Halloween Ends Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the movie

So we waited for the climax of the new Halloween trilogy – a bloody epic about the relationship between the long-suffering Laurie Strode and the maniac Michael Myers. This battle started way back in 1978 and will end only now. There will be only one winner. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, this is indeed the end of the story, and if the killer in the creepy mask ever appears on the screen again, it will be a completely different story. How successful the final part was – let’s find out in the review.

“Halloween. End” / Halloween Ends

Slasher genre
Directed by David Gordon Green
Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Andy Matichak, Rowan Campbell, Will Patton, Kyle Richards
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2022
IMDb site

Modern cinematographers do not shy away from turning to cult films of the past, which in one way or another influenced the development of slasher and horror films in general. Not to say that this is a good trend, because it looks clearly exploitative, but, probably, the genre does not foresee any alternative today. As a result, the once lively and almost mandatory “last girls” for him have become experienced women or, if you look at it, already grandmothers.

Halloween Ends

In January, Ghostface returned to Woodsboro, where Gale Weathers and Sidney Prescott once again had to confront the ghost from Edvard Munch’s painting. In February on Netflix, infamous Texas redneck Leatherface pulled his chainsaw out of a dusty closet to juicy shreds a busload of Tiktokers and met up with old acquaintance Sally Hardesty.

You can also mention the recent comeback of Pinhead and the revival of Jeepers Creepers, but the first one was not remembered for anything special, and the second one turned out to be such a worthless disgrace that it can only be played in Russian cinemas.

But October is shining with golden colors outside, which means that it’s Laurie Stroud’s turn to meet her old enemy. Last. After the events of last year’s film, she decided to restart her life, bought a beautiful new house, changed her hair and started writing her own memoirs. Meanwhile, her granddaughter Alison meets a strange young man, Corey Cunningham, who accidentally killed a child 4 years ago. It is obvious that this meeting will lead to tragic consequences.

Review of the movie

Michael Myers himself, apparently, resented the people of Haddonfield because they disliked him so much, and went into self-imposed exile. And then a homeless maniac catches the eye of a diamond in the rough, which has every chance of becoming a worthy successor. You just need to teach the little one how to properly stick a butcher’s knife into the victim’s throat…

Even a non-fan of John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” will understand that the world would be better off without David Gordon Green’s trilogy. Because with her, the canonical story from the original turned into something too mystical on the one hand and Santa Barbara – on the other. But in an era when everything has been said in the genre, you have to wake up the old monsters and let them out again.

“Halloween. The End” hardly resembles a simple typical slasher and does not aim to frighten or aestheticize violence. It turns out to be a boring, but at the same time moderately interesting experience.

Halloween Ends

Once upon a time in the third “Matrix” it was said that everything that has a beginning has an end. Now things are happening the other way around: the final part is constantly trying to be the beginning of a new story that shows the birth of the next killer. There are some parallels here with Leatherface, the prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which told how Bubba Sawyer made his way to such a life.

The film answers the question “where do all those soul lips come from?”, but its answer is as old as the franchise itself. Obviously, if you are treated like a monster, you will become one as a result. In addition, the tape reflects on the theme presented in “Halloween Kills”: who is Michael Myers? Is this a very evil, but still human, or something supernatural, the embodiment of evil itself?

Therefore, instead of another portion of bloody massacres, of which there are not so many here, the creators prefer to dot all the dots. Laurie has to finish this damn book, no matter what ending she has.

Halloween Ends

The authors gradually lead the viewer to the expected climax, which can hardly be called stunning, and it is able to captivate. But the romantic line is built so clumsily that it would be better to cut it somewhere in the editing room. The motives of Alison’s behavior raise many questions, the connection between her and the gloomy boyfriend is not believed at all.

The finale is predictable, although the cinematography long before it grinded and spit out that Michael Myers at the gate of the genre. You don’t have to expect surprises, and the main stars of the franchise will meet only at the very end. In general, with them, several scenes will be gathered from the force for the entire timeline, and this is seen as a rather bold step, although, of course, this fact may upset many fans of the series to the point of stumbling. And we will simply say – “oh, it will be fine.”

Review of the movie

Pros: simple and clear story, departure from the slasher genre, one very inventive massacre, improvement in the script compared to the previous part, good soundtrack, logical conclusion of the trilogy Cons: long swing of the plot, lack of suspense, not very interesting main characters and lack of chemistry between them, the need to switch attention from the main stars Conclusions:

It’s good that another well-used Hollywood franchise is coming to an end. The ending turned out to be a bit messy, but you can watch it if you accept the fact that Michael Myers and Laurie Strode no longer play a significant role in this play

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