Decision to Leave Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

The meaning of the film Decision to Leave and the explanation of the ending. A product of the film industry, “Decision to Leave” was created by a Korean director named Park Chan Wook, who put different episodes into the mystical drama to better understand the meaning conveyed by the creator. The film was shown at the closed Moscow International Film Festival in 2022.

The product became available to the general public, hitting the screens, they talk about the meaning for the realization of the author’s goal related to the transfer of data and knowledge to the people. It is impossible to miss the film Decision to Leave. Talented author Park Chan Wook is investigating mysteries related to the phenomena of the male psyche. Here, a man, a woman are trying to eliminate the wrong love, which, in their opinion, exists in this situation. The creation of a cult director of our time is used, capable of competently conveying the truth and vivid knowledge of different generations, woven by a unit of time.

The goals of Korean and world cinema are in pleasant contact, passing on true knowledge. Viewers can control a lot, for example, a high-quality viewing of extravagant paintings, the essence of which is laid down by different authors. The work of the director, the team and the complex technique that fully conveys the plot and episodes is noticeable. Technical and emotional design are cunningly woven into a data system. A certain reference image of author’s cinema appears.

The screens of United Statesn cinemas presented the film Decision to Leave, and the audience boldly appreciated the format. The difference from past director’s films is the lack of cruelty, frankness. The picture maintains tension throughout the plot. According to the plan, the detective will travel to a village in the mountains, which is far from civilization. We will have to conduct our own investigation into the death of a man who fell from a high cliff. The widow of the deceased cooperates with the investigating authorities. The case is moving forward, and the result of the detective will help to find out the truth.

The meaning of the film Decision to Leave

The director completely gets rid of violence, frank scenes, in order to give the splendor of oriental mystery, asceticism. The result was the appearance of a fatal attraction for a man, a woman, the absence of sex scenes, here the characters only visually communicate and become friends, lovers only in a warm form, without vulgar facts that interfere with understanding the true meaning.

The director had to carefully, gently connect the turbulent emotions and the highest feelings of warmth and close perception of the personality that arise between people. In relation to each other, people experience different attraction, which forms the worldview and understanding of the individual. All the little things are important and acceptable, and the bright film was remembered by the views of the characters and the attitude of the detective to what is happening. The woman’s decision to leave is not to the liking of the hero. This is just a find of modern cinema.

All frames are evaluated and elevated to the rank of art. Camera work is associated with framing, applying color correction, correct focus shifting to create the impression of a dream. There is no need to spray on all sorts of effects, but a point focus on objects and relationships is enough. Scenes in different interiors help create the impression of a special feeling inherent in the characters of the work.

The director perfectly conveyed the plot, formed by pictures of events strung on a chain of reality. A poetic film has been created, an adult love story of heroes, the embodiment of peace and creativity, is shown. The widow of the deceased is suspected of committing a crime against her husband. She may have made a terrible push into the unknown of a man. The heroine So-re shows feelings and emotions to the policeman, which become the key to future love. There is sympathy, mutual attraction, which can be misunderstood by people around.

Explanation of the ending of the movie Decision to Leave

Along with other notes, there is a comedic perception. There is an easy overcoming of the outlined boundaries of the language barrier, dandy self-confidence. In the present tense, the detective examines photographs in detail, where he examines the victims of crimes unsolved by the police. The organization of colleagues is shown, they zealously honor the idol, the ideal. There is no mutual feeling. In the mountains, circumstances are felt differently. From a great height, like a dead bird, a middle-aged man falls onto the stones.
The story of a professional rock climber wearing equipment with a mysterious acronym is considered in every way.

The engraved letters on the wife’s body – the Chinese women So-re – speak of a close connection between them. Many secrets of past years and generations are translated from Chinese into Korean to convey the purpose of phenomena.

A grieving widow loves Hae-jun, a detective investigating a terrible crime under the strict rules of the Criminal Code. A widow is suspected due to some evidence. Her guilt must be proved, because the existing alibi on the topic of involvement in the death of her husband is being checked. Obsession and fear of punishment are again present, as the fundamental facets of an event that has a legislative justification.

The use of sushi sets during interrogation suggests that it is impossible to overcome the craving for food, as well as the attraction to a woman. There are thought processes that help to understand reality.
The detective falls in love with a woman. Viewers notice the attraction of people and their contacts based on sympathy. Violation of laws should not become the basis of the life of individuals. Vivid confessions, emotional manifestation of feelings and desires – this is the trump card of people.

In real life, there are few real stories about pure love and wonderful emotions manifested on the basis of communication. It is necessary to strive for perfection, this is an endless and bright landmark in the world of obstacles and pleasures. At the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, the film was nominated for the Palme d’Or. Successful filming took place on the coast of the Korea Strait. Busan, the second largest city in the country and also the sea capital of Korea, hosted events for the film.

In the 12 pockets of the jacket, in the 6 compartments of the trousers, investigator Hae-chung has various devices for investigation. He suffers from insomnia, which is treated with eye drops. Blackout curtains hide various problems, which include unsolved murders of people. The tragic death of an elderly climber must be investigated. Detective Hae-joong examines facts and evidence about the perpetrator. The coolness of a widow kills. Hae-jun’s happy marriage is in jeopardy. Real life facts should be excellent evidence.

Only a meticulous viewer will make the right conclusion, disguise the unnecessary qualities and abbreviations that are available here. He will understand the purpose of showing this movie, being inspired by the meaning and plot, overflowing with religion and the perception of some stories from the past. You need to be imbued with what you see and become a particle of the future. The awards indicate that the masterpiece of the film industry will be remembered for a long time by episodes, a bright line of events taking place throughout the film. A wide variety of feelings can be felt while watching, plunging into the world of dreams. The true manifestation of talent is the key to success and prosperity in business.


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