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Window Wonderland movie review

Window Wonderland

Like virtually every movie produced by the Hallmark Channel, Window Wonderland has the usual problems:  by the numbers RomCom, no surprises.  Yet, this movie is a bit more than the sum of its parts. Read the rest of this entry

Charming Christmas movie review


It’s all new! (Except for the story.)

It’s Charming Christmas, new for 2015! Three women! One dress! One story you’ll barely be able to remember five minutes after you’ve finished watching it!  Read the rest of this entry

A Very Murray Christmas has heart but no hop


It’s not often that one comes across something like A Very Murray Christmas.  It’s not terrible, it’s not great – it’s a disappointment, but I’m not sorry I watched it…  I wouldn’t even call it an oddity of mediocrity, because it’s not necessarily mediocre.  It just kind of… is. Read the rest of this entry

12 Gifts of Christmas movie review


“She has a gift… for finding the right gift.”  Which makes, sense, because she’s a painter and he’s in advertising, so… wait, that doesn’t make any sense at all!  Such is the plight of 12 Gifts of Christmas.  (Not to be confused with A Gift Wrapped Christmas).  Read the rest of this entry

A Christmas Carol (1999) movie review


Admittedly, the design of the Spirit of Christmas Past is as weird as the Spirit of Christmas Future is cheap.

I’m sure you’ve seen A Christmas Carol before, but Patrick Stewart as Scrooge is not to be missed.  Read the rest of this entry

A Christmas Detour movie review


It’s a movie as insincere as this green screen publicity photo, and more than that, it’s a Volcano/Dante’s Peak situation as this is exact same movie as Lifetime’s The Flight Before Christmas (both movies are new this year).  I give you HIV victim hating Candace Cameron Bure’s A Christmas Detour.  Read the rest of this entry

The Flight Before Christmas (2015) movie review


“As days go by, we’re gonna fill our house with… Christmas cheer.”

The best thing about The Flight Before Christmas is that it brings Mayim Bialik together with the parents from Family Matters… or the cop from Die Hard, however you want to think of it.   Let’s get this one over with Good, Bad and the Ugly style. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas Incorporated movie review


Welcome to Christmas Incorporated, home of the worst second act on earth.  Read the rest of this entry

Love at the Christmas Table movie review


“Love at the Christmas Table, Living it up with Winnie Cooper!”

Love at the Christmas Table is something of a rarity in made for TV Christmas movies as it’s a love story first and foremost and simply set against the backdrop of Christmas.  This movie is about Christmas in the same way Master and Commander is about the ocean.  Read the rest of this entry

Every made for TV Christmas movie is based on the same 4 movies


A movie becomes a classic for a reason; it’s no accident that movie studios keep remaking Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Carol.  These are stories that are insightful, engaging and just as relevant now as they were when they were new.  So we get it; telling the same story over and over is a ritual.  This is understandable, but then there’s the folks who like to take that which is old, change the wrapper and pass it off as something new.  Well, they’re not fooling us!  Here’s a quick guide to spot how every made for TV Christmas movie is a rip off of either Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, Peggy Sue Got Married, or, in the case the last two, often both.  Read the rest of this entry

A Gift Wrapped Christmas movie review

a gift wrapped Christmas movie lifetime

A Gift Wrapped Christmas is the first 2015 installment from Lifetime’s never-ending made for TV Christmas movie factory (only rivaled by Hallmark).  As per usual, this movie has nothing new to offer but is at least passable entertainment.  Read the rest of this entry

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade movie review


With a title like Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade… what could this movie be about?

Yeah, they’re not exactly burying the lead.  Read the rest of this entry

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