Boy Kills World Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

On May 16, cinemas began showing the action-comedy film “The Punchy Dude” starring Bill Skarsgård. In the review below we tell you why it is better not to take children with you to the session and how the former Pennywise looks as a muscular action hero.


good dynamics; a lot of bloody action, for which the movie was created; good humor for the time being;


what are usually considered shortcomings (exorbitant absurdity, unreasonable cruelty for the sake of cruelty, general unpretentiousness, etc.) in films of this kind is an attribute of the genre, so these disadvantages are purely conditional;

“Punch Dude” / Boy Kills World

Genre Comedy Dystopian Action
Directed by Moritz Mohr
Starring Bill Skarsgård, Jessica Rothe, Yayan Ruhjan, Sharlto Copley, Michelle Dockery, Famke Janssen
Premiere cinemas
Year of manufacture 2024
IMDb website

The nameless boy, who is the dude from the title, was unlucky enough to be born in a dystopian hell, that is, a city ruled by the cruel Van Der Kooy family, led by the crazy Aunt Hilda. Once a year, these inhumans stage a show execution, particularly in a bizarre television reality show, to keep power under their control, intimidate society and destroy all dissenters. The family of the dude, or Boy, also falls under the distribution: his mother and sister die at the hands of Hilda, and he himself becomes deaf and mute.

But the boy manages to survive the tragedy, after which he finds himself under the tutelage of the mysterious Shaman, a martial arts master and fan of hallucinogens. He begins to teach the guy the sacred techniques of beating him in the face and tempers his mind and body (mostly the latter) so that one day he can avenge the death of his family. Years pass, and the frail boy turns into a strong adult with impressive muscles. Now he is ready to destroy those who destroyed his life. Or at least he thinks he’s ready. The feature debut of German director Moritz Mohr and produced by Sam Raimi (that’s where the “coming back from the grave” scene comes from), Punchy Dude is a mix of action-comedy and elements dystopias. “The Hunger Games” at minimum wages, multiplied by the hardcore “John Wick”, the aesthetics of which are imitated to one degree or another by a bunch of action films of recent years – from Netflix’s “Tyler Rake” to the recent “Munkyman”. This is if we talk about the film in normal human language. But it will be out of place here. This rhetoric is much more authentic:

“Punch Dude” is one hundred percent, ruthless and as pointless as possible, unspeakably bloody and unpretentious bad taste with hyperbolic violence without brakes, which, among other things, gravitates towards the style of beat ’em up video games. It’s not for nothing that the deaf-mute Boy thinks in the voice heard in his favorite arcade fighting game (the voiceover of the American comedian Harry Jon Benjamin comes to the aid of the creators).

After a short introduction to the characters, the plot takes us to the setting of an inhospitable jungle, where More carries out cartoonish Vandamism. An ambitious fighter must undergo many tests from a wise mentor to prepare for the fight of a lifetime. This is how the boy becomes a man, or, let’s wink at the localizers, a Dude, albeit not as iconic as Lebowski, but ready for new achievements.

When it finally comes to the famous action, you must immediately understand that Boy is “passing the mission” on cheat codes, because not a single firearm, even point-blank shots, can compare with his unsurpassed parkour.

Meanwhile, the exaggerated cruelty of the fight scenes is not supported by any staging ingenuity; We have seen all these dynamic camera passes around the characters, broken bloody faces, hundreds of dummy extras and improvised means of murder many times before.
In order to keep up with eminent colleagues like Wick, who can beat himself to death with a school textbook, the local action hero uses, for example, a kitchen grater. And in one of the scenes, a carrot suddenly appears straight out of the action movie “Shoot ‘Em Up,” which, in a word, is clearly more inventive and interesting than “The Dude.”

There was also a place for a certain amount of fun, which is simply vital in an absurdity like this. Considering his childhood trauma, Boy is pretty much in the attic, so at the first opportunity he imagines his little sister, provoking funny situations. But this technique will work exactly until the moment you personally want to do with the character the same thing that the dancing clown Pennywise usually does with kids.

Even before the climax, the authors’ comedic fervor fades away, giving way to His Majesty Twist and a serious battle with the final boss. The first one does not so much surprise as it dramatizes the plot, which is not very suitable for such a movie. The second one appeals to the best examples of the massacre genre, and although the production here is at the proper level, the combat is not that impressive.

Bill Skarsgard fits well into the image of a silent action hero and, with an adequate plot, can count on an audience response (we hope that this will be the case in the future “The Crow”). Yayan Rukhyan showed class even before these dzhonuiks of yours in “Raid”, but here he’s just doing his number. There’s not much to say about the star of the comedy slasher film Happy Death Day, Jessica Rothe, because she spends almost all the time wearing a helmet. Famke Janssen just came in for coffee. At some point the guy from the Old Spice commercial will appear in the frame.

“Breakthrough Dude” does not shy away from the fact that it is low-genre entertainment, a frivolous joke mixed with a meaningless bloody mess. And this is exactly the case when something like this sounds like a compliment. So if you like this kind of pure, unencumbered screen time, then, as they say, why not. If not, don’t come within a kilometer of this film.


Punchy Dude is intended solely for low-key entertainment, so it will all depend on your personal tolerance for the ridiculous and (at times) hilarious insanity on screen.

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