Cocaine Bear Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review of the movie

In 1985, authorities found the body of a black bear in the state of Georgia. An autopsy showed that he died of an overdose of cocaine, which drug dealers tried to get rid of. The animal was simply unlucky enough to eat several packages of the drug, or to be more precise, 34 kilograms. The bear was nicknamed the Cocaine Bear and became one of the attractions of the state of Kentucky. And in 2023, a film was released that loosely retells this incident. We tell you how “Bear under the high” turned out.

“Bear under the high” / Cocaine Bear

Comedy horror genre
Directed by Elizabeth Banks
Starring Keri Russell, Margot Martindale, Ray Liotta, Alden Ehrenreich, Brooklynn Prince, Christopher Giview, O’Shea Jackson
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2023
IMDb site

The plot of the film begins with the unsuccessful delivery of packages with cocaine, as a result of which they are scattered in one of the national parks of the state of Tennessee. A couple of assistants of a local crime boss are sent to return the drugs. But a black bear gets to cocaine earlier. And now all tourists and local residents have to find out what the drugged animal is capable of.Review of the movie

The concept of “Bear high” is somewhat misleading. After all, it may seem that the whole essence of the film boils down to “an animal under drugs kills people and behaves strangely.” And this is also in history, but here is what is interesting. For a film with the name “Bear under the highs”, there is not much of the bear itself, and in the script it does not occupy a leading position.

It’s hard to believe, but “Bear on high” is a film about eternal family values ​​and the clash of different approaches to the relationship between parents and children.

The script brings together three families with different values ​​and demonstrates, on the example of an extreme situation, where interpersonal relations can lead. However, they are only conditionally “interpersonal”, because one of the key families in the film is the bear family.

In general, the cinema behaves very competently with its central character, moderately dosing his presence on the screen. Other characters are also well written in “Bear under the highs”. Thanks to this, they do not seem like just animal victims and script elements. You get attached to them, you start to worry and feel sincere sympathy for them.

It’s strange, but when watching the movie, memories of “The Express Train” with Brad Pitt sometimes come to mind. There, the basis of the story was the confrontation between charismatic characters. And in the story about the bear and drugs, the characters are not lacking in charm either, even if there is a lack of flair and style here. But the very fact of such a parallel is pleasantly surprising.

The movie in general turned out to be much better than its synopsis, through which one can either pass by or become interested in a potential trash. However, if you want the maximum concentration of the latter, then it is better to skip “Bear on high”. Because this is a more serious and competently staged film, which uses such a strange connection for an interesting story and conveying some morals.

And besides, it’s also a genuinely funny movie that competently doses different types of humor to lift the mood of the audience. There was a place for vulgarity, comedic cruelty, and standard approaches to comedy. It all works.Review of the movie

“Bear on high” is more a comedy than a horror.

And that’s not bad at all. The film is perfectly aware of which feelings to press on – and in what way. There is no sense of historical veracity here, the connection to the real history of the Cocaine Bear is very conditional. But it does not interfere with viewing.

In addition, “Bear under the high” sounds good and has a pleasant appearance. Work with sound and music in the film is at a high level, and some tracks you want to add to your playlist. The bear itself, which is obviously made with the help of computer graphics, has a high-quality appearance and does not cause rejection.Review of the movie

There was even room for interesting directorial techniques in “Bear under the highs”. For example, instead of focusing on the bear, the movie from the very beginning introduces more and more new characters that seem to have escaped from Tarantino’s drafts. In principle, the film sometimes likes to take the addict bear out of the frame in order to better focus on the people.

And it worked. Which, frankly, is pretty surprising considering the movie’s attempts at being a thrash comedy. But the taste is even better when the credits roll. And even the scenes after the credits are quite appropriate here.

Pros: good and diverse humor; charismatic characters; an interesting disclosure of the topic of relationships within the family; the quality level of everything in the film is unexpected for its tie. Cons: the bear and frank trash are not enough in some places; general simplicity of the plot Conclusion:

“Bear on high” could become another film about the confrontation between people and a dangerous animal. But it turned out to be an interesting and light comedy that squeezes the maximum out of the concept. And in which there was even a place for its depth

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