Insidious: The Red Door Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the film

The first part of “Astral” in 2010 managed to greatly frighten and intrigue fans of the genre and spawn a whole franchise. Unfortunately, as it often happens in horror cycles, each new part seemed to move away from the advantages of the original. In the end, “Astral 5” was the finale of the main storyline (but don’t relax, we still have the spin-off Thread: An Insidious Tale waiting for us). We tell in our review how the new horror film turned out.

“Astral: Red Door” / Insidious: The Red Door

Horror genre
Directed by Patrick Wilson
Starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Andrew Astor, Hiam Abbass, Peter Dagger
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

The story of the film again focuses on the Lambert family, around which the plot unfolded in the first two parts of “Astral”. Actually, the fifth part continues the plot lines from the second. Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) is about to enter college and start a new chapter in his life.

He has a strained relationship with his father Josh (Patrick Wilson), and they don’t talk about his experiences with the paranormal. But the ghosts of the past (literally and figuratively) begin to haunt the family again.

The director of the fifth part was Patrick Wilson, who played one of the main roles in the franchise. This is his directorial debut. And this is very noticeable, because the fifth part of “Astral” does not sparkle with any revelations in terms of cinematography. Instead, it focuses on the relationship between the main characters – but even here, everything is not so smooth.

On the one hand, “Astral 5” has a fairly clear plot structure, which is not limited solely to interaction with the other world. In addition, we are told the story of one complex family that survived a trauma that forever changed the life of each of its members.Review of the film

The fifth part of the horror franchise can be called the most human film in the series, because people here act as self-sufficient characters, and not just as tools for interacting with horrors.

On the other hand, the film seems to slip into self-infatuation with its characters. As if Wilson as a director wanted to highlight himself more as an actor. “Astral” was never primarily about family dramas, even though they played an important role in each part of the series.

In Astral 5, drama took center stage — and not everyone will like this approach.

Review of the film

The whole supernatural part of the film turned out to be boring. In the fifth part of “Astral” there is no ingenuity, and paranormal elements seem to be needed here only to reinforce the storyline with family melodrama.

As a result, we get an interesting and important message about accepting one’s past for the sake of a normal life. But such an idea would look better in some other movie.Review of the film

The fifth part of “Astral” is brought down by the fact that the film tries to close all the storylines that had time to multiply during the previous four parts. And if everything could still work here as an independent film, then due to the overload of scenario moments, the already shaky structure of the plot is completely destroyed.

And too much dependence on the first two parts makes the film feel dated. After all, since the release of the first part of “Astral”, the world has seen many interesting horror films such as “Skinamarinka” and “Inheritance”. Horror as a genre, in principle, evolves as quickly as possible, trends here change almost every few years. And “Astral 5” against this background feels like a newcomer from a completely different time.

“Astral 5” is not a scary movie at all. Saying a similar phrase about almost every continuation of famous horror franchises is already somewhat boring, but there is no escaping the truth.

Review of the film

The fifth part relies on images of dead people and the afterlife without ingenuity. In addition, the film does not force your imagination to work, which often creates the most terrifying monsters.

In this movie, everything is exactly as shown to you. And if something is unclear, it will be explained to you additionally. Which doesn’t help the local horror elements at all.

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Pros: good main ideas within the plot; in general, the pace of the story is adequate; completion of storylines that stretched from the first part of “Astral” Cons: the film is absolutely not scary; the emphasis on family drama may scare away fans of the franchise; a general sense of the senselessness and drag of what is happening Conclusion:

“Astral: The Red Door” is like a party for your loved ones. And for completely fanatical and undemanding ones. After all, even with its generally competent structure, this film is not able to offer anything interesting

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