City Hunter Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Nikki Larson (Philippe Lascheau) is a tough detective who takes on the most dangerous cases. At the same time, Nikki is a slightly narcissistic handsome man and completely shifted on the basis of sex. Some time ago, Nikki’s best friend was killed by unknown people, who before his death asked Larson to take care of his sister Laura (Elodie Fontan), well, Nikki now lives with Laura in the same apartment. No, they are not lovers, Larson perceives her as a friend. They, as befits friends, constantly arrange all sorts of tricks for each other, and Laura is very annoyed by the fact that Nikki seeks to fuck everything that moves and even that does not move (do not think anything bad, I mean just a doll from a sex shop) .

Orders for investigations for Nikki get Laura. Once she promised Larson a pretty client, and instead, a fat man Letelier (Didier Bourdon) came to the meeting, who said that his father developed a perfume called “Cupid”, which is the strongest aphrodisiac, and now all sorts of bad people are trying to steal these spirits . It is impossible, Monsieur Letelier said, for this drug to fall into the hands of terrorists – the devil knows what they will do with it!!!

Nikki doesn’t believe what Letelier says, but letelier splashes perfume on his hand and makes Nikki fall in love with him. And Nikki sprinkles perfume on Laura and asks to demonstrate how that muscular handsome man sunbathing nearby will immediately fall in love with her.

But then an explosion is heard – there, pararam – some strong man steals a suitcase with perfume and escapes on a motorcycle.

Nikki is shocked. Letelier said that in forty-eight hours the effect of the perfume would be irreversible. So Larson urgently needs to find an antidote so as not to remain in love with Letelier for the rest of his life. Yes, Laura also urgently needs an antidote: Pancho (Terek Budali), who cleans the park, has fallen in love with her. And this is not the acquaintance that she needs.


Something this new French comedy caught my eye, the rating on IMDB is not at all sucky – but let me, I think, I’ll see.

I started watching – something seemed vaguely familiar to me, especially the main character. I took a closer look – and for sure: this is the same guy who staged the comedy “SuperAlibi” and played the main role in it, only there he was blond, and here he is a specific brunette. And Elodie Fontan played his partner both there and here. Exactly, he is – Philippe Lachot!

United Statesn viewers also know this actor and director from the comedy “Supernyan” and its sequel, where Lashio also directed and played the main role.

By the way, it is strange that, following this trend, United Statesn distributors did not name the new film “Superdetective”. However, they gave it an even more idiotic name “Undercover Playboy” (there is no cover in the picture at all as a class), and the original name translates as “Nikki Larson and Cupid’s Spirits” – I don’t know why they didn’t like it.

Interestingly, this film is an adaptation of the Japanese manga “City Hunter” by Tsukasa Hojo. And this is not just a manga, this is a huge manga series, in which there are as many as 35 volumes. Five anime series, one series with actors, and even a movie with Jackie Chen were shot based on City Hunter.

Philippe Lachot transferred the action to France and Nice-Monaco, apparently adding the aphrodisiac story for additional comedy (of course, we have all seen this more than once, just remember, for example, the stupid “Love Elixir No. 9” with Sandra Bullock), but I must say that I liked this film noticeably more than “SuperAlibi”, which was a completely passable comedy.

Here there is noticeably less vulgarity (all sorts of sexual jokes are present, but they, with rare exceptions, are sufficient in moderation), Lachot loves himself a little less and concentrates more on his character, Elodie Fontan is finally present in the film not only for furniture and quite tolerably plays partner Nikki with an unsuccessful personal life, the film has funny gags, curious characters, and besides, some combat episodes are unexpectedly cool. Just surprisingly. It seems to be an inexpensive comedy (however, the budget is not disclosed), and some moments are staged as for some fucking Bond (of course, I mean Bond with Craig and only with him), only, unlike Bond, here it is also with good humor.

Of the other characters, the most interesting of all is the silly little man Skippy (Julien Arruti – he, by the way, played in both “Supernannies”), who accidentally got a suitcase with an aphrodisiac in his hands: he decided to use it to conquer the object of his admiration – American actress Jessica Fox ( Pamela Anderson). A very cool little man turned out, all the episodes with him, especially after meeting Jessica, are simply hilarious.

As a result, the comedy turned out to be, although not outstanding, but nevertheless funny, at times really funny, dynamic and funny. As entertainment in the evening after a couple of beers, it seems to me quite suitable.

And Philippe Lachot – credit. The guy is gradually growing as a director. Well, let him continue in the same spirit, as we think with the cat Bagel. Bagel, however, loves “SuperAlibi” so dearly. He is ready to watch the scenes of bullying the dog endlessly.

PS I listened to the licensed dubbing – it seems to be quite decently done and the voices were chosen well.


City Hunter movie meaning / Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon

Directed by: Philippe Lachot Cast: Didier Bourdon, GĂ©rard Junho, Audrey Lamy, Elodie Fontan, Philippe Lachot, Julien Arrouty, Tarek Boudali, Pamela Anderson, Kamel Guenfu, Chantal Ladezou


Comedy, France, 2018, 91 min.

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