Groundhog Day Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of Groundhog Day and also explain what the film’s ending means.

In Russian cinema in the early 90s, against the backdrop of frankly opportunistic films, there was, however, one phenomenon that brought a fresh stream to the new filmography. It was the film “Mirror for a Hero”, in which a person gets into a time loop and is forced to spin in it within the same day for many days in a row.

The storyline is quite interesting. But examining the primary sources, you are convinced that the film is secondary. Yes, it was filmed by Vladimir Khotinenko according to the script by Nadezhda Kozhushana, which, in turn, was created on the basis of the original story Groundhog Day by Svyatoslav Rybas. But in essence it is a plot copy of a rather light and funny comedy by Harold Ramis, written by Danny Rubis.

What is Groundhog Day about?

If Phil Connors were an ordinary meteorologist, he would modestly pull the strap, recording the daily readings of numerous instruments, launch probes, keep a log and make his own contribution to the accuracy of weather forecasts. But fate was pleased to give a penchant for scientific pursuits and a well-spoken tongue, the ability to ingratiate himself and, in general, be a sociable guy. Which ultimately led him to television.

Have you seen such confident young and athletic men and women who, in the most convincing tone, tell us about the upcoming weather in the near future immediately after the release of the news? So Phil is one of them. And Phil has an annual duty in the form of a report from Groundhog Day, when numerous uncles and aunts with serious faces on February 2 of each year remove the animal that was peacefully resting there from the hole and with serious faces determine whether it falls on him a shadow from the sun? If it falls, the groundhog will hibernate for another month and a half, and early spring is not worth waiting for. If there is no sun on that day (and this automatically means warmer weather), then there is no shadow – this forecast indicator. And spring will be late. Hmm … they could just stick a stick into the ground – why wake up the little animal? But, apparently, tradition is tradition.

It’s not the first time he’s been going, and, frankly, he’s already fed up with him! Therefore, on this trip, I rattled off the text on duty, filmed a reportage as part of the film crew, and already set out to return to my city. Yes, that’s bad luck: the weather raged. And I had to spend the night in a local hotel. To wake up the next morning … and on the calendar the same February 2 as yesterday. But there was no “yesterday” for others! And Phil, drawn by the inexorable logic of everyday life, is forced to live this day again just like yesterday. In the evening, a hurricane again, he again stays overnight at a local hotel – and wakes up again on the morning of February 2!

Whatever he did! He played tricks, trying to break the iron determinism of a cyclically closed being, seduced a girl for whom he had no feelings at all, even attacked the collectors, arranging a real robbery and then squandering money – but still, February 2 came the next morning with the inevitability of sunrise. Our hero, even in desperation, makes a suicide attempt – so that on the morning of February 2 … well, you understand.

Meaning of Groundhog Day

The tragedy, as well as the humor of the situation, is that none of those around, except for Phil, lives in this time loop. Even his producer Rita Hanson and cameraman Larry. No one expresses bewilderment at what is happening, because in the opinion of this majority, nothing is happening around. Well, so extraordinary! Life goes on as usual, yesterday was yesterday, and tomorrow will come tomorrow. And Phil, to whom the realization of this simple fact comes, falls from this into a rage, then into horror, then into depression.

But at the same time, Phil is also aware of some humor in the situation. What is worth at least a replica of a psychiatrist, to whom our hero-meteorologist-television worker eventually turns, suspecting schizophrenia. Remember what this cheerful doctor says to the desperate Phil? “Come back tomorrow at the same time.” Tomorrow! TOMORROW! Spectators usually in this place appreciate the doctor’s humor and laugh uncontrollably.

But a person is such a creature that he struggles with circumstances even in the most seemingly hopeless situations. Coming over and over again (and for the umpteenth time, even Phil himself loses count!) February 2 can bring benefits to a person in a time loop. He has time to find out the background of the biography of many famous personalities in the city. Try to fit into the course of events that are inevitable – and somehow, perhaps, prevent them. For example, to save the mayor who choked on a bone by preventing him from swallowing this bone. Help with car repairs for elderly ladies. And only one thing does not work out for him – he does not manage to fall in love with his producer Rita, no matter how many new details of her biography he learns and tries to use this knowledge to his advantage.

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