Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Death Labyrinth 2: Danger Everywhere / Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Genre psychological thriller
Directed by Adam Robitel
Cast: Taylor Russell (Zoey Davis), Logan Miller (Ben Miller), India Moore (Brianna), Holland Roden (Rachel), Thomas Cockerell (Nathan), Carlito Olivero (Theo) and others.
Page Columbia Pictures, Original Movie, Shaken Not Stirred
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

The film “Death Labyrinth” was released in 2019, becoming a one-time entertainment for the audience, vaguely reminiscent of “Saw” (Saw) and “Cube” (Cube). Just in case, its creators left a few intriguing clues in the final picture in order to get the opportunity to shoot the sequel. And they didn’t fail. At the global box office, the film grossed $155 million (on a budget of $9 million), so director Adam Robitel set about creating the second part.

The first tape showed how six strangers fell into a trap, agreeing to be tested in a quest room. The intellectual game with riddles turned out to be a trap with a closed space, augmented by virtual reality and very real torture. There, the participants were forced to solve puzzles, the solution of which saved them from death. Players were tested with fire and ice, turned upside down and forced to sacrifice themselves to save others. Only one person was supposed to reach the end of the test, but two players survived – Zoe and Ben.

In the second part of the “Death Labyrinth” these heroes are trying to return to normal life, but it is difficult for them. They see nightmares, cannot get rid of anxiety and memories associated with the horror experienced. Zoey believes that they must find the organizers of the quest and expose the people who are preparing deadly trials for their own entertainment. She persuades Ben to go to New York by deducing the coordinates of a kidnapping company. Of course, everything is not so simple, and having started the pursuit of their tormentors, the heroes again fall into a trap.


Since almost the entire cast of the first film has dropped out, the second “Death Labyrinth” introduces viewers to new characters. They, like Ben and Zoe, were smart and managed to get out of other deadly quest rooms. In theory, these should be quite smart and extraordinary characters, but the writers fail to create a single truly interesting character.

It also fails to repeat the success of the first film – at least it was exciting and could be interesting for the variety of quests that the main characters got into. In the second part of the thriller (which is not destined to become a horror), such tricks no longer work. Traps seem monotonous, and the layout of the rooms is no longer surprising – now we know that absolutely everything is possible in them.


The events that happen to the main characters are shown very chaotically and quickly. Characters find clues out of the blue, shout out guesses, pull levers, and slip through the right doors. The pace gets faster and faster, but it doesn’t make it any more interesting. Yes, the viewer has no time to look away from the screen, but this is just the tension from the incessant action.

It looks like the creators of “Deadly Labyrinth” decided that they could create an entire franchise – the second film leaves even more mysteries than the first. He also teases with a cut-off ending with a huge hint of how the plot will develop in the third part of the story.

If you were wondering who is behind the organization of crazy quest rooms, you will have to wait some more time. Perhaps the writers themselves did not come up with the answers (at least, very similar to this) – they simply use the simplest intrigue to replay the same plot in different variations.

Pros: main characters from the previous film; fast pace Cons: monotonous traps; chaotic actions of heroes; empty intrigue for the sake of continuation Conclusion:

they are trying to make a franchise out of the “Deadly Labyrinth”, but, judging by the second film, this is not the best idea.

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