Blade Runner 2049 Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

After watching the movie, do you have more questions than answers? Let me help you find the hidden meaning of Blade Runner 2049 and also explain what the movie’s ending means.

Philip Dick is difficult to screen – his language, full of allusions and metaphors, is reluctantly transformed into a video sequence. Moreover, the narrative in his books unfolds slowly, and this does not quite fit in with the stated goal of the script written on the basis of the book – the film needs entertainment, action. So it was with Blade Runner, which was released back in 1981. Yes, yes, with the one where Garrison Ford shone in the role of a police hunter for artificially created people – replicants. Apparently, from the word “replica” – a copy of something. In this case, a copy of a person.

And in 2017, it turned out that the film was just part of a larger media franchise. Since Blade Runner 2049 came out, named after a hypothetical year in which the situation with replicants on Earth will become even more confusing.

The meaning of Blade Runner 2049

Do you think feminist movements, “cancellation culture,” “black lives matter,” and the rise of LGBT perversions just popped up and spread? But Philip Dick thought otherwise. And Ridley Scott, in his first running. Because despite the apparent concreteness and obviousness of the film language (well, here it is, the video sequence!) It is also full of hidden meanings and may not be what it seems. And today, “replicants” can be understood as all those who were hit hard or even simply “rebounded” by the “cancellation culture”. Or you and me, the inhabitants of Russia, who suddenly became handshakes for the whole world.

But this is so, by the way. Back to the meaning of the plot…

According to Dick and R. Scott, replicants should live only 5-6 years, after which they “self-destruct” Ah, those tolerant terms of Western culture! No, to say that a program command was introduced into the genetics of these artificial creatures to die 5-6 years after creation! And to the question “why is this programmed at all”, the answer is simple: because replicants are stronger, faster and smarter than people. After all, they were created for the development of new worlds discovered in the Outland, where living conditions are very harsh. Or to entertain people. For example, to create ready-made “priestesses of love” for everything. Which, of course, were made by hand-written beauties, moreover, without the slightest glimpse of human dignity. As for me, society is creepy in its realities. Some fascism…

Although no. Not only workers on planets with extreme living conditions and prostitutes. There are also replicant farmers who live on Earth and work almost 24 hours a day. And special models – police replicants, whose task is to hunt for replicants of illegal immigrants and fugitives. Because the path to Earth of that part of the replicants that was created for the outer worlds was strictly forbidden. But since the consciousness of artificial people was completely human, this situation did not suit them, and a whole underground organization of replicants arose, which began to fight simply for life. And its members, by hook or by crook, began to penetrate the mother planet. And to catch and eliminate them, a whole service was created within the framework of the police.

Of course, when creating replicants in their artificial, but quite functional biological program, reproduction was not provided. But then he is a living organism, so that something goes wrong. And the replicants began to have offspring, seemingly ordinary babies who cannot be distinguished from those born by “natural” mothers from natural fathers. When the appearance of such children became known, the government decided to destroy them too. As a threat to the very biological existence of the species Homo Sapiens. So, the replicant policeman Kay, while hunting for another “head” in the form of a replicant farmer, discovers on his site the burial of the remains of a replicant woman who died 30 years ago. But before giving birth. And now he has a new goal – to find and kill the one who was born in due time from an artificial mother.

Remains after genetic examination recognize. This is the same Rachel who, in the first 1980s movie, was romantically involved with Rick Deckard, also a cop who went missing in action.

Further in the film, there are many ups and downs with Kay’s false memory, introduced into his mind during the period when he was grown in an autoclave-bioreactor. But after contacting a police psychologist, it turns out that among the false memory there are fragments of the true one. And as a result of two police operations, when Kay manages to find Descartes in the ruins of San Diego, he finds out that this psychologist-creator of memories implanted in the mind, named Ana Stellin, is the very child. The child of a human and a replicant.

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