Interstellar Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning behind the movie Interstellar and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

The film “Interstellar” is one of the most outstanding and memorable films directed by Christopher Nolan. The picture won the love of the audience, the respect of critics and scientists, becoming a classic of science fiction. Interstellar is filled with meanings, mysteries and conjectures, which we will discuss next.

What is the movie Interstellar about?

The film takes place on Earth in the near future, when humanity is on the verge of an ecological and food disaster. Crops are rapidly dying on the planet, cultivated plants one by one stop growing and producing crops, people regularly encounter dust storms and burn their fields in order to save healthy plants, which are almost the only source of food.

In the center of the plot is the Cooper family, who own their farm. The father of the family, a former professional astronaut, lives by growing crops and raising two children – son Tom and daughter Murphy.

Cooper’s daughter repeatedly proves to her father that a poltergeist lives in her bedroom and gives her secret signs. Despite skepticism, at one point the father decides to go to the coordinates that Murphy’s otherworldly friend allegedly showed and finds himself at a secret NASA base.

There he learns that scientists have found a wormhole near the Earth, where several astronauts were sent in order to find a new home for all mankind. Cooper also learns that the entire earthly civilization may die in 40 years and they have only two choices: find a new habitable planet and resettle all the remaining inhabitants of the Earth there, or leave people and establish a civilization on a new planet from scratch.

Cooper is faced with a difficult choice – to leave the children and go on an expedition with scientists in search of a new home, or stay with his family and wait for rescue from those who hardly understand astronautics.

Despite his daughter’s pleas to stay, Cooper decides to go on a dangerous journey to the other side of space in order to save the future of his children and all of humanity. In a team with Cooper, the daughter of the founder of the mission, the biologist Emilia Brand, the geographer Doyle and the physicist Romilly, are sent on an expedition.

The purpose of their mission is to study the planets where previous expeditionary cosmonauts landed and find out if they are suitable for human life. The initial landing point was the planet Miller, located near the Black Hole, which is why time flows differently there. One hour on this planet is equal to seven years on Earth. This fact comes as a shock to Cooper and he wants to leave this place as soon as possible in order to quickly return to his children.

But everything does not go according to plan, the planet Miller turns out to be one continuous ocean, the waves of which flood the team’s aircraft and one of its members dies. The remaining heroes have to spend several hours on a harsh planet, which is equal to 12 years on their native Earth. During this time, Cooper’s daughter Murph managed to grow up, become a scientist and also tried to find a solution to the problem of global hunger and the extinction of mankind.

At this time, her father finally left the planet Miller and he and his team faced another difficult choice – check the two remaining planets Andrews and Mann and stay on one of them, or check one of the planets and go home to Earth. The reason for this choice is the lack of fuel that was spent on the planet Miller.

One of the scientists of the team, biologist Emilia Brand, admits that she is in love with one of the astronauts who is on the planet Andrews and she feels that it is there that they can find salvation for all mankind. But Cooper does not believe in the power of love and decides that they will visit the planet Mann, because positive signals come from there, and then go back to Earth.


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