Boss Level Movie Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

“Boss Level: Save the former” / Boss Level

Genre action, comedy
Directed by Joe Carnahan
Cast: Frank Grillo (Roy Palver), Mel Gibson (Colonel Clive Ventor), Naomi Watts (Gemma Wells), Annabelle Wallis (Alice), Ken Jeong (bartender), Mathilde Ollivier (Gabriel), Selina Lo (Guanyin), Michelle Yeoh (mentor), etc.
Studios WarParty Films, Scott Free Productions, EFO Films
Release year 2021
Site IMDb

Frank Grillo has been seen in the past ten years in the action movie The Grey, in the two-part dystopian thriller The Purge, and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Crossbones, the villain who opposes the Captain. America.

Back in 2012, screenwriter-director Joe Carnahan (known for directing action-adventure The A-Team) cast Frank Grillo to star in the action-adventure that revolves around a time loop. But agreements with the studios were broken, and filming was delayed until Mel Gibson was involved in the project. Even after that, the release of the picture was postponed for some time – Entertainment Studios refused to broadcast it. Only at the end of 2020, the situation was saved by the Hulu service, which bought the rights to show the film, which somewhat revived interest in it.

In a word, Boss Level was not the most anticipated project, which caused almost zero excitement, besides, he strongly repelled with his trailer. However, the action movie still received a release, and in the Ukrainian box office it was able to get on the big screens, where now there is no big competition between films. And, in truth, for the audience, the film can be a guilty pleasure for a tired evening when you want to be distracted and not burden yourself with intellectual cinema.


The action in Boss Level starts from the first minutes of the film and almost does not stop until the very climax. The scriptwriters dilute the fight scenes with extremely stupid but tolerable jokes that make the movie as easy to understand as possible. And the general interest in what is happening is fueled by the similarity of the film with games – here the character has an endless supply of lives and the opportunity to improve his survival skills. In addition, director Joe Carnahan in a peculiar manner nostalgic for 8-bit games, adding them to the overall plot.

Actually, the first scene in the film is the awakening of the protagonist Roy from a machete blow that nearly took his head off. The knife may have hit right on the mark before, but Roy had learned to dodge. No wonder, because this is his 139th attempt to start his morning, saving his life. The machete-wielding stranger isn’t the only person who, for some reason, wants to kill Roy. A whole squad of crazy hired killers is chasing the hero, who over and over again do not let him live until the end of the day. Roy is terribly tired of all this, but he has no choice – he needs to find out how and why he lives the same day in a circle, so the hero continues to pump agility and choose different promotion tactics.

Director Joe Carnahan isn’t inventing something supernova, he’s just using the familiar groundhog day plot, adding to it a secret organization dedicated to scientific development. How exactly the inventor (played by Naomi Watts) creates a time loop is not shown to the audience, but only points the camera at a giant experimental facility to indicate some kind of scientific work.


But the activities of the secret organization gives the film an antagonist with the face of Mel Gibson, who makes frightening speeches and menacingly smokes cigars. He will certainly meet with the main character, but not so immediately – first, the character of Frank Grillo needs to learn how to eliminate mercenaries and discover a new meaning of life, discovering a sentimental note in himself.

Prior to this, the hero mainly interacts with the madmen who pursue him on the ground and in the air, which turns the film into a rich action movie that is watched in one breath. Sometimes the character departs from his usual chase, finding clues to unravel what is happening, or intersects with people who help him improve his skills. So, by the way, actress Michelle Yeoh, known for the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, appears on the screen in a cameo role.

Boss Level is not a particularly good movie. Quite often, the film comes close to a disastrously simple plot twist, but thanks to the intense action and similarity to passing levels in games, this action movie unexpectedly captivates and becomes a one-time entertainment that lasts only an hour and a half.

Pros: non-stop action; Frank Grillo as a character who upgrades his skills; action movie looks like a breeze Cons: the scientific component of the time loop looks pretty funny; there are very simple plot twists

an action movie that will become a guilty pleasure for a weary evening.

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