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Learn Bar Tending: Dark Rum & Eggnog


Sometimes, someone I know will read something on the site and let me know that I’m doing it wrong.  For example, Nurse Becky (a friend I’ve known since the mid 90s) immediately took me to task for Learn Bar Tending: Whiskey & Egg Nog, and rather than pointing out that eggnog is one word, she got right to the point and reminded me that it’s nutmeg (not cinnamon) that you want to add to eggnog. Read the rest of this entry

Learn Bartending: Whiskey & Eggnog

I am the worst bartender ever.  But, here’s the deal:

I like to mix whiskey and egg nog… and it’s that easy.  Drop some whiskey in a glass and cover it with eggnog.  I used to think that ‘mixed drinks’ meant half alcohol, half other ingredients, but fortunately, I’ve learned that it’s usually just 1 shot of alcohol and fill the rest of the glass with the other ingredient(s), so now when people come by for a drink, they don’t immediately pass out.   Yeah, back in the day, I would take a 12 ounce glass and fill it with half Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, half coke and just hand it to someone like that’s what it was supposed to be, and if you couldn’t handle, I would say, “Psh, you’re a light weight.”  Little did I know I was killing people’s livers.

Check out our Dark Rum and Eggnog recipe!

Anyway, I recommend the following materials for an eggnog and whiskey mixer:

  • 1 juice glass (something around 6 to 10 oz; an “Old Fashioned” glass)
  • silk nog (or eggnog, whatever – I generally use Silk’s Holiday Nog)
  • the cheapest whiskey you can find
    • I recommend at least one shot of whiskey, but one and a half shots is probably the right amount – add to taste.  i recommend cheap whiskey because you’re mixing it with the overpowering flavor of eggnog, so there’s no point in using the expensive stuff.  If it comes in a plastic jug, I think you bought the right product.
  • a sprinkle (don’t go crazy) of cinnamon is also a good idea, but you need to mix that in thoroughly

That’s it – it’s that easy.  Drink up, drink responsibly, and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Whatever.

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Learn Bartending: Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster cocktail

My buddy George dropped by to put on a cocktail making clinic and share his own modification to a Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters recipe he found somewhere on this thingy the kids call the inter-web.  The Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters cocktail is an amusing little drink that is worthy of any warm evening.  To further amuse your friends at parties (trust me, after a few of these bad boys, it’ll be easy), you can explain that this drink traces its origins back to the novel, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which describes it as the best drink in the universe.  As far as drinks go, it’s a sweet one – I guess it’s a cocktail…  I understand that a cocktail is any alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients…  whatever.  Here is his recipe:  Read the rest of this entry

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