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The guitar line from “Angel” sound identical to the one from “The Joker”

To my ears, the guitar line from “Angel” by Shaggy featuring Rayvon sounds like the guitar line from Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker.”  And yet, it’s not a sample – at least, it doesn’t sound like a sample.  For some reason, I find sampling to be a legitimate idea, but when you take someone else’s music and reproduce it without it being obvious… this gives me pause. Read the rest of this entry



ARW at the Wang Theatre in Boston, MA

ARW at the Wang Theatre in Boston, MA

I had the privilege of seeing Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman (ARW) play twice on their current tour, An Evening of YES Music & More.  I’m not exactly sure what the “more” refers to, except that they did play one bit from the ABWH album and their was a brief drum solo, but that hardly seems worthy of tacking “more” onto the title of the tour, but whatever – on with the show!  Read the rest of this entry

A Very Murray Christmas has heart but no hop


It’s not often that one comes across something like A Very Murray Christmas.  It’s not terrible, it’s not great – it’s a disappointment, but I’m not sorry I watched it…  I wouldn’t even call it an oddity of mediocrity, because it’s not necessarily mediocre.  It just kind of… is. Read the rest of this entry

RIP Scott Weiland


This is the image I think of when I picture Scott Weiland.

I don’t have any great insists on Scott Weiland; he was reputedly not an easy person to work with, but you can’t deny that he was the perfect front man.  Weiland wasn’t just a pretty face – that dude could blow.   Read the rest of this entry

Snoop Dogg has the answer to all of life’s questions

snoop dogg

Not only is Snoop Dogg pretty much the coolest person to ever live, he also has the answer to all of life’s questions:  Read the rest of this entry

“Tutti Frutti” was originally about anal sex

Whoever you are, you’ve gotta love Little Richard.  He brought such power and passion to his music.  The Beatles used to copy his signature “woooooo!”  The guy practically invented rock and roll… but I didn’t know they brought in lyricists to clean up “Tutti Frutti” and given that it was 50s, you can see why.  Read the rest of this entry

Last Band Banned by Rattrap Bumpkin

rattrap-bumpkin-Last Band Banned


Last Band Banned is the most recent effort from Rattrap Bumpkin, a New York based self-described pirate rock band.  When you listen to these tunes, you don’t know whether you should hug your sweetheart, punch a jerk or drink hard alcohol alone by candlelight – any or all seem appropriate.  Read the rest of this entry

Toad the Wet Sprocket at Irving Plaza (Wed Jul 29, 2015)

Toad the Wet Sprocket at Irving Plaza on Wed Jul 29, 2015

“All I want, is some sharper focus, to see the band, because it’s blurry…”

It was (for me) the 90s again last night at Irving Plaza for an hour or so as Dr. MyFiancee took me to hear Toad the Wet Sprocket drop their brand of alternative rock here in New York City.  My phone’s camera would not cooperate (selective focus), but I kinda like the pics anyway.  Read the rest of this entry

“Single Ladies x Duck Tales” VS “Earl Sinclair performs Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.”

I just came across the “Single Ladies x Duck Tales” and “Earl Sinclair performs Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.” videos.  One is lazy click bait that your brain likes for some reason (unless you’re me) and the other is a masterful editing work of genius.  
Read the rest of this entry

Mamasan: The Horrifying Truth Behind Pearl Jam’s Ten: “Alive,” “Once,” and “Footsteps”


“Alive” is the first single from Pearl Jam’s debut album, Ten, and the first song in a terrifying musical trilogy. Read on if you dare learn the truth!  Read the rest of this entry

2 Songs From The Early 90s That Are More Christian Than I Realized At The Time


If you can identify one of the songs by this screen grab, you are a gangsta. Give yourself a gold star.

You gotta love the title for this post, right?  Rolls right off your tongue.

Anyway, the early 1990s saw a musical culture in flux; it wasn’t the 80s anymore but Grunge Rock and Gangsta Rap had not yet electrified the landscape.  In 1991, the biggest song of the year was from the film Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves via Brian Adams’ “Everything I do (I Do It For You),” and in that tradition, I bring you 2 Songs From The Early 90s That Are More Christian Than I realized At The Time, because I’m just noticing this now.  Read the rest of this entry

Try guessing the Top Ten Best Selling Albums of the 1990s


Having come of age in the 1990s, I thought I would be a champ at guessing the top ten best selling albums of the decade… and I failed miserably.  Pearl Jam is not in the top ten.  (Mind Blown!  They’re in the top 20.)  But when I sat back and took an objective look at the list, it all started to make sense.  Read the rest of this entry

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