happen in public. But while Stan decides what to do with the one who was the only witness to his dark deeds, Leon, worried about the disappearance of Matilda, finds out where she is. Probably swearing in the shower. But he goes and frees the clumsy. But here, Stan, through his channels, finds out who entered into a confrontation with him and goes to Tony. The circle closes. And in the drama that is being played out, the roles of victims and hunters are clearly placed. Well, at least the corrupt cop thinks so. After all, behind him stands the entire state machine of violence!

Early formed 11-year-old Matilda looks older than her years. Rather, it looks more mature in body, with a very childish face. And it is not surprising that, left an orphan, she falls in love with all the ardor in Leon who sheltered her … considering him both an adoptive father and a found older brother. The young actress Portman in this role is balancing on the fine line of innocence, eroticism and even some depravity – what are her simple attempts at seduction worth?

Leon, who took pity on the girl and treats her purely as a younger sister or even a daughter, is a cynic no less than his antagonist policeman Stan, sees all these tricks of her in full view. But he doesn’t show it. He even plays along in some ways, portraying an inept bachelor in everyday life, and at times even some kind of klutz. But at a deep level, both have a clear understanding of their social roles: he is a killer working on the orders of the mafia. She seems to be an innocent victim, but she also knew very well about the dark deeds of her father shot by the police, and from the whole dead family she regrets only her sincerely beloved four-year-old brother to tears.

And she discards all her real and feigned sensuality when she turns to Leon with a request to teach her the killer’s craft as well. To take revenge. At least for my brother.

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