Horizon Line Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pluses: the plot with the plane, which turns out to be without a pilot; the film keeps the tension Cons: boring backstory of the main characters; the absurdity of what is happening in the air “Horizon Line” / Horizon Line

Genre thriller
Directed by Mikael Marsimain
Starring Alexander Draymon (Jackson), Allison Williams (Sarra), Keith David (Wyman), Pearl Mackie (Pascal), Jumayn Hunter (Samuel) and others.
SF Studios Production AB, Ombra Films, STX Films
Release year 2020
IMDb website

Saying goodbye to loved ones is hard for Sarah, so she silently leaves, leaving Jackson for the sake of her career. A year later, Sarah returns to a tropical island, where her friends’ wedding and an awkward reunion with a former lover awaits her. Now they need to escape from personal grievances and get to the celebration, where both are notably late. The heroes board a private jet and stay on schedule until something unforeseen happens. The pilot dies of a heart attack, and Sarah and Jackson find themselves hovering over the ocean with only a rough idea of ​​how to fly the plane and not even knowing how to land.

The performers of the main roles and, in fact, the only central actors could previously be seen in well-known projects. Actress Allison Williams starred in the horror film Get Out and appeared in the series Patrick Melrose, while Alexander Draymon starred in The Last Kingdom and was in the third season of American horror stories” (American Horror Story).

It seems that the thriller “Skyline” may become the most unsuccessful project in the filmography of the actors. It’s not even about a simple plot, without much excitement playing around with a set of outdated clichés. Rather, in the unwillingness to interest the audience in the main characters, who manage to get bored in the first fifteen minutes, generously allocated to get acquainted with the romantic backstory. But for these two you will have to worry about the whole film, especially when they are on the verge of death.


Okay, for the sake of air adventures, you can endure the most boring love story. And then, as it turned out, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the filmmakers completely disregard the laws of physics.

In fairness, it should be said that in Hollywood films many neglect them, but there is a limit to everything. Even in spy action movies, few people can hold on to the wing of a flying plane with one hand for long minutes, not to mention other no less amazing deeds of the main characters.

It seems to be clear that there is not much point in finding fault with thrillers, the plot of which is centered around survival in an emergency. The most important thing in them is the ability of the director to keep the tension, Mikael Marsimain really succeeds. At the cost of improbable feats and tricks.


The heroes, as for the current situation, react extremely calmly to what is happening, freely look out of the plane and quickly move away from pain. Well, from such a number of events, feelings can become dull, and, judging by the version of the filmmakers, the forces can immediately recover.

No matter how bad it is with the realism of events, in the “Horizon Line” something constantly happens to the characters, so there is no time to relax. This is perhaps the only big plus of the film, thanks to which the interest in the finale of the story remains.

At some point, the thriller even gets a new twist that could very well fix the almighty mid-air survivability. But the screenwriters for some reason give up, abruptly breaking off the plot twist they invented.

Skyline is not the most inventive or the most believable survival movie. If you ignore the completely unrealistic events that happen to the main characters, you can be drawn into a series of dangerous situations. They take tense moments in which it is scary to imagine yourself in the place of heroes.


not the most realistic and not the most thoughtful survival movie.

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