Bodies Bodies Bodies Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Youth horror-slashers are a popular genre of modern cinema. All thanks to the versatility of the formula, which can be adjusted and modified in any way, as well as the target audience, which is about as young as the main characters of such films. At the same time, the films fundamentally differ little from each other. “Body, Body, Body” also seems like a standard slasher about the murders of young, rich and not very socially literate people. How the film actually turned out – read in the review below.

“Body, body, body” / Bodies Bodies Bodies

Thriller genre

Directed by Halina Rein

Starring Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Lee Pace, Pete Davidson, Rachel Sennott

Premiere cinemas

Release year 2022

IMDb site

An ordinary girl Bee (Maria Bakalova) from a poor family meets rich Sophie (Amandla Stenberg). The latter invites her partner to a party in the mansion of the family of her childhood friend David (Pete Davidson). Almost everyone is there with rich and successful connections, so Bee feels awkward. But alcohol and drugs instantly make a girl in a new company their own.

It quickly becomes clear that there are some conflicts and misunderstandings between almost everyone present. The situation escalates sharply when during a game of “Body, body, body” (a kind of, but quite simple analogue of “Mafia”), real murders begin. And now the heroes need to understand who the killer is – and whether he is among those present at all.

Bodies, bodies, bodies

The film perfectly understands which audience it is aimed at. That is why it begins with close and long shots of the main characters kissing, and then moves to an unrestrained gathering of people who are not particularly burdened by difficult life circumstances. “Not particularly”, because the characters still have them. And they play an important role in the film.

“Body, Body, Body” goes like a gradient from a typical depiction of the life of rich young people in the style of Netflix to a tense thriller, where every word counts and carries weight. This is pleasantly surprising, because usually slashers do not bother too much with the complex interweaving of the relationships of their heroes. After all, the main thing in the genre is the enjoyment of murders and everything related to them.

In “Body, Body, Body” the murders almost take a back seat. They act only as a kind of plot transitions from act to act. In fact, the entire film is built on dialogues.

And here they are both written and staged just perfectly. It is even surprising that for the director Halina Rein, this is the first full-length work in English. You sincerely believe in every conversation here, that’s roughly how many around here are talking now.

Bodies, bodies, bodies

The authors of the film managed to find a perfect balance between the general suspense and the style of buzzers. The characters in the film shoot tiktoks, discuss podcasts and are extremely concerned about their emotional health. The same game “Body, Body, Body” that started all the trouble in the story bears a strong resemblance to the popular video game Among Us. Which in itself, by the way, was written off from “Werewolf”, which the oldest hero in the film did not forget to mention.

And all this does not cause rejection, does not look like a tiresome and pointless attempt to “be in trend”. After all, every element here is neatly woven into the story. If your attention is drawn to something, it will definitely affect the plot in some way. And sometimes quite unexpected methods. Because of this, the interest in viewing is constantly increasing, even if you can’t stand the “Zumerian” aesthetic.

Each hero manages to show himself as a person in a rather modest time frame of one and a half hours. Although there is one exception, it is Pete Davidson, who on some emotional, almost instinctive level is unpleasant to watch in a serious role. All the rest of the cast can only be praised. Few slashers are able to portray each of their heroes as individuals, and not just as a future corpse. So here “Body, body, body” also gets a plus.

It’s even somewhat surprising that the movie turned out to be so good in all its details, including background trifles. In it, you can see the great work of the entire filming team, which took both the chosen topic and the presentation of the story extremely seriously. The only thing is that the film for some reason tries to present itself as a horror. But it doesn’t work for him at all.

A pleasant bonus for some will be the soundtrack by the composer Disasterpeace. He writes some of the best chiptune and ambient in the music industry, which is evident at least in his work on Hyper Light Drifter and It Follows. Therefore, “Body, body, body” also sounds great in terms of music.

Bodies, bodies, bodies

The key unique difference “Body, body, body” has been seen before. Specifically, in the movie “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil”. But the last one came out in 2010 and focused more on comedic methods. “Body, Body, Body” manages to remain serious, skillfully playing on contrasts with the debaucherous lifestyle of its characters.

Ah yes, the “Android/iOS rule” is especially vivid in the film, because the characters are constantly walking around with smartphones in their hands. As you know, Apple does not allow frankly bad movie characters to use its products. And this trick in “Body, Body, Body” will easily help you determine who is more badass than everyone else here.

Pros: a well-thought-out plot, bright characters, an unusual combination of “Zumerian” plot moves and competent suspense Cons: idle horror moments, the emphasis on the rhythm of life of the Zet generation may repel someone Conclusion:

No promotional material for Body, Body, Body could convey its essence. And here it is even good, because the movie turned out much better than you can think about it. The film can be recommended to almost everyone. And if the word TikTok doesn’t make you immediately want to run away as far as possible, the movie will surprise and delight you

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