Enola Holmes 2 Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the movie

On November 4, the sequel to the teenage detective “Enola Holmes” was released on Netflix, in which the young star Millie Bobby Brown once again played the main role. Thanks to the young adult novels of Nancy Springer, which were published from 2006 to 2010 and total 6 books, as well as the first screen adaptation in 2020, the whole world learned about the younger sister of the legendary Sherlock Holmes. The hero of Arthur Conan Doyle’s books is also present in the frame, but plays a secondary role. What constitutes a new story about Enola – we tell you in the review below.

“Enola Holmes 2” / Enola Holmes 2

Genre adventure comedy detective
Directed by Harry Bradbeer
Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, David Thewlis, Louis Patridge, Helena Bonham Carter
Netflix premiere
Release year 2022
IMDb site

“She got into detective work! May she continue to embroider for herself!” – that’s how the angry superintendent, played by a sullen David Thewlis, shouted in one of the scenes indignantly and somehow not politically correct. Apparently, this evil uncle was not happy with the fact that a small, but very proud girl named Enola Holmes decided to follow the path of her older brother Sherlock.

Here it is immediately obvious that the sequel will follow the feminist motives of its predecessor. But in fact, not only them, because the second part will echo the tape of two years ago in almost everything. This is not at all surprising, because the same creative team worked on the project.

Enola Holmes 2

The film again breaks the fourth wall, and the plot consists of two now connected detective arcs. The main character decided to open her own agency, but was horrified to find that she was unable to compete with the gender and ageist stereotypes of a conservative society and the popularity of her prominent brother. If earlier the sinister Mycroft forced the younger sister to obey strict teachers in order to go “from a boy to a young lady”, now it turned out to be very difficult for her to get out of Sherlock’s shadow.

But one day, the young talent still manages to wait for the first official case, which concerns a missing girl who worked at a match factory. In addition, it later turns out that this disappearance is somehow connected to the case of financial fraud in the government, which Sherlock is working on. It seems that fate itself decides so that the Holmeses join forces and finally begin to cooperate, at least until they get to the truth.

Enola Holmes 2

In addition to the obvious parallels with Nancy Drew, Enola Holmes is also a kind of Veronica Mars, set in the Victorian era. However, compared to the adventures of Kristen Bell’s heroine, the local detective intrigues and their solutions are seen as less inventive and fanciful. And in the background, Nancy Enola looks like a more “lightweight” character (an infinite number of books about the latter from different authors, compared to only six of Springer’s). However, the movie “Enola” received great popularity among the viewing audience and favorable criticism from many reviewers. So the appearance of the sequel was only a matter of time.

Everything is very simple with the assessment of this tape: if you liked the first part, you will like the second one. This is the same unpretentious teenage detective with elements of comedy and a feminist slant. He seems to be pretending to be something so fascinating, maybe sometimes, God willing, in the style of Guy Ritchie, he is unlikely to be able to captivate an experienced viewer. The intrigue here is too conventional to cause any surprise in the ending, even if the villain cannot be revealed on his own.

Review of the movie

For her part, Millie Bobby Brown is constantly addressing the viewer directly, playfully winking and smiling. In such a frivolous relaxed atmosphere, one can see one’s own, sympathetic side. However, this is not enough to interest and entertain. And the storyline of Sherlock Holmes was expanded compared to last time, but it did not affect anything. Unless this is how the authors will be able to attract an older audience.

Even Helena Bonham Carter, who is a bit cocky by habit, is better remembered during her five-minute appearance than Cavill is for the substantial time allotted to him. It doesn’t get fun when he portrays Sherlock drunk. But David Thewlis seems to be continuing to play Ares on minigames, but in a battle against another wonder woman, he probably has no chance.

The romantic line between Enola and Viscount Tewkesbury does not stand up to criticism. He is a surprisingly gentle creature to talk about deep feelings, and she is too busy and independent to even allow herself to confess her love for a boy. It is not for nothing that the name Enola hides the proud Alone.

Enola Holmes 2

Local climactic showdowns are generally some kind of unbearable commotion, which hurts the eyes. In some places, “Enola Holmes 2” starts to look like frankly serial content. Sometimes it refers to real historical events, such as the women’s strike at the match factory in London. And in the rest, we have a mediocre film, which will be in the Netflix charts for a while, and then will simply remain another mark in the filmographies of local stars.

Pros: pleasant actors, relaxed atmosphere, several funny episodes, more involvement of Sherlock Holmes, Millie Bobby Brown’s cute smile Cons: lack of a good detective component, a bit obsessively presented feminism, general mediocrity of the project Conclusion:

“Enola Holmes 2” is a non-competitive detective film. And comedic. And adventurous. But it exists, talks about something serious, tries to entertain something, and has assembled a good cast. Some achievements, but there are no others here

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