Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

The meaning of the movie “Cyberpunk: Edge Runners” and the explanation of the ending. Recently, in September, the long-awaited anime series called “Cyberpunk: Edge Runners” was released, the plot of which takes place in the game Cyberpunk 2077. The series received extremely positive reviews from viewers for its characters, excellent animation, and world expansion. Some time after the release, the creators of the series announced that the series would no longer be filmed for the second stage, since the project was planned from the beginning as one independent story.

All events and plot in the series takes place in a metropolis called Night City. The main character, a guy named David Martinez, is studying at a powerful academy called Arasaka. In which children from wealthy and wealthy families study, among which David feels like a “black sheep”. As in every family, he had a mother, but she accidentally died during a criminal showdown. After the death of his mother, the guy decides to leave his studies at the academy.

After that, David joins a cyberpunk gang engaged in various illegal activities. And shortly after entering the world of lawlessness, David has to look into the eyes of death itself, including which depends on his high-tech device built into the body: when used privately, the device can drive you crazy.

The series is not for children

To date, many anime viewers can hardly be surprised by visual violence. But the series shows such nasty places well that you just want to turn off the phone screen. But everyone has different tastes, for certain categories of viewers this will be a minus, and for the rest, cruelty and violence will be a good atmosphere to watch.

The animators show violence, assassination, battles in all different forms during the show. During the battles of various characters, the animators showed severed heads, various penetrating bullet wounds, transformations into a mess of biomechanics and human organisms.

According to its category, the series is intended for an adult audience. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners gives viewers a surprisingly well-developed world in which various corporations and crime are the dominant power. Because of this, the characters have a choice between these two extremes of fate in order to somehow survive and continue their existence in the earth. But in order to understand the essence and plot of the series, it is not necessary to go through the Cyberpunk 2077 video game. During the plot, new characters appear who show themselves from all sides, revealing their pros and cons. The faces and appearance of all the characters turned out to be bright and meaningful.

In general, the essence of this work is manifested in various criminal operations that help the main character become a strong and adult person. And also there are various conspiracies with the romantic couple of David and Lucy, revealing many secrets about the past and present of each character’s life. But moving from one line to another, the series may seem either very sensual and romantic, or hopelessly cruel and uncompromising. But in general, the romanticism in the plot looks quite appropriate in the story, but it is precisely the ruthlessness of this cyberpunk world that is indifferent to human experiences that prevails in it.

In this cruel world, strong and powerful cyber implants have properties and characteristics manifested in super abilities. Helping to achieve their goals, in spite of any difficulties. But high-tech devices consisting of biomechanics destroy the border between man and machine. Destroying the consciousness and mind of the carrier and bringing him to cyberpsychosis. Revealing such moments has become the most exciting event in anime.

The authors are in no hurry to open all the cards on the table, at first they try to distract the eyes of the audience with bright effects and external beauty. Well-chosen and stylish action that doesn’t limit visual violence – eyes, organs, blood, gears, emotions give it a great quality that is used from all sides. And the well-drawn artistic details in cyberspace give the audience great emotions. Parts of the interface, characters, environment, colors, moments – everything is in place. All this enables viewers to immerse themselves in the cybernetic world of a deeper sense of the plot of the movie.

And then “Cyberpunk” shows about the same essence of the series as the video game. V is the only one who could do the impossible and stay alive. But the main character David has exactly the same alignment: his superpower helps to endure a biomechanical change in the body without escalating into cyberpsychosis, which begins to hit first his associates in the criminal world, and then the most influential and wealthy people from the Arasaka corporation.

And of course, the music helps to keep the legend of David Martinez and add great emotions and adrenaline. Actor Yamaoka was called to record and voice the soundtrack of the series, a popular author of various compositions for the Silent Hill horror franchise. The music itself is a good match for this genre.

Therefore, it is the Edge Runners series that is a beautiful ode to cyberpunk, to which, with the season of time, everything manifests itself in the surrounding reality. A ten-episode toast to William Gibson, Motoko Kusanagi, Tetsuo Shima, Johnny Silverhand – and all those who die in big cities where biomechanics and technology are bought at a high price, ordinary human life is thrown away for next to nothing, and only corporations win in every war . The analogy with toast is not accidental: if you visit the Afterlife bar in the game, then among the assortment of cocktails you can find David Martinez’s signature drink. Such an honor is awarded only to those who quickly lived and fell into legend.

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners ending

At the end of the series, a lot of different actions take place. In the finale, people from the Arasaki Corporation kidnap Lucy, the beloved of the main character David. And then taking her as a hostage, but also because of the dastardly betrayal of Qiwi, the top officials from the Arasaki corporation, under deceit without a choice, force the main character to connect the so-called cyberskeleton for themselves – but in the end, the corporation just wants to test high-tech and experimental weapons on David, due to his excellent tolerance for various augmentations.

Having acquired a new toy with great power and strength, David very quickly gets rid of people from the Militech and MaxTac squads, without completely falling into cyberpsychosis. This goes against Arasaki’s plans to conduct a controlled field test on the guy, so the corporation decides to get rid of David, who is assisted in this by Adam Smasher, the legendary cyborg and mercenary. And in the course of this, the fixer Faraday betrays Kiwi and injures her very badly.

In response to her former friends, she repents and reveals to them all the plans of the corporation, after which she dies. David ends up fighting Adam Smeshim outside the Arasaki office. In the battle, David’s partner Rebecca dies – she is crushed to death by Smasher. In the end, David also falls into cyberpsychosis, nevertheless, he still loses to Smasher and dies at his hands. However, thanks to this, David manages to save Lucy – she successfully escapes.

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