Don’t Breathe 2 Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Don’t Breathe 2” / Don’t Breathe 2

Genre crime thriller
Directed by Rodo Sayages
Cast Stephen Lang (Norman Nordstrom), Madeline Grace (Phoenix), Brendan Sexton III (Rylan), Rocchi Williams (Duke), Stephanie Arcila (Hernandez), Bobby Schofield (Jared) and others.
Screen Gems Studios, Stage 6 Films, Ghost House Pictures
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

The premiere of the film “Don’t Breathe” took place in 2016. The plot centered on a group of petty thieves from Detroit who decided to ransack the house of a blind war veteran. Despite the simple plot, the tape turned out to be a truly tense thriller that scared no worse than horror films shot in the twilight. Thanks to the thoughtful staging, the picture gradually changed direction, turning the victim into a hunter, and the ill-fated thieves into prisoners of the house (causing more and more pity).

The whole film was based on Stephen Lang (the actor starred in James Cameron’s fantasy Avatar, and also played one of the leading roles in the series Terra Nova). The actor created a believable illusion of the helplessness of a lonely person, which vanished with every minute. Having waited for the right moment, Lang’s character demonstrated the skills of a former military man who is well oriented by ear, significantly ahead of intruders. Thanks to this, the thriller could be called a good example of a low-budget movie, but closer to the finale, the scriptwriters went too far with the desire to shock, adding too repulsive and absurd details to the tape.

An unpleasant discovery, in principle, crosses out any continuation of the plot in which Lang’s character can again become a good hero. However, the creators of the sequel smooth this moment by jumping forward several years. They turn a veteran into a protagonist who desperately confronts brutal killers.


In Don’t Breathe 2, Stephen Lang’s character lives in isolation, raising a Phoenix girl, whom he calls his daughter. The child has almost no contact with the outside world and asks for more freedom. However, the father assures that it will be better for everyone, besides, he trains her, teaching self-defense. Phoenix does not yet know that her survival skills will come in handy very soon – bandits will enter the house, who intend to take the girl with them.

The creators of the sequel decided to go the simple route, repeating many elements from the first film. These are hide-and-seek in the house, falling on cracked glass and fears of meeting a big dog that is trained to track people.

But what about the ambiguous figure of the protagonist? Everything is very simple – you can add complete scumbags to the plot, who have no principles and boundaries. Against their background, a blind old man who is trying to protect a child looks like a real guardian angel.


True, this time it was not possible to create a tense atmosphere, from which it became uncomfortable in the first tape. Perhaps the point is the change of director of the picture. During the filming of the sequel, the director’s chair was taken by Rodo Saiyaguez, who until then had only worked on scripts (the first film was directed by Fede Alvarez, known for The Girl in the Spider’s Web).

In principle, while all the events take place in the main character’s house, Don’t Breathe 2 turns out to be a tolerable thriller. The bandits are faced with a hardy victim who gives a worthy rebuff, but is about to lose due to the fact that there are too many criminals. Sooner or later, you involuntarily get drawn into such films, although you don’t expect something worthwhile from them.

But things get much worse when the criminals start talking, revealing their plans. Their characters and motives are so ludicrous that the thriller is in danger of becoming a black comedy (although this requires a more inventive script).

It’s a bit of a shame that Stephen Lang’s good performance is overshadowed by an awkward denouement (not for the first time) that makes the thriller completely optional to watch. If the first movie was fun to watch the role reversal between villains and prey, Don’t Breathe 2 doesn’t come close.

Pros: Stephen Lang’s acting; scenes in the main character’s house, where the thriller becomes interesting Cons: the main character, contrary to the events of the first tape, became the protagonist; villains with primitive lines and motives Conclusion:

the sequel does not surprise with a change of roles, like the first film, and it cannot scare with the atmosphere either.

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