I Care a Lot Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Adventurer” / I Care a Lot

Genre black comedy, thriller
Directed by J. Blakeson
Cast: Rosamund Pike (Marla Grayson), Peter Dinklage (Roman Lunev), Eiza Gonzalez (Fran), Chris Messina (Dean Erickson), Diane Wiest (Jennifer Peterson), Isaiah Whitlock Jr. (Judge Lomax), Nicholas Logan (Aleksey), etc.
STXfilms Studios, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) is a successful and very brazen swindler. She is also a lesbian, a feminist and a rare bitch with somewhat strange principles. She makes money on old lonely people, placing them in nursing homes and forcibly keeping them there, while disposing of their property, selling real estate, etc. A reliable, well-established business that involves a few trusted people, not counting the idiot judge, who helps Marla out of their own free will and good intentions.

Marla leads the life of a respected and worthy member of society: why, because she takes care of the unfortunate lonely old people; slowly develop your business; having a good time with his girlfriend; takes care of his own health. Not life is a raspberry. Until her attention is drawn to a sweet and probably very wealthy old woman Jennifer Peterson (Diane Wiest), who has such serious connections that trying to hide a woman in a nursing home turns into a real nightmare for Marla, which could cost her life. and the people she loves.


Well, a very promising plot. With such a plot, you can shoot both a furious black comedy that makes you cry with laughter, and a high-quality thriller that keeps the audience in suspense from the first to the last frame … Alas, “The Adventurer” / I Care a Lot has little in common with comedies on the verge, Same with thrillers. Nobody pulled the filmmakers by the tongue, they themselves chose the genre, more precisely, the junction of genres, and did not guess a single letter. I Care a Lot is not funny, not scary, not tense.

11Review of the film

It is simply impossible to determine the genre of this film, how to say why it was filmed at all? To draw public attention to the problem of old people and corrupt, government-encouraged childcare? Remind of the inevitability of retribution? To highlight the vices of society and its individual members? Show that perseverance and straightforwardness can lead to success? What is this all for?


The problem with I Care a Lot is that there are no characters to empathize with. The main character is a rare bitch who you want to kill yourself and with much more cruel methods than her enemies offer. Her obstinacy, unwillingness to obey the arguments of reason, manic obsession with a sense of her own superiority over men, cause only rejection. By her actions, she harms those around her, primarily those who are dear to her, and for the way she treats the elderly, she is generally entitled to a separate, very special place in hell.

Empathize with the Russian mafia that Marla Grayson crossed paths with? Well, Roman Lunev (Peter Dinklage) is a charismatic son of a bitch, sure, but he’s a drug dealer and a ruthless psychopath. And the way he acts in the final, betraying himself, his principles and family ties, does not cause any sympathy at all.


So it turns out that almost the only one, except for the by no means unfortunate old woman Jennifer Peterson, who wants to empathize in this film is the narrow-minded and frightened Alexei (Nicholas Logan), who literally suffered for nothing. Nicholas Logan in general should be given a separate prize for the masterful portrayal of a petty Russian gopnik, he did it perfectly.

We have serious complaints about the logic of what is happening in the film. If Roman Lunev really wanted to solve the problem quietly, without drawing attention to his own person, then this could be done both by completely legal and semi-legal methods, almost without resorting to violence. But then the second half of the film would have fallen like a house of cards, so the scriptwriters chose the most illogical and most straightforward option. Well.


As I said at the very beginning, almost the only advantage of “The Adventurer” / I Care a Lot is an excellent cast, it’s a pity that such serious talents were wasted on such a long-winded dummy. After all, they play really well. What about Rosamund Pike, who managed to create the image of a reference, fantastic bitch, for which she will probably still receive a lot of criticism from the LGBT community. That Peter Dinklage is very comfortable in the role of a smart and cruel mafia boss. That Dianne Wiest, who convincingly played a not so simple pensioner. By the way, Wist is the most titled of this company, the actress has two Oscars (1987, 1995), two Emmys (1997, 2008), a Golden Globe (1995) and two Screen Actors Guild Awards (1995, 1997) for the kit.

Actually, because of the actors and the very inventive compressed editing in the first part of the picture, the film is worth watching. Otherwise, it’s just killing your own time – two hours wasted.

Pros: Great cast who do their jobs well; some interesting editing choices Cons: Weak and predictable story; the strange motivation of the characters and the illogicality of many of their decisions; lack of positive characters; Tightness Conclusion:

Unfortunately, The Adventurer / I Care a Lot has very little of both black comedy and thriller. This is a weird and completely pointless movie.

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