Good Boys Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Pros: trio of actors playing the main roles; jokes about how children perceive attributes from the adult world Cons: one-dimensional humor Review of the film “Good Boys” / Good Boys

Genre Comedy
Directed by Gene Stupnitsky
Cast: Jacob Tremblay (Max), Keith L. Williams (Lucas), Brady Noone (Thor), Will Forte (Max’s Dad), Molly Gordon (Hannah), Retta (Lucas’ Mom), Lil Rell (Lucas’ Dad), Josh Barclay Karas (Benji), Millie Davis (Brixley), etc.
Компании Good Universe, Point Grey Pictures, Universal Pictures
Year of release 2019

The main characters of the comedy are three sixth-graders who call themselves best friends. These are a boy named Thor, who is embarrassed by his passion for musicals, sensitive Lucas, who is going through his parents’ divorce, and Max, who is passionate about his first love. Together they plan to attend a party for cool schoolchildren, but before that the boys intend to prepare and gain adult experience. This idea drags the friends into a series of unexpected troubles.

The film was directed by Gene Stupnitsky, a director and screenwriter for whom the film “Good Boys” became his feature-length debut. Previously, Stupnitsky created jokes for the comedy series “The Office” and participated in writing the script for the film “Bad Teacher” starring Cameron Diaz.

Review of the film “Good Boys” / Good Boys

To understand the overall picture, it’s worth mentioning right away that Good Boys was produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. They founded Point Gray Pictures, which worked hard to create films with cheeky humor like Neighbors. On the Warpath” (Neighbors) and the cartoon “Complete Sausage” (Sausage Party). Naturally, the new comedy, filmed under the tutelage of Point Gray Pictures, could not be an exception to the rule, although it starred children.

“Good Boys” is rated R for sexual content, references to alcohol, drugs and strong language. And all this with the presence of minors on the set. It turns out that a comedy in which children are involved is categorically not recommended for young viewers to watch.

Review of the film “Good Boys” / Good Boys

In reality, everything is not as immoral as it seems. The film reveals a standard growing-up situation. The characters are approaching adolescence, but find themselves completely unprepared for the trappings of adulthood. In essence, director Gene Stupnitsky shows what any modern child faces – he notices the hobbies of adults, the essence of which he does not fully understand, and begins to repeat terms, the exact meaning of which remains a mystery to him.

Review of the film “Good Boys” / Good Boys

Using childhood confusion, which is stronger only than curiosity, Stupnitsky builds dozens of comical situations in the film. No matter how vulgar the context, the characters still do not understand it and are guided by their own logic. The funniest moments in Good Boys are not the outright jokes, but the attempts of schoolchildren to understand something that has never caught their eye before. The characters try to overcome panic with balanced conversations that distract them from the absurdity of the adult world.

Review of the film “Good Boys” / Good Boys

The entire plot of the film is based on this, which can get boring over time. Therefore, the screenwriters raise another topic – the strength of friendship, for which the manifestation of individuality also becomes a big problem. But “Good Boys” won’t have time to go into philosophy or drama; behind every sentimental moment there is still hidden a portion of jokes intended for an adult audience. In many ways, they are perceived only because of the charming actors playing the main roles.

Review of the film “Good Boys” / Good Boys

Among the main cast is Jacob Tremblay, who plays the company leader who strives to grow up. This is not the first time Tremblay has appeared on the big screen; before that, the boy starred in the dramas “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan” and “Room”, where he worked with Brie Larson.

The roles of his friends were played by lesser-known actors Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon. Both are so funny in their seriousness that they appeal regardless of the level of jokes contained in the film.

Review of the film “Good Boys” / Good Boys

“Good Boys” will live up to all the expectations of those who were drawn to the film by the trailer (and will also alienate those who were outraged by it). The production team, led by Seth Rogen, remains true to its sense of humor, while still making small concessions for the sake of the children. This is expressed in sentimental inserts and in the main line, dedicated to how difficult it can be for a child to navigate all the trends of the modern world.


The perception of the comedy “Good Boys” is simple – it will appeal to those who laughed during the trailer, and will not appeal to those who oppose jokes from Seth Rogen’s comedies.

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