Indiana Jones & the Dial of Destiny Ending Explained

Review of the movie

Perhaps the modern generation is not very familiar with the hero named Indiana Jones. But once this character of Harrison Ford personified a whole layer of stories about forgotten treasures and long journeys. But time passed, Indiana was replaced by Lara Croft, Nathan Drake and other modern heroes. However, Indy never received a proper farewell. “Indiana Jones and the Relic of Fate” is just meant to be the same “worthy finale”. We tell you in the review below how the movie turned out.

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” / Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Adventure genre
Directed by James Mangold
Starring: Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Toby Jones, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, John Rhys-Davies, Shaunette Renee Wilson
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) has left his adventure glory days behind. Now he is engaged in teaching history to students, and the pension has come close to him. However, meeting his godmother Helena “Wombat” Shaw (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) promises Indy new challenges. And now he is forced to embark on a perilous journey to find and restore the Dial of Archimedes (Antikythera), which supposedly can interact with time itself.

Of course, Indy will be opposed by the Nazis, who cannot come to terms with the defeat in the Second World War. Nazis are one of the main elements of the Indiana Jones saga, so the final film about the famous adventure could not do without them. As well as without the hat, whip, various locations, dynamic action with Harrison Ford and the same title theme.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were not directly involved in the production of the film. They acted only as executive producers. The director this time was James Mangold (“Logan”, “Ford vs. Ferrari”). And from the very first seconds of viewing, you will understand how much Mangold loves Indiana Jones.

But this type of love can often play a cruel joke on the creators. After all, the opportunity to participate in the work on your favorite series can potentially lead to a reluctance to somehow develop its internal ideas and present a fresh look at standard things. “Indiana Jones and the Relic of Destiny” fell into this trap.Review of the movie

The film feels a bit dated, even Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has a more inventive look to it (albeit not always high quality). The creators of the fifth part seem to be afraid to do something really important and unforgettable. Even the local action, which is generally pleasant and interesting, does not linger too much in the mind (with the exception of the final segment, but it is rather just unexpected).

The authors wanted to make a special emphasis in their story on the fact that the time of Indiana Jones has already passed, and in the new era Indy feels insecure. Just looking at how the elderly Harrison Ford performs incredible stunts, it is hard to believe that the time of such a person can pass even once.

They tried to make Indiana a more human and melancholic character, but this is evident in two scenes. In the rest, we see the same stable hero who is capable of anything. In some scenes, Ford was rejuvenated with the help of computer graphics. Admittedly, this is one of the best examples of using CGI for such a purpose in the industry. But the line “Indiana Jones is already old” does not benefit him.Review of the movie

Much more attention is drawn to Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Her character came out extremely alive, her every phrase literally breathes energy. Especially in contrast to Ford, who himself seemed to be tired of his role, but his own arrogance and coolness did not allow him to part with the character so easily. Mads Mikkelsen, who seems to simply not know how to be charming, will surely get his share of audience sympathy.

What is definitely not to be taken away from the film is the extreme dynamics and diversity. Locations, conditions and characters here constantly change each other, and the action is successfully diluted with peaceful moments and mysteries of the story. If in the cinema you need color pictures to alternate as often as possible, then the fifth part of the adventures of Indiana Jones is a great choice for you.

Review of the movie You can think for a long time about the place of the movie “Indiana Jones and the Relic of Destiny” in the context of modern cinema and culture in general, but the truth is extremely prosaic. This is a movie that is entirely and completely based on your sense of nostalgia. If Indiana Jones is just a good name for you, then the fifth part will not cause you any special feelings.

But if once this character of Harrison Ford opened for you the world of dangerous adventures, forgotten treasures and distant countries, then “Relic of Fate” can once again give you forgotten but important emotions. Here, it is no longer important what quality the film turned out to be. Because they will go to him not for the sake of directorial techniques or a rejuvenated Ford, but only to regain old feelings and feel younger for two and a half hours.Review of the movie

The capitalization of nostalgia by large corporations continues to work successfully. And whether this is good – the box office of another wave of continuations and restarts of famous franchises will show.

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Pros: high dynamics and variety of what is happening on the screen; Harrison Ford still embodies the standard model of the pathetic Hollywood star; farewell to Indiana Jones turned out to be worthy Cons: there are no revelations in the film; the cinematography feels a bit dated; impression of the story depends on how much you like Indiana Jones Conclusion:

Indiana Jones finally retired — and he did it in style. With adventures, sharp phrases and treasures. To some, a similar formula in 2023 will seem unnecessary. But, as they say, if Hollywood stars come back even in old age, then someone needs it

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