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Hanging at the Dog Park

Here’s two quick videos from the good ol’ days at the dog park.  Read the rest of this entry

Dog Blog 3/22/15


We call this,  “Hey, I’m sittin’ here!”  (Do your best to impose a stereotype New York City pedestrian almost hit by a cabbie in a movie accent here.)

Cat Blog 3/19/15

sleepy kitties

Photo by Dr. MyFiancee

Look how sleepy the kitties are!  Loooooooooooooook!  Read the rest of this entry

Sled Dog and Doorman!


Coming this fall to FOX!  Oh come on, you know FOX would have totally put this show on up against Friends in the 90s.

“He’s an Iditarod champion and he’s a doorman… at a building on the equator!  These two comically mismatched roommates are going to try to mush together in the new hit comedy everybody’s talking about – Sled Dog and Doorman!” Read the rest of this entry

Can’t Talk – Sleeping (dog blog)


Photo by Dr. MyFiancee

Conny is unaware of the cold – I know as a Siberian Husky he’s built for it, but he just wants to sleep outside.  Sometimes he sleeps in the snow.  I understand that’s what the dogs do on the trail when they’re sledding, but it’s just hard to fathom.  I can’t stand to be outside for more than a few minutes in this weather!  He laughs at eight degrees.  As for me, I make him bring his white @ss back in the house!  “Sorry we inconvenience you with our heat and our shelter and modern living!” I tell him, but he just looks at me like I’m a moron.

He’s not wrong.

Cute Dog Monthly: Dog Olympics

cute-dog-monthly-2-olympicsYeah, I don’t think Cute Dog Monthly is going away anytime soon.  The dogs are just too cute!  AND THIS ISN’T EVEN THE DOGS AT THEIR CUTEST!  You have no idea what we have in store for you!

I might be excited about dog photos.  Hard to tell.


Cute Dog Monthly: Sleeping your Cutest!


I’m sure there’s a “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” joke in here somewhere, but…whatever.  But how awesome would a Cute Dog Monthly magazine be if it actually existed?  I would subscribe the hell out of that mag!  Each issue could be devoted to dogs doing something, like sleeping, playing, looking annoyed… maybe a special issue: “Male Dogs rearing up – should we wear shorts to cover our junk?”

I might have put more thought into this idea than necessary… on the other hand, if you have the capital to make this happen, hit me up and let’s do this thing!


Saturday Dog Blog 1/24/15: Lord of the Ring


One ring to rule them all!

I never thought any dog would chew on the ring shaped nylabone, but here we are. It’s very heavy and I thought it’d be tough to work on, but Maggie has clearly figured out the intended method.

Saturday Dog Blog 1/17/15


In this photo, the dogs are waiting for Dr. MyFiancée with trepidation that she may arrive 10 minutes later than usual. They’re a demanding pack.

Cat Blog 1/11/15


These shots of both the cats on the top of the tower together never get old. On this particular morning, the sun was in the right place, there was no clouds and the fresh snow on the ground was a nice change, too. My boys look good!

A Very Animal Christmas


Almost all of my pets can unwrap a gift.  Does that say more about me or the animals? Not sure.

Saturday Dog Blog 1/3/15


We’re calling this pic, “One stimuli, Two reactions.”  Sometimes, a dog pack just don’t agree, folks.

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